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Has Made It a Requirement to Get The Kill Shot in Order to Live a “ So-Called New Normal” Life…

Many Americans are unaware of it but halfway around the world in Israel, refusing to get vaccinated for the Wuhan corona-virus (Covid-19) is now a death sentence.

Despite Having A Highly Vaccinated Population, Israel Experiences Unprecedented Daily Infection Rates: Report

COVID statistics shown on screen
(Photo : Markus Spiske / Pexels)

Although vaccinated to the max, Israel recorded the highest daily coronavirus infections per capita, with the Ministry of Health reporting more than 10,700 new cases each day.

According to The Times of Israel, Health Ministry Director-General Nachman Ash said during a video conference on Sept. 14 that the latest numbers represent “a record that did not exist in the previous waves.”

Ash said Tuesday that the current surge of coronavirus infections dwarfs past outbreaks and expressed disappointment that a recent decreasing trend seems to have reversed.

The data presented by the Health Ministry showed that 10,556 new cases of COVID-19 were identified the previous day, along with 690 people who were critically ill with the virus.

The viral positive rate increased to 5.93% from 5.24% on Sunday, based on 178,000 tests.

Overall, the nation had 83,952 virus-positive cases. With the death of 18 individuals on Tuesday, the death toll has risen to 7,297 since the outbreak began last year.

His comments to the Knesset Constitution, Law, and Justice Committee via video conference came as Health Ministry statistics indicated that over 10,000 new COVID-19 cases had been identified the previous day and the positive test rate was increasing.

“That is a record that did not exist in the previous waves,” he added, referring to the overwhelming third wave that came at the end of last year, which had an average of 8,000 reported cases per day with exceptional surges of over 10,000 reported cases.

Approximately 670 to 700 people are severely sick, noted Ash. Every day, 70-80 new people are admitted to hospitals with severe illnesses, which is a small decrease from the previous several weeks’ figures.

Even so, Ash said that despite widespread concerns, there was no significant increase in infections after the Jewish New Year’s celebration last week or the start of the school year earlier this month.

Salman Zarka, the national coronavirus czar, who was also present at the meeting, said that children accounted for 50% of the confirmed cases on Monday morning. In his statement, he said that the Health Ministry was operating on the premise that it will be confronted with a fifth wave of virus infections in the near future.

According to NTD, Israel has so far completely vaccinated about 5.56 million of its population, or 61.45%, using the Pfizer Inc.-BioNTech vaccine.

On Aug. 29, the government started giving COVID-19 booster jabs to kids as young as 12, and Prime Minister Naftali Bennett claimed a July campaign targeting elderly citizens had halted an increase in serious sickness caused by the Delta variant. Approximately 2.7 million Israelis have reportedly taken the booster shot.

Zarka said that the ministry will prepare by continuing to use its Green Pass system, claiming that this helps to prevent virus transmission and that it will be loosened after cases of infections have decreased.

“I hope that we will pass the month of September and stabilize in October,” Zarka added. “Then we will take a fresh look at the policy.”

According to John Hopkins University, Israel recorded a total of 32 deaths on September 15. The total number of deaths since the outbreak of the coronavirus has now reached 7,438.

Early this month, the World Health Organization (WHO) advised governments to postpone providing COVID-19 booster doses until September so that developing countries could give their people their first dose of the shots. Source: CHRISTIANITY DAILY

Update: 9/16/21 While they are not yet chopping people’s heads off for refusing the jab (see Revelation 20:4), the Israel government has made it a requirement to get vaccinated in order to live a “new normal” life.

israel lockdown police

Photo: Oren Ben Hakoon

“When you don’t take the vaccine, your life is basically over,” warns Ilana Rachel in a video about what is taking place in the Holy Land.

“No entrance to shopping malls. No more theater visits. Children about 16 who did not take the injection are not allowed to take their exams. Protesting parties in the Knesset are brought to silence and threatened by the military.”

Rachel goes on to explain that the government of Israel actually revoked the medical license of an opposing party leader for speaking in defiance of the vaccine mandate, calling it “medical apartheid.”

“City council receives medical dossiers to check if you took the vaccine,” Rachel further says. “Israel became the hell on earth because of the Covid lie. The rest of the world will follow if we do nothing.”

Watch below:

Getting Vaccinated Will Decrease Your Resistance To And Willpower Against The Final Installments Of The Mark Of The Beast

Rachel is part of a human rights movement that was expanded into its own political party due to the ongoing horrors surrounding the Wuhan flu and the Israeli government’s draconian response to it.

This political party is of course being censored by the powers that be, which include Donald Trump’s friend Benjamin Netanyahu, who implemented his own “Operation Warp Speed” of sorts to mass vaccinate the Israeli people as quickly as possible.

Fortunately in the United States, at least for now, mandatory vaccination is not a thing – and hopefully it will stay that way.

Unfortunately for Israel, it is a thing and people living there are having to make a tough decision.

Either the Israeli people let the medical deep state jab them and reprogram their DNA in order to buy, sell and eat, or they reject the shot and be ostracized, possibly starving to death as a result.

Even if the jab itself is not the full Mark of the Beast as some claim, it does, in fact, rewrite a person’s genetic blueprints.

This means that instead of being an “organic” human, a person vaccinated for the Wuhan flu becomes a GMO (genetically modified) person.

Moderna Admits: mRNA Jabs Are An ‘Operating System’ Designed To Program Humans

It is also possible that these Wuhan virus vaccines are reprogramming recipients in such a way that later on down the road they will no longer have the willpower or understanding to reject the full Mark of the Beast, making acceptance of it their inevitable fate.

Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) vaccines would seem to be Part One of the Mark of the Beast rollout, with more components and parts soon to come.

Much like how a building also needs a foundation, these injections are laying the groundwork for the ongoing construction of the Mark of the Beast inside people’s bodies, or temples, which are being defiled with an abomination that makes desolate.

“This sounds like Holocaust 2.0, wrote one commenter on YouTube.

“In the EU (European Union) it is already happening with the new mandatory vaccine passport, without which you won’t be able to do anything,” wrote another.

Source: HNewsWire humansarefree


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