Watchman Sees Evil: Water is Not a Human Right: WEF Orders Govt’s To Begin Rationing Water Into Homes–Tribulation

HNewsWire: Here's a glimpse of a very Sick and demonic individual who runs WEF:

The World Economic Forum (WEF) and other Globalist international organizations’ goal is to engineer a ‘Great Reset’ – a world government based on climate hysteria and social control. In the “new and improved” post-pandemic world, citizens will no longer eat meat but “laboratory-created fake meat,” “artificial food,” “bugs.” HNewsWire: This is the ruling class conspiring against us… despite the fact that their bloated egos might think otherwise, we are moving toward a socialist authoritarian control of the globe, with one exception: them. The World Economic Forum (WEF) is a member of a group that is attempting to establish a unified global government. The “open society” ideology promoted by Soros is a communist-based political structure that promotes the authoritarian mandate put out by Klaus Schwab: “You will own nothing and you will be happy.”

The WEF has no borders, welcomes all nationalities, embraces governments, NGOs, and big business, lacks a military, nuclear arsenal, flag, or anthem, and claims to solve all of the world's problems at its annual conference while delegates imbibe champagne and caviar. It sponsors a leadership training program in which Emmanuel Macron, Jacinda Ardern, and Justin Trudeau have participated. Is Klaus Schwab the first genuine Bond villain, intent on world conquest (or depopulation)?

Professor Schwab looks the part with his German accent and prestigious residence atop the Swiss Alps. He also pretends to be the world's leader. In fact, he has been pretending to rule the world since the 1970s, when he began holding annual conferences in an attempt to attract attention. Decades passed before the individual was acknowledged. Many WEF Young Leaders program alumni who are currently in positions of power around the world did not enter their 'classes' until 30 years after the WEF's founding. Klaus has followed the adage "fake it until you make it" for decades. Has he finally arrived?

The title of Klaus' 2020 book, "The Great Reset," co-authored with Thierry Malleret, was catchy enough to be adopted as a slogan in 2020–21 by a multitude of political leaders desiring to convey, for a variety of local political reasons, that the pandemic has created an opportunity for a grand reset in global politics.

If these leaders had read the book, they would have been surprised by certain passages. For instance, "First and foremost, the post-pandemic era will usher in a period of massive wealth redistribution, from the rich to the poor and from capital to labor."

This viewpoint is rarely expressed by the ultra-wealthy barons who control global corporations and the governments they influence, for the obvious reason that it represents a direct assault on their wealth. Who wouldn't want to publicly express the desire for less inequality? However, many would object to a Robin Hood-style "massive wealth redistribution" to laborers and away from capitalists like themselves.

In actuality, the exact opposite has occurred over the past two years: there are now more billionaires and more poor people in the world. "You will own nothing and be happy," another oft-quoted and much-maligned Schwabism, also describes the opposite of what has actually occurred, which can be summed up as "the rich own lots more while the poor own nothing and are miserable."

This year's meeting of the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, Switzerland, from May 22 to May 26, prompted the usual outpouring of hatred on Twitter and other platforms. The rumor suggests that the WEF is secretly plotting to take over the world through a secret collaboration between government and big business, as if wealthy and powerful people required a vehicle such as the WEF for such a purpose. Those who have been wronged by COVID policy find it satisfying to believe they have identified the snake's head responsible for the mess.

They claim that the WEF is the coordinating platform for all the secret deals that make the rich richer and entrenched government leaders more powerful, while national and local sovereignty is clandestinely surrendered and the average person rots away slowly without resources or rights.

Misrepresentation and outright falsification accompany these accusations against the WEF. Recent social media posts depicted hundreds of private planes lined up on an airfield, purportedly belonging to Davos 2022 attendees who (shame on them!) disregarded their own claims to reduce carbon emissions. According to Reuters, one of the two widely circulated photos was taken years ago at Las Vegas Airport around the time of a boxing championship bout between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao, while the other was taken in January 2016 at a Swiss air force base that is frequently used by Davos attendees and was likely associated with the event that year.

Although some of us have attended similar events in the past, none of us were able to fly to Davos this year; however, every session of the 2022 meeting from May 22–26 was posted online. This included the opening address delivered via video link by none other than Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, clad in his signature brown t-shirt and staring down the camera with unwavering intensity. Invigorated by the president's defiant speech, attendees turned their attention to the approximately 220 remaining sessions, which covered every weighty and global topic under the sun.

We took the time to observe a few and discovered that they shared a number of characteristics. First, participants had unrealistic expectations for what would be accomplished during the discussions. Second, the discussions were intelligent and enlightening. Thirdly, none of the discussions resulted in any action.

The fundamental model of a WEF conference session is to pay smart people (the presenters) to say smart things to rich people (the audience), who themselves pay the exorbitant conference registration fees in order to network and have smart people pretend to take them seriously for a few days.
In a nutshell, Klaus Schwab is a highly skilled conference organizer who sells flattery.

