Watchman: Transvestites,You Are Not Automatically a Woman Just Because You Have Long Hair. Put a Name on Your Forehead That You Wish To Be Called but Aren’t. Have They Ever Thought That Forcing Someone To Acknowledge Your Delusion in the Affirmative Is Disrespectful? I’m Not Going to “Pretend.” in Fact, That Degree of Mental Illness Offends Me

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Joe Biden Agenda “ Joe Soldiers Claim Conservatives and Christian’s Are Evil… and They Must Be Rooted Out. They Are Your Children’s Teachers. They Work at Supermarkets, Malls, Doctor’s Offices, and Many Are Police Officers and Soldiers… A new viral video calling on liberals to form “an army of citizen detectives”

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Gov. Winsome Sears calls the transgender senator "sir" on the floor, causing chaos.

Trans guys impersonating women Trannies can lie. I won't aid that pretense. Not today. Not tomorrow. Not ever.

I support LG Sears. Trans is a phony ID. Adding or removing body parts doesn't change your gender till death. God made you male. Handle it!

After a state senator left a session, Virginia Lieutenant Governor Winsome Earle-Sears spoke about “respect and dignity” to the legislature.

In 2017, Democrat Danica A. Roem, 39, became the first transgender delegate.

Roem left after Earle-Sears called him “sir” during a discussion regarding bill passage votes.

“Madame President, how many votes would this bill need with the emergency clause?” Social media videos show Roem asking session leader Earle-Sears.

“That would be four-fifths, Senator,” Earle-Sears said during House Bill 592 debate.

When Roem asked for the exact number, Earle-Sears said, "Yes, sir, 32."


Democrat Senator Scott Surovell called a recess when the senator left without commenting.


Petersburg's Progress Index reported:

Lt. Gov. Winsome Earle-Sears apologized after two recesses, but not to Sen. Danica Roem, D-Prince William County. Instead, she responded, “I apologize,” to each chamber section.

“I understand Senator Roem is upset,” Earle-Sears stated after recess.

“I’m not here to offend. The people of Virginia have called me to undertake this job, she said. “That is to respect and honour everyone. Respect and dignity have sometimes been denied to me.

“But as long as I am Senate president and by God's grace, I will be respected and honored. The former Marine and first black woman state Senate president continued, "And I will treat everyone else with respect and dignity."

The Republican lieutenant governor denied “intent” to insult.

“I never intend to offend anyone,” Earle-Sears stated.

“I hope others will consider that they will try not to offend me as well; we are all equal under the law,” she said. "I apologize, and I hope everyone understands there's no offense."

According to CBS News, Roem, who defeated 13-term Republican Bob Marshall in 2017 and became Virginia's first transgender senator, went home for the day and has not reacted.

The left went crazy over Earle-Sears' disrespect on social media.

Richmond's Democrat mayor, Levar Stoney, termed the misgendering "abhorrent" and said "her refusals to backtrack fail to represent true Virginia values." We must denounce this clearly.”

Biden Demonic Foot Soldiers, the Watchman Warns Transgender– In addition to being the elite foot soldiers, enforcers of evil, and people with Ungodly agendas, transgender people have a bad reputation. By now, it’s clear that the mRNA vaccine is an evil operating system designed to produce evil doers. Homosexual pride flags are now flying over the White House per Joe Biden’s order. Unfortunately, we have elected a group of sinful people to leadership positions.     SRH: What is demonic affliction or oppression and how can we recognize it? Scripture teaches that believers are in a very real battle with the demonic world. In Ephesians 6:11-12, Paul said: Clothe yourselves with the full armor of God so that you may be able to stand against the schemes of the devil. For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against…

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