Watchman Says Justin Trudeau is a Fraud–We’re Not Sure Precisely When the Prime Minister and His Government Upgraded From LGBTQIE +E For Evil to 2SLGBTQI EVIL Stuff

SRH: There was a dictator once upon a time. He used the media, and they supported his propaganda. Anyone who disagreed with or opposed this dictator was killed. He gradually launched a campaign to instill hatred for a specific group or race of people. He had neighbors who were snitching on their neighbors. He confiscated these people’s property and businesses and imprisoned them in a ghetto. But it did not stop there. He made the decision to transport these people on trains. Do you see what I mean? Biden,Obama,Bill Gates, and a Band of Renegade Elites Fu*k everything Obama/Bill Gates and his Renegade Health Outlaws did to us the last 3 years, the sense of hopelessness, despair, helplessness, powerlessness. You filthy spiritually empty malfeasant people. Academically sloppy incompetent malfeasance at CDC, NIH, FDA and NIAID. All who stood back and……...

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Watchman: Just Look at Australia. Look at New Zealand. Consider Canada. Look at Britain. Can You Have Guns There? No, They Have Taken Them Away. What Did They Do? They Forced the Population Into Lockdown. They Forced the Population to Get the Kill Shot Jab. The Gov. Is Now the People’s Enemy

  HNewsWire: ‘Global System Collapse’ The Plandemic That Will Kill Millions — Tribulation… The Pandemic and the Globalist Calls “Look at Australia.” Consider New Zealand. Consider Canada. Consider the United Kingdom. Can you bring firearms? No, they were taken away. What exactly did they do? They put the population under lockdown. They forced everyone to get the Kill Shop jab. Consider Australia. Consider New Zealand. Take, for example, Canada. Consider the United Kingdom. Can you bring firearms? No, they were taken away. What exactly did they do? They put the population under lockdown. They compelled the populace to receive the kill shot jab. The government is now the enemy of the people. According to precious metals expert and financial writer Bill Holter, “nothing is getting better,” and the evidence is all around us that we are clearly on the verge of…

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Watchman: Outside of Communist China, Canada Is One of the Only Nations Fervently Clinging to the COVID Story, Constantly Pushing Mostly Useless (And Perhaps Hazardous) Vaccines on an Increasingly Irritated Public, Satan Soldier Trudeau Regime Coming UN-Done

SRH: You’ve Been Lied To, if You’re Complying With a Government, There Objective Is Genocide, You’re Going Along With Your Own Execution… If you want to test a man’s character, give him power. Canada’s Health Minister: “You Will Never Be Fully-Vaxxed” HNewsWire: Despite mounting evidence and peer-reviewed research demonstrating the dangers and adverse effects of vaccines, Canada’s Liberal-Socialist coalition government is digging down on vaccinations and seems poised to shift the goalposts on what constitutes vaccine compliance. Blacklocks Reporter (@mindingottawa on Twitter) reported According to Health Minister Jean-Yves Duclos, Canadians will be compelled to obtain a Covid injection every nine months for the foreseeable future. He told reporters that previous definitions of “completely vaccinated” made little sense. “Nine months is really clear and will help people understand why ‘up to date’ is the proper approach to think about immunization right…

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This Is What Happens When the Average Person Blindly Follows Corrupted Politicians. It Will Become Harsher, and if You Do Not Accept Their Demands, They Will Cut Off Your Bank Accounts, Food, and Ability to Drive Your Automobile if Required. It’s Known as the Social Credit System, Also Recognized as the Mark of the Beast

HNewsWire: This is what happens when We The People mindlessly follow crooked politicians; things will become worse, and if you don’t heed their commands, they will cut you off from your bank accounts, food, and the ability to drive your vehicle if necessary. It’s known as the social credit system, also known as the mark of the beast. On Friday morning, Rogers Communications Inc. in Canada reported severe network failures impacting financial institutions, government organizations, law enforcement, enterprises, and cellular phone and home internet consumers. “We are aware of challenges presently impacting our networks, and our teams are actively engaged in resolving the issue as quickly as possible,” said Rogers, which is located in Toronto. Customers were furious with Rogers, reacting to the tweet with: “$400/month for services I’ll never use. This firm is and always will be a f**king farce…

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Satan Soldier in Canada, Freezes Convoy Bank, Cryptocurrency Accounts; MSM Journalists Dox Donors With Hacked Materials — Canada Very Own China-Style Social Credit Systems In Play, Tribulation

Canadian Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland said Thursday that financial institutions have been actively freezing the accounts of people linked to the medical freedom protests in Ottawa, which has left an unknown number of protesters and donors in financial limbo, according to state-owned CBC. Freeland said that the RCMP and other law enforcement agencies have been gathering intelligence on convoy protesters and their supporters, and have been sharing that information with financial institutions in order to restrict access to both cash and crypto. “The names of both individuals and entities as well as crypto wallets have been shared by the RCMP with financial institutions and accounts have been frozen and more accounts will be frozen,” she said. Deputy PM Chrystia Freeland: “The names of both individuals and entities as well as crypto wallets have been shared by the RCMP with…

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