Watchman Warns Where the Republican Party Is Headed: Christian Woman Targeted by Republican Rep Over ‘Christ Alone’ Post Fired—They Are Not Your Friend–They Are The Enemy!

SRH: Those who love their sins will criminalize anything in Christianity that offends them. Our government has been overthrown.



According to multiple accounts, Elizabeth "Lizzie" Marbach, the woman who was targeted by an Ohio congressman for proclaiming the gospel, has lost her job.

Marbach, a former Trump campaign and Ohio Republican Party staffer, was let go by Ohio Right to Life, according to The Sentinel. Marbach, a "proud Reformed Baptist," is still identified as Ohio Right to Life's director of communications.

"There's no hope for any of us outside of having faith in Jesus Christ alone," she wrote on X, previously Twitter, on Tuesday."This is one of the most bigoted tweets I have ever seen," Rep. Max Miller (R-OH), who later apologized, said. Lizzie, delete it. In the United States, religious freedom applies to all religions. You've taken it too far."

Miller's wife, Emily Moreno Miller, is said to be a member of the Ohio Right to Life board. The pair is of Jewish origin.According to internal emails, the largest pro-life group in Ohio had already offered Marbach the opportunity to leave or take another position, but she declined, according to the Post Millennial.

Her bio includes the following:

She is adamant that the only way ahead in the struggle against abortion is to let the Bible define the issue and to resist the temptation to exclude God from the discussion. She believes that the Bible is our sole authority and that it should be our final direction in all matters, including politics.

Elizabeth is committed to preaching the truth in love, loudly and courageously, in order to build God's kingdom.Marbach told The Sentinel that she did not regret posting about Jesus being the only hope.

"God will continue to use this situation to bring glory and honor to his name," she said, according to the station. "Every day, preborn lives are slaughtered, and Ohio Right to Life is one of the few organizations in a position to stop it." I hope and pray that they will continue to emphasize the abolition of abortion in Ohio and not be distracted by politics."

Watchman predicts the Republican Party's demise: Christian Woman Targeted by Republican Representative for 'Christ Alone' Post—They Are Not Your Friend


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