Watchman Warning: The Medical Establishment Is Working Hand in Hand With Globalists to Facilitate the Depopulation Agenda

HNewsWire: Dr. David Ayoub MD Explains How the Medical Establishment Is Working Hand in Hand With Globalists To Facilitate the Depopulation Agenda “ … This chills me. This was a press release, Aug. 05, on Aug. 30 and 31 more than 750,000 vaccinators will go house to house and work in vaccination booths across Indonesia to reach more than 24 million children under the age of five. In one day. This is a trial run in order to vaccinate a lot of people. So if and when something goes wrong with the vaccine, nobody will refuse it. They’ve already taken it. It takes a little time for the rumors to spread about abortions, ovulation problems, paralysis, so forth. They have a trial run to vaccinate a huge number of people in one day. And I believe this is possible that this infrastructure that’s being built in this country with the flu vaccine, this pandemic that’s going to come, they are…

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Watchman Warns: The Satanic Rulers Are Working Hard to Carry Out Their Evil Depopulation Agenda. By Including the mRNA Poison in Children’s Immunization Regimens, They Are Set to Maim and Kill Millions of Youngsters

HNewsWire: 9:27 AM ∙ Jun 5, 2022 Coming soon to your country: Babies and toddlers are next: The choice of the date is not an accident. By announcing the beginning of the rollout on June 21, the Satanic powers are declaring the beginning of the mass child sacrifice. Occult holidays and Sabbats: “ The themes of the Summer Solstice Ritual are Sex and Blood. Both are represented in the ritual we perform. Part of the ritual is acquired from the Throne of Moloch ritual. This ritual amplifies the “sacrifice” element which symbolizes the sacrifice of an infant or small child, intermixed with cannibalism of the body and drinking of its blood. The ritual is believed to have been created by the Pagans and adapted by other belief groups” – Aleister Nacht, Theistic Satanic Magus Illuminati Theorist Warns of Satanic Church’s Child Sacrifice Tradition During Summer……...

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