There Will Always Be a Biden Boot on the Back of American Necks, the White House Will Continue to Resist Any Legislation Aimed at Ending the COVID-19 State of Emergency for a Long Time, Evil Politicians Have Gain Control

HNewsWire-The U.S. Senate on March 3 approved a measure that would end the national emergency over COVID-19.

The resolution passed 48–47 on a party-line vote.

All Republicans voted for S.J.Res. 38, which would end the national emergency declared by President Donald Trump on March 13, 2020. All Democrats voted against the declaration, which has been extended twice by President Joe Biden.

Five senators missed the vote, including three Democrats.

“After nearly two years of living under this state of emergency, the American people are worn out and yearning to breathe free; they long for their God-given freedoms, and for leaders to take their side. There is no doubt, it’s time for our nation to learn to live with COVID,” Sen. Roger Marshall (R-Kan.), who introduced the measure, said in a statement after the vote.

Be Warned ,Its NOT OVER: The White House admits that Vice President Joe Biden would veto a bill that would avert a government shutdown, A National Emergency Could Occur if COVID-19 is Enacted.

HNewsWire- Earlier this month, the White House said it would oppose legislation that would remove the COVID-19 national emergency.

As of March 13, 2020, former President Trump has proclaimed a national emergency, which has been prolonged by President Joe Biden many times.

The Executive Office of the President stated in a statement that ending the declaration would "unnecessarily and suddenly constrain the capabilities of the Administration to react to the COVID-19 outbreak."

"COVID-19 has created an unparalleled public health risk for the United States. The virus still poses a threat to the American people and our health care system, despite the fact that we have made enormous success in battling it. The statement reads: "We must also be prepared for any future versions.

According to the White House, approving the proposal would be a "reckless and expensive blunder".

White House officials indicated Biden would veto the bill if it passes Congress.

Biden twice prolonged the emergency, first in February 2021, and once before the March 1 deadline, after Trump's declaration of a national emergency in 2020. By declaring a national emergency, presidents may close the southern and northern border crossings, among other things.

"The COVID-19 epidemic continues to present serious harm to the public health and safety of the country," Vice President Joe Biden warned in a recent statement.

This kind of emergency may be extended or ended by Congress using the National Emergencies Act. The resolution was sponsored by Senator Roger Marshall (R-Kansas), a physician, in February.

In an interview with Fox News, Marshall indicated that the recent decline in COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations indicates that the emergency is ended.

The decline in COVID cases and hospitalizations, the overwhelming majority of Americans having immunity to COVID, and the majority of Americans agreeing that COVID is here to stay and that we just need to get on with our lives, it's clear that we require a new approach to COVID as we learn to live with it." Marshall noted that the new strategy begins by ending the COVID national state of emergency.

An other factor driving convoys of truckers to the Washington region is the need that all children get the COVID-19 vaccination as part of the ongoing emergency.

With a vote of 48–47, Senate Republicans were able to pass the resolution.

On March 2, the House of Representatives passed a bill that would prevent the Obama administration from enforcing its requirement on vaccines. The measure passed with no Democratic support.

Any legislation passed by Congress would have to be approved by the House of Representatives before it could be forwarded to the president's desk.

A veto may only be overridden by Congress if it has the support of two-thirds of both the House and Senate.

Putin: America Will Destory Itself SOON!


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