Watchman Says Justin Trudeau is a Fraud–We’re Not Sure Precisely When the Prime Minister and His Government Upgraded From LGBTQIE +E For Evil to 2SLGBTQI EVIL Stuff

SRH: There was a dictator once upon a time. He used the media, and they supported his propaganda. Anyone who disagreed with or opposed this dictator was killed. He gradually launched a campaign to instill hatred for a specific group or race of people. He had neighbors who were snitching on their neighbors. He confiscated these people's property and businesses and imprisoned them in a ghetto. But it did not stop there. He made the decision to transport these people on trains. Do you see what I mean? Biden,Obama,Bill Gates, and a Band of Renegade Elites Fu*k everything Obama/Bill Gates and his Renegade Health Outlaws did to us the last 3 years, the sense of hopelessness, despair, helplessness, powerlessness. You filthy spiritually empty malfeasant people. Academically sloppy incompetent malfeasance at CDC, NIH, FDA and NIAID. All who stood back and...

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