Outside of Communist China, Canada Is One of the Only Nations Fervently Clinging to the COVID Story, Constantly Pushing Mostly Useless (And Perhaps Hazardous) Vaccines on an Increasingly Irritated Public, Satan Soldier Trudeau Regime Coming UN-Done

SRH: You’ve Been Lied To, if You’re Complying With a Government, There Objective Is Genocide, You’re Going Along With Your Own Execution…
If you want to test a man’s character, give him power.


Canada's Health Minister: "You Will Never Be Fully-Vaxxed"


Despite mounting evidence and peer-reviewed research demonstrating the dangers and adverse effects of vaccines, Canada's Liberal-Socialist coalition government is digging down on vaccinations and seems poised to shift the goalposts on what constitutes vaccine compliance.

Blacklocks Reporter (@mindingottawa on Twitter) reported According to Health Minister Jean-Yves Duclos, Canadians will be compelled to obtain a Covid injection every nine months for the foreseeable future. He told reporters that previous definitions of "completely vaccinated" made little sense.

"Nine months is really clear and will help people understand why 'up to date' is the proper approach to think about immunization right now," Duclos said. "'Fully vaccinated' no longer makes sense." It's all about being 'up to date.' So, am I up to date on my immunizations? "Have I had a vaccine within the previous nine months?"

Duclos previously urged on provinces to make vaccines obligatory, and when reporters asked whether mandates will be reinstated this autumn, he said, "We must continue to battle Covid." Outside of Communist China, Canada seems to be one of the only nations urgently holding to the COVID story, aggressively pushing mostly useless (and perhaps hazardous) vaccines on an increasingly irritated public.

The Trudeau administration is becoming more unpopular, with those who "strongly support" the government slipping into the single digits in a recent Angus Reid survey. The biggest single category, at 41 percent, was "strongly dislike." In the midst of multiple scandals, corruption, and gaffes, Justin Trudeau maintains power primarily by the merging of his party with Canada's Socialist NDP, led by billionaire Jagmeet Singh.

The agreement keeps him in office until 2025. Singh is also under fire, as he is routinely jeered in public, even in his home town of Brampton, Ontario. In the 2016 Ontario election, his brother lost his seat, and Sing was chased out of a campaign rally by irate Sikhs who labeled him a "sell out."
It's time to implement Plan B.

Most agnostic and objective political analysts think that if the Liberal-Socialist Party survives until 2025, they would be cruelly overthrown in a manner comparable to the 1993 election carnage. When Canadians had had enough of Brian Mulroney (he resigned before the election, leaving Kim Campbell carrying the bag), and the Conservatives were blown out so terribly that they lost their party status, the Conservatives dropped from 156 seats in Parliament to just two.

Both the Liberals and the NDP face comparable possibilities from Canadians who are sick and tired of being labeled "fringe" and "racists," weary of being gaslighted by a smug, out-of-touch, government-subsidized media, and sick and tired of this COVID nonsense.

But, until that occurs, this clown show has the potential to do significant harm - mandated vaccines are only the beginning.

Because our Finance Minister is an economically ignorant ideologue, the economy is heading for a depression. We should be an energy superpower, but instead, our fully awake government is trashing our oil and gas business and is likely to drive the West out of the Union. Then they pass internet filtering legislation that would make the CCP happy. It's time to draw your line in the sand if you haven't already. Mine is well-known to me.

Then go to work on putting your Plan B into action:

Begin working on obtaining a second passport and establishing enterprises, income sources, and assets outside of Canada. Everyone knows I'm a strong Bitcoin supporter, therefore storing some of your money in BTC keeps it out of the hands of these thieving tyrants.

If the government moves the goalposts, the rest of us must adjust the playing field. Extreme Sovereign Individualism will be the cure against government overreach in the approaching age of decentralization.


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