Watchman: Businessmen Say They Will No Longer Invest in Hell Hole New York After Justice Engoron’s Trump Ruling–Satan Soldiers On The Move to Destroy America

Civil War Is Coming

The Big Apple isn't loved by anybody. It is a dreadful place! ...

In any case, this decision has the potential to establish a number of problematic precedents. Whether it's a piece of real estate or a financial instrument, the basic idea is that nothing is defined by its market worth.

Here we have a judge who has never worked in business and is financially clueless. He believes he knows more than the most successful businessman in New York, disregarding centuries of tradition and the fact that nobody was hurt.

Maybe it's too kind, and he was just corrupt; he was aware of the wrongness of his actions, but he continued to do them for political gain and because he could.
It doesn't matter;

In his post, he praised Kevin O'Leary for being honest and forthright. "The corrupt judge's ruling will cause businesses to flee from New York City and the state!"

This is also being done by another investor.

Cardone Capital owner and private equity fund manager Grant Cardone stated that he was contemplating a New York investment prior to Justice Engoron's decision.

Mr. Cardone announced in an X post that his company, Cardone Capital, had just begun investigating potential investments in New York real estate, with the belief that it was the right moment to enter the market. "I warned the team not to waste time in New York after the judge's overreach in the Trump case resulted in fines of $355 million. "

Instead, the real estate tycoon said that his firms would be stepping up their game in Tennessee, Florida, Arizona, and Texas.

After his wife started a GoFundMe page to collect the $355 million fine that President Trump was fined, Mr. Cardone spoke out. In the four days following the opening of the fundraiser, over $660,000 had been collected.
"I stand unwaveringly with President Donald Trump in the face of what I see as unprecedented and unfair treatment by certain judicial elements in New York," said Elena Cardone on the GoFundMe webpage. "The recent legal battles he faces are an assault on every American's right to due process and fair treatment, not just on him personally."

The 45th president and all businesses were to be defended at the fundraiser, according to Ms. Cardone, from "a system that increasingly seeks to penalize dissent and curb our freedoms."

In a defamation case involving his denials of sexually assaulting writer E. Jean Carroll, President Trump was recently forced to pay more than $83 million in damages, and his newest fine adds to that amount. While fighting off four separate criminal charges, he has promised to appeal both decisions.

According to the ex-president, his present legal problems are an effort by the Democrats to derail his bid for a second term in office.

In a post on Truth Social, he restated his belief and demanded a halt to "all political prosecutions" against him immediately.

"I should not have to go through any fake prosecutions before the election," he wrote on February 19 in all case. A danger to democracy, this is communism. That is something our nation will not tolerate. "Restore America's Greatness!"

SRH: Trump Has No Clue Where This Is Going!




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