Watchman: Do You Understand How Evil Works? Everyone Knows the Climate Crisis Is a Hoax. And a Lie. Pushed by Elitists, WEF, and the UN, Along With Clowns in Our Government. This Is How Evil Works!

Please Help Donate,HNW GiveSendGo By SRH, The Net Zero Climate Agenda Imposes Laws and Costs on Farmers, Resulting in Higher Food Prices for Americans. Farmers throughout the Western world are cautioning that cost increases resulting from the net zero movement could push food prices even higher and throw many small farms out of business, given the ongoing high rate of inflation. Although progress has been made, the battle against inflation is still ongoing, as evidenced by the 3.1% increase in inflation in January compared to the same month last year. Since President Joe Biden assumed office in January 2021, prices have increased overall by about 18%. Official data indicates that in the last three years, the value of an American dollar has decreased by almost one-fifth, which is why many people are struggling in the economy. However, there are……...

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Watchman: God’s Actually Talking, But We Were Too Preoccupied With World View Nonsense, UN Elitist Climate Change Ungodly Garbage

HNewsWire: There have been reports of devastating devastation throughout Middle Tennessee as a series of tornadoes and strong storms slammed the area. In downtown Nashville, tornado sirens may be heard. The videos below depict severe tornadoes producing explosions and power disruptions. There has been no word on injuries or fatalities as of yet. According to WSMV, many intense and long-track tornadoes have demolished homes, and cars have been flipped over along parts of I-65. “We’ve also learned that there have been numerous reports of residents being trapped in their homes, as well as numerous reports of injuries,” the television station said. Here’s how one eyewitness described the situation north of the city:. We are in Rivergate, but we are not in danger. We could only drive slowly back to Gallatin Rd since it was pitch black and there were power…

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Dinesh Kaushiva June 28, 2023 WHO DO YOU WANT TO  BELIEVE AN INDEPENDENT CLIMATE SCIENTIST, A VACCINE SALESMAN OR THE POLITICIANS AND THEIR BOUGHT AND PAID FOR ALLEGED SCIENTISTS? International Monetary Funds CEO comments confirm the correlation between their “CLEAN ENERGY” and “ONE WORLD DIGITAL CURRENCY’ agenda. Managing Director’s Remarks on Central Bank Digital Currencies: The Role of the Public Sector in Money and Payments  INTERNATIONAL MONETARY FUND       The following information is provided for education, awareness purposes and to also encourage you to do your own due diligence on this subject and not just trust or believe even this article by itself or the other sources that are allegedly not only have been enriching themselves but also implementing their major POLITICAL AGENDA and CONTROL of the ONE WORLD ORDER and CONTROL.   As many years that…

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Satan’s Soldier Demonic Biden Will Pursue a Climate Emergency Declaration, the Demonic One Said He Would Take “Strong Executive Action” but Didn’t Specify What That Would Include, More Control of the People?

HNewsWire: Demonic Soldier Satan Biden would seek a climate emergency declaration. Biden said that he would take “bold executive action,” but did not clarify what that would entail. Biden talks at the White House on July 8, 2022, before to his travel to the Middle East, where he met with Saudi Arabia’s King Salman and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the oil-rich kingdom’s de facto leader. Two people familiar with the planning told The Hill on Tuesday that President Biden might declare a climate emergency as soon as Wednesday. According to one of the individuals, federal agencies are anticipating an executive order declaring a climate emergency as soon as tomorrow, although it’s unclear what that would include.According to a second source, the announcement might take place on Wednesday. According to a third source, the White House is considering declaring a…

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Bidens Infrastructure Bill Is Being Kicked Around Like A Piece Of Trash.

After weeks of back and forth, President Joe Biden released a new framework for his Build Back Better (BBB) agenda Thursday, which includes approximately $1.75 trillion of investments to combat climate change, extend health care coverage and alleviate child poverty, among other priorities. The problem is, our economy has already taken a hit. Centrists like Joe Manchin are perplexed by the march forward with the huge bill. “The Build Back Better framework will set the U.S. on course to meet our climate targets, create millions of good-paying jobs and grow our economy from the bottom up and the middle out.” – Joe Biden The framework includes $1.75 trillion of infrastructure funding, and an additional $100 billion for immigration backlogs and expand legal representation at the border that is contingent upon a ruling by the Senate parliamentarian, bringing the total to…

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