Watchman: Christian Persecution and the Sin Virus Are Out of Control Rich Penkoski Was Slapped With a Five-Year Restraining Order That Prevents Him From Protesting Online or in Person the Activities of an LGBTQ+E for Evil Organization in Oklahoma–Tribulation In Play

HNewsWire: Attorney John W. Whitehead is sounding the alarm about a case he says could have sweeping implications for religious freedom. A constitutional lawyer is raising concerns about a case that he claims could have significant implications for religious liberty. John W. Whitehead, president of The Rutherford Institute, a nonprofit civil liberties organization, said his client, Rich Penkoski, was issued a five-year restraining order that prohibits him from protesting online or in person the activities of an LGBT organization in Oklahoma. As per the report by CBN News, the incident occurred when the pastor shared his moral and religious views online, stating his opinions about a church that allegedly endorsed same-sex marriage and a drag queen show in front of children. Penkoski purportedly shared a church's public image of a same-sex wedding ceremony on Facebook, where one of the women involved is...

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