Shanghai Residents Reveal That The CCP Is Underreporting COVID Cases & Lockdowns. COVID Has Always Been Used As An Excuse To Exercise Tyranny.


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In mainland China, the COVID-19 outbreak is spinning out of control, with the number of cases reported continuing to grow. Shanghai’s daily infection levels continue to break records, and the city’s medical system is on the point of collapsing. Shanghai is in an actual lockdown, despite the fact that it hasn’t been disclosed, and real infection counts could be ten times higher than official reports.

The Chinese communist state confirmed 4,937 new COVID-19 infections in mainland China on March 23. With 981 local cases and 977 asymptomatic cases, the number in Shanghai has risen to new heights.

Many neighborhoods in Shanghai have been evacuated, and general hospitals have been temporarily renamed COVID-19 hospitals, accepting only the most seriously ill patients, while major hospitals in the cities have ceased medical services due to the outbreak’s progress.

Since March 22, a post stating that “Shanghai will be locked down for 7 days” has been widely disseminated on Chinese social media, increasing citizens’ anxiety. During the hours they were allowed to leave their closed-off residential communities to purchase food, many residents hurried to large supermarkets to buy food and supplies, nearly emptying store shelves.

The Shanghai Public Security Bureau refuted the reports on March 23, calling them “false news.” According to the authorities, they have begun an investigation into those who disseminate such information.

Local residents, however, told The Epoch Times in Chinese that numerous locations in Shanghai have been closed off, that the city is genuinely under lockdown, and that the true infection number is far greater than what has been officially declared.

On March 22, a report on Chinese social media stated that more than 8,000 cases had been detected in the Beicai region of Shanghai’s Pudong district on March 21. The Shanghai Municipal Government Information Office’s official Weibo account swiftly responded, claiming that this was false news.

On March 23, a representative from a textile company in Shanghai told The Epoch Times that the reports of more than 8,000 instances discovered in Beicai Pudong were accurate. “Our social media group shared the news that over 8,000 instances had been discovered in a single day.” The husband of one of our group’s members works at the police station. He stated that this is true, and that officials have opted to submit the 8,000 instances in batches, with 800 to 900 cases being reported each day.”

The epidemic in Shanghai, according to a resident called Zhu in Shanghai’s Jing’an District, is indeed terrible, according to The Epoch Times on March 23. Minhang District Sports Park and Jiading District Gymnasium have been transformed into mobile cabin hospitals, separating asymptomatic infections and minor patients. She compared the isolation conditions to that of a “concentration camp.”

Another Shanghai resident, Li, reported that her colleague was in Jiading District, where the lockdown had recently been lifted but was immediately closed again due to a high number of asymptomatic diseases. Many Shanghai hotels have been requisitioned to serve as quarantine centers.

According to Li, all Shanghai workplaces now encourage employees to work from home. Some employers still require employees to work in person, but they must first obtain authorisation, have their entry and exit passes stamped by their community offices, and acquire a 48-hour nucleic acid test certificate before leaving home.

According to mainland Chinese media sources, Shanghai’s mayor conducted a “discussion” session on March 22 with the Fifth Inspection Team of the Chinese regime’s State Council, which was assigned to inspect pandemic control in Shanghai.

The central government was dissatisfied with the handling of the pandemic in Shanghai, according to a Shanghai citizen named Zheng, who told the Epoch Times on March 22 that the inspection team coming to Shanghai meant that the central government was dissatisfied with the handling of the pandemic in Shanghai, but that it could do little now.

Although Shanghai does not formally declare the city to be under lockdown, according to Zheng, it is no different than being under lockdown. Due to the pandemic, people from other locations are afraid to enter Shanghai, while Shanghai inhabitants are afraid to leave.

On March 23, another Shanghai resident called Ren told The Epoch Times that the city’s lockdowns were excessive and needless, and that they did little to curb the pandemic. Although no confirmed instances have been detected in his community, it has been shuttered for five days. People are unable to go to work or seek medical treatment, causing them significant difficulty. “My sister is severely ill, and I want to see her,” he explained, “but they won’t allow me leave.”

“Many hospitals in Shanghai, including Xinhua Hospital, have also shuttered.” Should hospitals that treat the ill and save people be closed down if the pandemic is severe?” He inquired.

