Liz Cheney, She’s a Rhino, Master Liar for the Bushwacker(Bush) Family, Much Like Her Dad. One Satan Soldier Has Been Defeated, and Many More Are on Their Way, in “Street Fight”

HNewsWire: Cheney, 56, sparked conservative backlash against her by choosing to die on hill of election fraud and the January 6th committee, of which she's the vice chair. Unsurprisingly, her warmongering Dad's laughable campaign ad  in which he said there's 'never been a greater threat to our republic than Donald Trump' didn't do Liz any favors.


In one recent poll, Cheney challenger Harriet Hageman - who disputed the legitimacy of the 2020 US election - was leading Cheney by nearly 30 points. Of note, 70% of Wyoming voters chose Trump in 2020 - the highest percentage of any state in the nation.

"She's almost certainly toast," said David Barker, a political scientist at American University. "My view is that the second she decided to join the Jan. 6 committee and pursue the president in that fashion, she knew."

"She hasn't just been a type of passive committee member," he remarked. "She's really been leading the charge, and in the most provocative and high-profile manner."

Cheney is unconcerned.

"If we abandon the truth, America will perish. The idea that the 2020 presidential election was stolen is pernicious - it preys on patriots "she claimed in a campaign closing argument video published on Thursday. "It is a door Donald Trump has created to deceive Americans into abandoning their ideals, sacrificing their freedom, justifying murder, and ignoring court judgements and the rule of law."

"This is Donald Trump's legacy, but it cannot be our nation's future."

According to the Associated Press, at least one fan remained hopeful.

"I'm still hoping the polls are incorrect," said Landon Brown, a Wyoming state legislator and fervent Cheney supporter. "If she does lose, it will be a heartbreaking shame. It demonstrates how tightly Donald Trump controls the Republican Party."
Her anticipated defeat on Tuesday has fueled speculation about her next step, which may include a run for president in 2024, which she has not ruled out.

If one merely reads the room, it's evident that Cheney would face a tide of Trump fans who regard her as a traitor.

"My opinion is that if that's [her intention], she'll be waiting a long time," said Bill Galston, senior scholar at the Brookings Institution. "I don't think Donald Trump followers will ever forgive Hillary, and I don't think they'll go."

"Would they go anywhere else?"


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