Satan’s Soldier Demonic Biden Will Pursue a Climate Emergency Declaration, the Demonic One Said He Would Take “Strong Executive Action” but Didn’t Specify What That Would Include, More Control of the People?

HNewsWire: Demonic Soldier Satan Biden would seek a climate emergency declaration. Biden said that he would take "bold executive action," but did not clarify what that would entail.

Biden talks at the White House on July 8, 2022, before to his travel to the Middle East, where he met with Saudi Arabia's King Salman and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the oil-rich kingdom's de facto leader. Two people familiar with the planning told The Hill on Tuesday that President Biden might declare a climate emergency as soon as Wednesday.

According to one of the individuals, federal agencies are anticipating an executive order declaring a climate emergency as soon as tomorrow, although it's unclear what that would include.According to a second source, the announcement might take place on Wednesday. According to a third source, the White House is considering declaring a climate emergency, as originally reported by The Washington Post.

The White House announced on Tuesday that Biden would go to Somerset, Massachusetts, on Wednesday to make comments on climate change.A White House spokesman would to comment specifically on whether Biden will seek a climate emergency declaration, adding that numerous possibilities are being considered.

"The President made it plain that he would act if the Senate does not move to address the climate problem and promote our domestic renewable energy economy." "We are examining all alternatives and have not made a decision," the official said in an email.

The move comes as expectations for climate legislation on Capitol Hill have faltered, with swing vote Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) withdrawing from discussions last week after months of talks. As part of Biden's wider economic plan, future climate legislation was likely to involve significant investments in renewable energy.

In the days following, several Democrats and activists have been putting pressure on the White House to declare a climate emergency, with Sens. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) and Jeff Merkley (D-OR) telling reporters on Monday evening that the Biden administration should consider it.

Following Manchin's announcement last week that he intended to pursue an agreement centered only on healthcare, Biden said that he would take "strong executive action," but did not clarify what that would entail.President Trump declared emergencies to cope with the coronavirus outbreak, allowing for more financing, as well as to divert funds from other uses to build a border wall.

What Legal Authority Would a Climate Emergency Declaration Grant the President?

What government powers would be granted if a climate change emergency was declared? One immediate option would be to utilize the same authority that Trump used to redirect military construction funding to other purposes, such as wind or solar farms or new transmission lines. But what more could Biden possibly do?

The Brennan Center has prepared a useful list of over 150 acts that provide the President exceptional authority in times of emergency. There are additional statutes that grant Presidents authority to act on the basis of national security, and the President also has certain ill-defined, but not infinite, rights to act without specific legislative authorization. However, the list is a fantastic place to start.

Here are a few possibilities:

Oil leases must include conditions that enable them to be suspended during national crises. (43 USC 1341) Suspension seems like a sensible reaction if climate change is a national emergency fueled by fossil fuels.

In times of national emergency, the President has emergency powers to deal to industrial deficiencies. (50 USC 4533). This might be used to fund the growth of battery or electric car manufacturing. Another section gives the President the authority to offer credit guarantees to essential businesses in times of national emergency. (50 USC 4531). This might be used to help promote renewable energy in general. However, some of this has already been done as an emergency reaction to supply chain and energy system interruptions caused by the Ukraine conflict.

During national crises, the Secretary of Transportation has considerable authority to "coordinate transportation." (49 U.S.C 114). This may allow for different limitations on automotive and truck usage to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.The President may use the International Emergency Economic Powers Act to deal with "any uncommon and extraordinary danger originating in whole or in part outside the United States." (50 USC 1701-1707). Climate change fits that description well.

This Act "confers significant powers to control financial and other commercial activities involving designated organizations, including the ability to impose sanctions on persons and nations," according to the Brennan Center. These powers may theoretically be used against firms or governments that trade in fossil fuels.

There might be more on the Brennan Center list that I overlooked. Furthermore, as I have said, the President has additional authorities related to national security, both statutory and otherwise, that are not tied to a proclamation of national emergency, such as the tariffs Trump has placed on foreign products (say those relating to oil and gas drilling, or to oil imports.)

In the context of climate change, the Court may adopt the significant issues doctrine to restrict certain of these legislative authority. However, the courts do not seem to have questioned the exercise of legislative authority generated by an emergency declaration in the past.
What Are the Potential Benefits of Declaring an Emergency?

Declaring a climate emergency may have advantages that are independent of any tangible follow-up. It would send a strong signal to the worldwide community, as well as courts and government bodies in the United States, that the United States acknowledges the urgent need to reduce carbon emissions. That would be a bonus in and of itself.

Aside from that, I would like to tie emergency measures (at least initially) to acknowledged challenges affecting our society's security. One example is grid resilience. Renewables and storage would contribute significantly to resilience in places where they are least prevalent, namely the Southeast, but also in many other states. Microgrids paired with distributed solar might potentially be effective in the aftermath of natural catastrophes like as the Gulf Coast's hurricanes. We must accelerate the carbon transition in certain areas of the nation in order to prepare the path for more extensive measures. We also need to update the grid in other areas. This would allow for significantly larger reductions in emissions from the electrical industry.

Another security concern is military installations. The military has already begun to enhance its usage of renewable energy and fortify its facilities against sea-level rise. However, much more could be done, especially in terms of significantly increased electrical storage capacity (which might include use of electric vehicle batteries). Military monies might be repurposed for these reasons, and the military could also help improve grid resilience in regions near military sites and for essential infrastructure in general. This might be particularly beneficial in getting the ball moving in the Southeast, which remains the least developed region in terms of renewable energy.

A third alternative would be to remove America from the business of persuading other nations to utilize coal and oil. Emergency and national security authorities offer the President significant sway over exports and foreign project finance. We should not devote our resources or output to encouraging nations such as India to develop new coal plants.

To develop these concepts into concrete solutions, much more effort would be required. We'd need to know the impact of these actions, the available resources, and what legal provisions would back them up. A closer look might potentially reveal new options. It would most likely need a prolonged effort, maybe by a small team, to work through the challenges thoroughly.


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