Update: Pestilence Is Moving at Warp Speed: Western Europe Sees Alarming Increase Among COVID Cases—the UK Government Has Revealed That 9 Out of Every 10 Fatalities Caused by COVID-19 Are Identified in Persons Who Have Been Properly Vaccinated

Pharmaceuticals Home Made Pestilence Via Vaccines a.k.a Kill Shots:

HNewsWire- Before arriving in San Francisco, the Ruby Princess, a Princess Cruises ship, reported a COVID-19 outbreak.

The CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus causes COVID-19, and the cruise line demands all guests and personnel to be properly vaccinated against it. According to the Princess Cruises website, in order to board, travelers must have a negative COVID-19 test and confirmation of immunization.

Princess Cruises stated in a statement to media outlets on Monday that those who tested positive were "separated and quarantined while monitored and cared for by our onboard medical staff." However, it was not specified how many or when any passengers tested positive on the voyage.

There were no symptoms or just moderate symptoms in any of the patients, the company said. Passengers infected with the CCP virus were either returned home or "were given with lodgings onshore to hotels organized in advance for isolation and quarantine," according to the statement.

All Princess cruises are vaccinated as defined by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the business said in a statement to the San Francisco Chronicle, adding that this one is no exception. "The immunization percentage for both guests and staff members was 100 percent."

Following a 15-day voyage through the Panama Canal, Royal Caribbean's Ruby Princess arrived in San Francisco on Sunday, according to the company. Princess Cruises spokesman Negin Kamali confirmed to USA Today that the ship sailed later that day for a 15-day voyage to Hawaii.

The Ruby Princess is listed as "under surveillance" by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on their cruise ship monitoring webpage.

Two weeks ago, the CDC downgraded its COVID-19 cruise warning to "Level 2," indicating a "moderate" danger. The Omicron variety spread throughout the United States many months ago, prompting the CDC to issue a "Level 4" warning for cruise travel.

After initial fears that cruise ships were "super spreaders" of COVID-19, the cruise industry has been hit hard by lockdowns and government limitations on trips. According to industry estimates, cruise lines are expected to suffer combined losses of $63 billion in 2020 and 2021.

As of March 18, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced updated COVID-19 rules for the cruise industry, which include recommendations on social distance, quarantine restrictions, and port agreements.

HNewsWire-The other day we noted that the US had encountered signs gleaned from wastewater samples taken across the country that COVID cases might be on the rise after weeks of steady declines that recently prompted authorities to start dialing back pandemic-era requirements. 

But China and the US aren't the only places where case numbers have started to rise. A surge in coronavirus infections in western Europe has experts and health authorities on alert for another wave of the pandemic in the US even as most of the country has done away with restrictions after a sharp decline in cases.

Experts in Europe claim that the strain they're seeing is a mutated form of omicron. It's a subvariant known as BA. 2, which appears to be more transmissible than the original strain, BA. 1, and is fueling the outbreak overseas.

Germany, a nation of 83 million people, recorded roughly 250,000 new cases and 249 deaths last Friday, prompting Health Minister Karl Lauterbach to call the nation's situation "critical."

But despite this, Germany is still allowing most coronavirus restrictions to end Sunday. The UK had a seven-day average of 65,894 cases and 79 deaths as of Sunday, according to the Johns Hopkins University Coronavirus Research Center. The Netherlands, home to fewer than 18 million people, was averaging more than 60,000 cases the same day.

All told, roughly a dozen nations are seeing spikes in coronavirus infections caused by BA. 2, a cousin of omicron, which is known as BA. 1. Over the past two years, outbreaks in Europe have typically been followed by outbreaks in the US.

So far, BA. 2 appears to be spreading more slowly in the US than it has overseas, for reasons that aren't entirely clear, Debbie Dowell, chief medical officer for the CDC's COVID response, said in a briefing for clinicians sponsored by the Infectious Diseases Society of America Saturday.

But as far as Europe is concerned, if cases continue to rise, how long before the ECB considers reversing course on its tightening of monetary policy?


Death Rates Are up 40 Percent Over What They Were Pre-Plandemic — Pestilence via Kill Shots, They Are Deadly

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Featured Story The Pestilence is here. Surely, society will wake up and understand that warp speed is only one way to get every person hit with the Kill Shot. Emergency rooms across the region, which includes much of the Empire State, as well as the six states that comprise New England, are overflowing, while infection…

COVID-19 Vaccines Enhancing Disease: Pestilence via Vaccines Kill Shots

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I SRH, fiercely defend my anti-Vaccine position, and advocate a pro-God, pure immune system for all true Believers. COVID-19 vaccines may be causing enhanced disease because they target an old version of the coronavirus, Dr. Robert Malone says. Coronavirus Mutating Into Something Far More Deadlier, Pestilence Will Not Go Away I SRH, fiercely defend my…

Pestilence Moving: 9 in 10 COVID Deaths Are in Vaccinated People, Satan Soldiers At the CDC Hiding Data, Kill Shots Working!

By StevieRay Hansen | September 10, 2022 |

Joseph Mercola March 15, 2022 Updated: March 15, 2022 A report released by the UK government has confirmed that 9 out of every 10 deaths related to COVID-19 are found in those who are fully vaccinated. Although the virus variant is the same and the UK approved only one different vaccine (AstraZeneca) from the United…

Update: China Is Having a Hard Time Dealing With What Has Become the Country’s Worst COVID Outbreak in Spite of Vaccines —SRH: It’s Called Pestilence, God’s Message to China Communist Party, Free My People

By StevieRay Hansen | June 12, 2022 |

HNewsWire-Beijing is discovering the hard way that its “COVID Zero” method to fighting the virus has major downsides. For example, as the United States and Europe continue to relax their restrictions, a rising number of Chinese residents are subjected to severe lockdowns akin to those imposed on Wuhan during the outbreak’s early days two years…

SRH: We can avoid having to hold the government responsible. We can close our eyes, tie our hands, and zip our lips. In other words, we may continue to live in denial. However, there is no disputing the brutal, terrible facts that are becoming more apparent with each passing day.

The government is not on our side. It also does not work for "we the people."
Our so-called representatives in government do not genuinely represent us, the citizens. We are currently governed by an oligarchic elite of political and corporate interests whose primary goal is to maintain power and control.


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