He pretends that $60,000 grants the attending customer access to four days' worth of crucial world decisions. The entry-fee-paying masses mingle, consume copious quantities of wine and canapés, and participate in 45-minute-long panel discussions that purport to solve problems related to the world's economy, environment, and society. (Actually, it is closer to 35 minutes due to the 10 minutes of audience Q&A at the conclusion of each session. Given the cost of attendance, the organizers are justified in anticipating that some delegates will feel compelled to speak.

In a manner typical of WEF conference sessions, the host of this year's session on global taxation, Geoff Cutmore, stated that the purpose of the upcoming panel discussion was to reach a point where "we all feel comfortable about what we're paying, and we all feel comfortable about what other people are paying, and we all feel comfortable about what corporations are paying, and we all feel comfortable about where that tax revenue is ultimately going."

Whoa.  He could have added, "And if we have a few extra minutes, we'll figure out how to restore the Amazonian rain forest." The panel included the heads of Oxfam and the OECD, as well as a Harvard economics professor wearing a thick mask. Imagine what the leader of Oxfam would have thought of Cutmore's statements, given how critical Oxfam has been of the tax evasion and self-enrichment of elites over the past two years. If he could only convince the conference delegates to pay their taxes and stop robbing the poor, he could eliminate Oxfam entirely.

Some sessions are indeed nauseating. In one instance, Pfizer's CEO announced a "Accord for a Healthier World" alongside Bill Gates and two African heads of state. Such announcements are made at the WEF, but would they exist in the absence of the WEF? Unlikely. By providing a forum for such declarations, it becomes a magnet for suspicion. The WEF refers to itself as the "International Organization for Public-Private Cooperation," and like all large organizations, it seeks to grow in size and influence. In essence, this is a business matter. Klaus Schwab's business .

The WEF asserts significant positive impacts. For instance, its 'First Movers Coalition' is comprised of fifty companies that have pledged to invest in green technologies and remove carbon. Sounds wonderful, right? The problem, of course, is that they have set up the measurement so that they can decide for themselves what 'green' or'removing carbon' means. You can count caring for a forest today as'removing' carbon, and as long as the audience is unaware that you cut down and burned a mature forest at the same location last year, they will applaud!In a similar manner, the WEF promotes a reporting system called 'Stakeholder Capitalism Metrics' (consisting of environmental, social, and governance, or "ESG," measures), which was developed in collaboration with major accounting firms and adopted by 70 companies.

The payment of reasonable taxes is not one of these KPIs. Both are not free speech. However, not as you know them. But what about the smoking gun represented by the numerous world leaders who graduated from the Young Leaders program of the World Economic Forum? What about the eerie 2019 WEF conference on pandemic preparedness?

Regarding the Young Leaders program, it is undeniable that the WEF has become a highly effective employment networking organization. But it did not invent networking. There have been networking societies for the wealthy and powerful for centuries. Consider the Freemasons, Rotary, Chatham House, private high schools, Oxbridge, and Ivy League. The wealthy and influential will network with one another come hell or high water, with or without the WEF.

Perhaps those who met at the WEF have coalesced around an ideology that is bad for the world, but that ideology is clearly not Schwab's "Great Reset" ideology, as they do not adhere to it in the least. Why, then, does Schwab not protest the manner in which politicians are pretending to implement a Great Reset that is the exact opposite of what he advocated in his book? Because he is unconcerned with his own ideas. Schwab, a conceited conference organizer, follows his customers rather than leading them. He is being utilized as a pawn.

However, what is the status of the 2019 pandemic simulation conference? Again, you can read about it in detail online, a level of publicity for their plans that you would not expect from Bond villains. As a result of these simulations, the WEF came to the conclusion that movement and trade should not be disrupted during a pandemic due to the high costs to society. You read that correctly. Again, this is the exact opposite of what actually occurred.

The WEF pandemic conference was merely one of the numerous 'war games' simulations that continuously entertain people around the globe. Simulations of pandemics this week, asteroids the following week, and killer bees the week after that. In 220 sessions, quite a few issues can be covered, and one of them is bound to be tomorrow's news.

The discrepancy between what his pandemic conference said should be done and what actually occurred during the COVID outbreak is further evidence that Klaus is not guided by his values. If he were, he would have protested vehemently the events of the past two years. Instead, he is simply riding his "good luck" that the leaders who attended his events to drink champagne have now embraced him as their alleged leader.

Since he is well into his eighties, Klaus likely believes that if the world's populace came to believe he was responsible for the disaster that befell them, he would be dead by the time they sought justice. His younger co-author on "The Great Reset," Thierry Malleret, has more to worry about in this regard!

The WEF is, in sum, nothing but hot air. It is led by a man who exemplifies pomp, which is not uncommon among the wealthy and powerful. The WEF-approved variety of hot air is identical to the standard variety.
Even though it is a place where schmoozing and coordination occur, the WEF did not invent schmoozing or the concept of an old boys club. It is merely the existing clubhouse. The true perpetrators will find a new venue the day after the WEF's shingle is removed. This Group Is EVIL!

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