State Of The Union Biden Screams, “Go Get Him!” When the “Build Back Better” Strategy Fails. We’re Excited to Find Out How Many Pinocchio’s Liberal Fact-Checkers Will Assign to the President’s First State of the Union Address

HNewsWire- Compared to his immediate predecessors, Barack Obama and Donald Trump, President Biden's State of the Union address was noticeably more condensed than those of their respective predecessors. This year's joint session of Congress speech was likewise four minutes shorter than the one delivered last year.

Finally, he told the crowd to "go grab him," a phrase that many thought was strange. Who should I go after?

Finally, President Biden said he wanted to "hold law enforcement responsible" while simultaneously saying he wanted to "finance the cops" throughout his address. When it came to the recent murders of two NYPD cops, he even waxed lyrical about them.

He concluded by urging Congress to "defend the right to an abortion" ahead of the US Supreme Court ruling this year on whether a Mississippi ban on the operation beyond 15 weeks can be maintained.

While you're at it, check out the online betting markets' response to Vice President Biden's address.

President Biden also campaigned for a "reset" of "Build Back Better," the centerpiece of his domestic plan, while urging Americans to "reset" after the pandemic's division.

Biden, on the other hand, has a new moniker for it: "Building a Better America," rather than "Build Back Better."

In other words, it's a repackaging of BBG's previous ideas: deficit reduction and inflation reduction.

However, it also contains steps to "promote renewable energy," including a ceiling on the cost of child care for low-income families, as well as to "enhance the competitiveness of the American economy."

When it comes to immigration, Biden urged the US to "revise our laws" and support his immigration reform proposal, which includes a guest worker program, to establish a guest-worker program.

The president also vowed that Pfizer's COVID drug will be accessible to everyone at any drugstore earlier in his address.

In regards to the Federal Reserve, Biden pleaded with Republicans to allow the Senate to vote on his Fed choices. Vice President Joe Biden urged Republicans in the Senate to allow a vote on his five candidates to the Federal Reserve, urging them to quit delaying the process.

To combat inflation, the Federal Reserve plays a key role, and I urge you to confirm my nominations.

Also in his "unity agenda," Vice President Biden outlined a four-part plan for dealing with the opioid crisis, which included a plan to go after the traffickers. Addiction treatment and "mental health" were also mentioned as areas where he wanted to increase funding.

When discussing "the evils" of social media, Biden mentioned Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen at 2200 and suggested that we "limit targeted advertising to minors" and "demand tech firms stop collecting data on our children. "

President Biden has defied the predictions of the press that he would avoid mentioning America's inflationary problem during the first half-hour of his address. In the section of his speech when he outlined his plan to tackle inflation, Vice President Biden used the phrase often.

When asked about his inflation strategy, Biden generally stuck to the vision given forth by his administration (through official releases and press leaks), which calls for the United States' companies to become more competitive in pricing. As Biden puts it, "reducing your expenses - not your compensation" should be the goal of business.

That theory has one flaw: Wages are often one of the most expensive expenses for company owners to cover.

In spite of this, Vice President Biden stated that controlling inflation was his "top priority."

There are many bright spots in our economy, but many families are still struggling to keep up with the bills because inflation is robbing them of the gains they might otherwise feel, Vice President Joe Biden said in remarks prepared for his State of the Union address at the United States Capitol in Washington on Tuesday evening. "It's clear to me now. As a result, bringing down pricing is one of my key priorities."

Getting pricing under control is President Biden's top goal, he said in an interview. "Wages should be slashed to combat rising inflation. However, I believe I have a more effective strategy for combating inflation. Reduce expenses, not salaries."

Proposed increased minimum corporation tax rates will effect a significant portion of the Fortune 500 (the companies that create more than half our GDP?).

As a way to alleviate the effects of inflation, Vice President Biden suggested that people just switch to electric vehicles.

US citizens would save $80 a month if they drove electric automobiles, Vice President Biden said. Child-care costs have long been a top focus for Democrats. Joe Biden argued for the "Paycheck Fairness Act," which would increase the minimum wage to $15 per hour, and for the extension of the child tax credit, which would provide poor families more direct government stimulus for each child they had.

Nice idea, but will it assist or worsen the problem of inflation?

Putin: Biden NOT All There!


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SRH: To add insult to injury, according to sources close to the White House, Biden hopes to exploit his delayed climate legislation as a tool to fight inflation and save the average American household $500 per year, as reported by Bloomberg on Monday. It is no easy task to persuade the majority of Americans to worry about climate change.



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