There is a correlation that can be made between the Chinese Communist Party and the Centers For Disease Control. And that is the CCP underreports its numbers to hide the fact that there is obvious falsification of statistics used solely as an excuse to exercise the incomprehensible power that they hold over their people. Not long ago there was civil unrest running rampant through China, conveniently enough ‘Zero COVID’ policy seems to have quieted down all dissidents.

As far as the CDC goes, they have to play at a different game; By over-reporting COVID-19 contraction and death statistics, they’re able to coerce citizens into believing that the situation is much more dire than it actually is. Why you might ask? Because we live in a free democratic society that doesn’t require us to cater to our governments every whim. We’re being lied to, it’s as simple as that. Once you come to terms with it, you may have a shot at seeing the next steps being taken by Klaus Schwab and his many neo-communist constituents. Stay inquisitive in the word of God, and the world around you.

The likelihood of protracted litigation has caused supporters of a California voter identification campaign to postpone their proposed ballot issue from 2022 to 2024.

Reform California submitted its proposed ballot initiative, the Voter Identification and Registration Requirements Initiative, in September and obtained approval to begin collecting the 997,139 signatures required by the April 26 deadline to get the issue on the state’s June 30 ballot.

Even if it could fulfill the “tight deadlines” for collecting signatures, Reform California Chairman Carl DeMaio said it was clear that state authorities and the Democrat-controlled State Assembly were determined to keep the Voter ID initiative off the ballot.

“They think our proposition is illegal,” DeMaio added, quoting California Attorney General Rob Bonta and legislative analysts. That gave us pause to see what they’d do to put a halt to this initiative.”

Reform California would refocus its effort for 2024, “building as many safeguards as possible” to withstand inevitable legal challenges, rather than embarking on a costly, labor-intensive petition drive, he said.

“We have to foresee how it might be reversed or nullified after the vote,” DeMaio added, referring to what the Democrats did in California. If they don’t win at the polls, “they’ll try to overturn the result afterwards.”

And he predicted that the bill would pass because stricter voter ID requirements are popular, even in deep blue California.

“If we have a fair vote on this, we’ll win this election by a landslide,” DeMaio stated.

Reform In order to vote in person in California, voters must provide a valid and current driver’s license or government-issued identification card. Voters who choose to vote by mail would need to supply a valid and current driver’s license or government-issued identity card number, as well as a signature that matches the signature on file with their voter registration.

Residents will be required to disclose their social security numbers in order to register to vote under the proposed ballot item. It would also compel counties to assess voting in person wait times after each election and remedy “unreasonably long wait times detected in any polling place or voting facility.”

A citizen may seek judicial review of the state’s or county’s performance in complying with the ballot measure itself under the proposal.

According to DeMaio, “one of the things they placed on the table was that they thought they could dispute it” under federal law because registering to vote required a social security number.

“We differ, but we must be prepared for liars, frauds, and thieves.” “Their goal is to keep this off the ballot or invalidate it after it has been cast,” he explained.

At this point, DeMaio said, the group has decided not to waste time and money gathering signatures since the “attorney general can simply say, ‘I’m not putting this on the ballot.’” We’d have to sue, and then it’d be a long fight” that would likely remove it from the ballot in 2022 regardless.

“Right now, the goal is to see if we can reset and get it on the ballot in 2024,” he said.

The proposed California voter ID measure was one of six fighting for a spot on the ballot in 2022 throughout the country. Arizona is the only one that will be on the ballot in November.

The Arizona Legislature essentially adopted Arizonans for Voter ID’s proposed Voter Identification Requirements for Mail-In Ballots and In-Person Voting Measure in a resolution and placed it on the ballot on Feb. 28, avoiding the group’s need to collect 237,645 valid voter signatures by July 7 in order to get the proposal before voters.

Similar citizen-initiated proposed voter ID regulations and constitutional amendments are currently gathering signatures in four states—Michigan, Missouri, Nebraska, and Nevada—but are up against looming deadlines, progressive counter-ballot initiatives, and judicial challenges.

The Elias Law Group, the Washington, D.C. law office of Marc Elias, a prominent elections law attorney who works with Democrats, has filed a lawsuit against Nevada’s initiative, but the initiative’s supporters are continuing to gather signatures while defending their measure in court.

