As Sex Traffickers Prey on Refugees, Ukrainian Women Are Being Forced Into Prostitution

HNewsWire- Ukrainian women escaping the conflict are being targeted for sexual enslavement by criminal gangs, according to a few British media reports.

According to UN estimates, 1.5 million people have left Ukraine in the last 11 days alone, predominantly women and children. The first step in a gang's plan to sway women is to provide them a place to reside.

Sex traffickers are trying to pick up girls who are worn out following a long, risky journey, according to police and charity workers in Poland.

According to the Daily Mail, sex traffickers are often disguised as "good sanitarian."

The perpetrators are luring women and children away from official checkpoints by promising them safe lodging and transportation, acting as good Samaritans.

Human trafficking advocates fear a 'disturbing surge' in the number of migrants crossing the border into neighboring countries including Poland, Moldova and Romania in the next few months, which EU authorities voiced alarm over on Saturday.

Even more so, the UN's refugee crisis in Europe has been described as the "fastest expanding since World War II" on Tuesday. In other words, the current refugee crisis is worse than the Syrian Refugee Crisis of the mid-2000s.

Due to its proximity to Ukraine, Poland has been a favorite destination for Ukrainian migrants. Ukrainian migrants are increasingly getting into automobiles with persons they don't know as a result of all of this.

'A lot of desperate Ukrainians are being picked up in a vehicle by someone they've never seen and don't know,' said Tom Bell, a British charity worker at Poland's Medyka border station barely 50 kilometers from the Ukrainian city of Lviv.

In order to keep an eye out for ladies traveling with odd males who may be the target of criminal gangs, volunteers have started verifying identification.

In an interview with the Daily Mail, one source claimed to have seen a sex trafficker confronting a 27-year-old lady.

'I heard from a friend who crossed into Poland and told me she went with a guy who claimed he would drive her to Warsaw for free but when they got there he requested for money,' said a 27-year-old Ukrainian woman to MailOnline.

His aggressiveness didn't escalate to physical altercation; instead, he threatened to make good on his promise to compensate her by forcing her to do her bidding in his business.

Suddenly, she began yelling and managed to flee while many were looking on. We're warning folks to be on the lookout."

a human trafficking specialist told the Daily Mail that things are only going to get worse.

"The fighting in Ukraine would generate a deteriorating scenario in terms of people trafficking," CARE's human trafficking policy specialist Lauren Agnew told MailOnline.

Europe's refugee population is at danger of being exploited as a result of this susceptible domino effect.

She went on to say that the number of migrants pushed into prostitution will rise sharply.

A rise in the number of people exploited by human traffickers and compelled to work as sex workers, join criminal gangs, or be subjected to domestic servitude is likely to occur in the future.

It is a chance for these gangs to profit from the refugee crisis, and the conflict in Syria provides them with the means to do so.

The "bait and switch" is a common tactic used by gangs to trick women into believing they are getting a "free trip" to a European nation, only to demand that they repay them by "working for them."


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