Watchman: Nearly 60 Percent of Americans in Heartland States Won’t Get COVID Vaccine Booster: Poll


Wow 57% of inhabitants in the 22 American Heartland states said they will not receive the new COVID-19 vaccine this year. According to Emerson College Polling, the findings from the traditional Midwestern states plus ten bordering states are much higher than the national average of 51 percent.
The study was carried out by the CUNY Graduate School of Public Health and Health Policy (CUNY SPH), a long-time collaborator with Emerson Polling in health surveying.
The Results of the Poll
Emerson College Polling conducted surveys of residents in the 22 Heartland states from October 1 to October 4 to collect the data. On October 16 and 17, surveyors also performed a countrywide phone survey. The surveyors found that sample sizes differed by state.

Wyoming had the greatest refusal rate (74%), followed by Idaho, with nearly three-quarters of Heartland inhabitants reporting that they would be unlikely to receive the new COVID-19 vaccine. Only 43% of responders in the Heartland's 12 states intended to obtain the immunization.

What amazes me is that some people will continue to listen to the government despite overwhelming proof to the contrary.
The government regards you as disposable; no more "for the people, by the people." We have two classes presently.
They despise us.

They attempted to murder us. Simple as that. Injecting experimental DNA-contaminated "vaccines" that were immune-destroying time bombs that caused cancer, stroke, and heart damage. There is no way to restore lost trust. Ever. To imply that stronger message is required to convince people to "trust the science," would not work.

Not with the cabal shutting down wonderful doctors like Malone and MCCullough. Gold, Battacharya... make anyone who wished to treat COVID early with proven remedies criminals. Allow yourselves to believe that we can be re-educated, reconditioned, or compelled to trust again, but I will never back down from ensuring that this horrible chapter in world history is never forgotten nor forgiven. Written for 12 KIA during their terrible planned event.

The concepts "misinformation" and "disinformation" appear to be the inventions of the woke far left and globalists. Those who believe in free speech and liberty would never attempt to prevent anyone from expressing their opposing views.

This is especially true in the case of science as opposed to propaganda, since the former should, by definition, be open to challenge and debate. They have little regard for the truth, as seen by the pathological lies that the Deep State and their willing or dumb followers believe. Its sole purpose is to quiet and control those who are awake while presenting the plain truths to those who peddle evil.

Anyone who takes the "Clot Shot" voluntarily (or otherwise) is either a blithering moron or has a death wish. Every day, more evidence emerges demonstrating how COVID-19 injections harm people's organs, immune systems, and lives.
More scare tactics regarding "The COVID Menace" are likely as the 2024 election approaches. Don't be duped!

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