DeMaio, a former San Diego city councillor who established Reform California in 2003, broadcasts a daily radio show called “The DeMaio Report” on KOGO in San Diego. According to him, the organisation is the “biggest center-right organization in the state.”

Reform California has held recall elections and ballot initiatives, including Proposition Six in 2018, which asked voters to overturn the 2017 Road Repair and Accountability Act, which raised the state’s sales taxes on gasoline by 12 cents per gallon, diesel by 20 cents per gallon, and annual vehicle registration fees by $25 to $175.

When the petition said “Repeal the Gas Car Tax,” it received a lot of support, but when the ballot question title and summary language were released, it received just 43% of the vote.

California law allows elected officials to write the titles and summaries for ballot measures. Sponsors offer the language in most states, which is then examined by legislative analysts and/or judges, including state Supreme Courts, such as in Florida.

Reform “The title, ‘Eliminate road repair and transportation projects,’ which is a falsehood,” DeMaio said of California’s “Repeal the Gas Car Tax” petition effort.

“It’s how voter fraud, election fraud, happens in California; how they lie to voters, and how we have crooked politicians that like to put their thumb on the scale in elections.”

The ballot language problem has been argued for years, but he claims there is little motivation for the majority party to amend the legislation now that Democrats govern the state.

DeMaio said the proposed Voter ID ballot measure’s title and summary were “not without bias,” but not as “biased, deceptive, and misleading” as Proposition Six’s wording.

“In the meantime, we’re trying to educate voters on things we can do to police elections and fight for election integrity across the state and at the county-by-county level,” he said, citing a Transparency Foundation report released on March 15 after an audit of the state’s 2021 gubernatorial recall election.

The audit looked at a sample of 7.1 percent of California voters who are now designated as eligible voters.

According to the report, 83,725 “high-risk ballots” were mailed to voters who hadn’t voted in at least 2016; When the United States Postal Service’s National Change of Address database was compared to county voter rolls, it found 910 “erroneous ballots” mailed to old addresses, as well as 17,715 “questionable votes” cast by voters who registered years ago, never voted in subsequent elections, but “suddenly returned a ballot during the 2021 Recall Election.”

The Center for Civic Engagement, the Open Government Institute, the Center for Public Finance Transparency, and Conflict Watch are all part of the Transparency Foundation, a San Diego-based nonprofit that advocates for “strong disclosure rules to combat self-dealing and conflicts-of-interest in public institutions.”

DeMaio is the president and CEO of the foundation. “It does not engage in political action or promote politicians,” he explained, “but it can conduct public policy studies and audits.”

According to DeMaio, if a comparison of registered voter rolls with Post Office change-of-address data may raise such problems without generating solutions, it “weakens trust in elections.”

“The Democrats would argue that an all-mail-in election without voter ID isn’t a problem,” he said. “You should have to establish [a problem] before anything is done.”

“Reform California, on the other hand, disagrees. Why would you want to risk it? Hundreds of thousands of ballots were sent to persons who were unable to vote, resulting in billions of ballots being sent to the wrong address across the country. Any other business would be closed down due to incompetence.

“Yet,” DeMaio said, “California Democrats have built a model that Democrats across the country want to replicate in every state.” Every Democrat in the country wishes California’s shambolic electoral system might be replicated in their own state. When 30 to 35 percent of the people has lost faith in elections, you can’t have a functioning democracy. For a democracy, it’s “terminal sickness.”

It cannot be stressed enough that our current administration has been intentionally worsening the circumstances on our southern border since Bidense first stepped foot into office. It goes without saying that the fentanyl epidemic is a by product of Biden’s intentional lack of initiative on our border. It is possibly one of the baseline responsibilities of being the president of the United States of America to protect our borders from foreign threats. And along comes sleepy joe, more worried about dictatorial COVID-19 legislature than the infiltration of our southern border. But we all know it’s a part of his game, compromising red states to gain votes. The left doesn’t like it when you require ID to vote because they believe it’s racist. Despite the requirement of three forms of identification when taking a visit to the DMV. It all comes together, wrapped in a bow; Adding up to the worst display of public policy in American history. Stay inquisitive in the word of God, and the world around you.


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