Watchman: The Same Terrorists Who Just Carried Out This Awful Act in Israel Are Still Alive and Well. Their Hatred and Their Steadfast Desire to Do Harm to the United States of America Are Still Present. “Nobody in Their Right Mind Can Say That Our Border Is Secure.”


The terrorists who just committed this heinous act in Israel are still alive and continuing to carry out their activities. Their animosity toward the United States of America, as well as their unwavering will to cause harm to the country, are still present. "Nobody in their right mind can say that our border is secure."

A terrorist strike carried out by Hamas against Israel is causing reverberations all across the world, and the porous borders of the United States are once again in the limelight.

"There is not a single person in their right mind who can assert that our border is safe."

According to Mr. Morgan, there is a genuine worry that terrorists have already crossed the border into the United States. This is especially true for the group of more than 1.6 million illegal immigrants who have managed to avoid Border Patrol upon entering the country and are unknown to the authorities.

Over the course of the past eleven months, the Border Patrol has detained 151 individuals who were on the terror watchlist for unlawfully crossing the border.

Additionally, tens of thousands of additional "special interest aliens" have entered the country and eventually been freed, according to him. Special interest refers to the fact that they originate from nations that have direct ties to terrorist groups that are supported by their respective governments. These nations include Yemen, Iran, Lebanon, Egypt, and Pakistan.

Mr. Morgan has issued a warning that another terrorist assault within the United States is imminent, similar to the bombing that occurred in Boston in 2013 or the mass shooting and attempted bombing that occurred in San Bernardino, California, in 2015.

It is on its way. It is on its way. It is impossible for anyone to make a prediction, but I will say that it is possible that there is already a cell in the United States that is organizing the next terrorist act, and we would have no idea why they are doing it. "That is not an exaggerated statement; it is a reasonable statement."

There has been an increase in the number of people who are concerned about terrorism in the United States, particularly when thousands of people have taken to the streets all around the country.

They are present, without a shadow of a doubt. On the other hand, they are not naive. There is no limit to the extent of our limits. Are you able to provide an explanation as to why they chose not to come in and set up?

Furthermore, they are aware that the Federal Bureau of Investigation is actively seeking for the elusive white supremacist, in addition to attending meetings of the school board. Utilize the United States of America to your advantage with very little effort.

For the past two and a half years, we have been allowing them to stay with us and paying for their accommodation and board. Everyone is aware of their presence and the plans they have in store for them. They despise people from the United States. I thank you for it, Brandon and Barack.

Without a doubt, Joe Biden is responsible for the act of treason. If we still had a constitutional republic that was in operation, he and his collaborators, Kamala Harris and Alejandro Mayorkss, would have already been removed from office and impeached by that point.

All of the known diseases were found to have a positive ccp result in the laboratories. A number of CCP police stations located inside the United States.
It takes a lot of bravery to claim that you could DOJ-DOD is the only terrorist cell that I can tell about. Examples include the FBI, CDC, and FDA.

In light of the fact that our borders were being flooded with men of military age who were coming illegally, we should be able to deduce that there is no genuine intelligence gathering taking place.And in the same way that the intelligence community ignored the attack carried out by Hamas, they will be present when it takes place.

Take a look at these photographs taken from the exterior of the Roosevelt Hotel in New York City. All men of African descent, some of whom come from destitute nations, adhere to the Islamic faith. We are in a really precarious situation. Google Hide The Truth From The America People and There Are To This Day Lying To Us!!!

Migrants fill sidewalk outside of the Roosevelt Hotel | Fox News Video

NYC Considers Central Park Among Sites to House Migrants - Bloomberg

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Migrants Will Sleep Outdoors Because 'There Is No More Room,' Adams ...



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