I hope my daughter is not a “radical feminist”

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I love my daughter.  She is the apple of my eye.  I love to sit back and watch her as she grows, learns, and makes her way in the world.  She is my princess.  I can honestly say that she has had me wrapped around her little finger since the day the doctor handed her to me.  My goal is to teach, encourage, and most importantly, pray for her as she continues to grow older.  One prayer I have is that I hope she doesn’t turn out to be a “radical feminist”.

I can almost hear the shrieking as I type these words.  Lately, the word feminist has taken on political ramifications as opposition to Donald Trump’s presidency.  Trump has his own demons.  I’ll let him sort his own forgiveness out with Jesus.  However, if what we saw in Washington and in other cities after Trump was elected, then I sincerely hope that she is not a feminist.

Feminism is defined as: “the advocacy of women’s rights in the basis of the equality of the sexes.”

**I believe a woman should be paid the same as a man, for the same work.  **For instance, a female doctor and a male doctor should be paid the same, provided they have the same experience.  I don’t believe that the secretary in the doctor’s office should make the same as the doctor, however.  That’s communism.  If my daughter were to be given less money for the same work, I would encourage her to look elsewhere for a job.

My wife and I are equal in Christ.  I married a fiery redheaded woman.  That whole “I wear the pants in the family” thing lasted all of about 3 minutes.  Joking aside, I am my wife’s equal because I am told in Scripture that is what is demanded of me.  Ephesians 5 is a favorite of mine both when talking to others and for self-correction.  Verse 31 tells me of being a united front with my wife. “For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh.”  I am commanded to be the spiritual head of my household, but we are a team in all other things.  With a strong-willed toddler in our house, I can guarantee you, I rely on my wife’s support as she does mine.

Abortion is not healthcare.  I think that women should have access to whatever healthcare that they need.  In that way, I guess I am a feminist. Most of the shrieking masses at these marches talked about the lack of healthcare.  That sounds good to get attention, but what “healthcare” has anyone actually lost?  What organizers really meant, is that they are against any measure to limit abortion.  All that has happened so far, is that the government will no longer pay for your abortion.  If you want to have one, that’s between you and Jesus.  However, I’m glad my tax dollars don’t have to fund it anymore.

Men are pigs.  With this one, I won’t argue for everyone, I’d be here a while, and you won’t read it anyway.  My job as a father is to lead, protect, and teach my daughter about the world that she will live in.  Unfortunately, it is not always a pretty one.  I will teach her to respond to everyone in love.  I will also teach her to aim straight and squeeze the trigger, not pull it.  The 2nd Amendment is still the best governmental regulation on protection from the masses.  In season or out of season, I want her to be ready.

I want to raise a strong, smart, fiercely independent young lady.  I want her to lead, not follow.  I want her to stand on her own two feet and never be afraid to speak her own mind.  In that way, I guess I am a feminist.

However, if the women from last weekend that used vulgar slang and costumes adorned as female genitalia, I pray to God my daughter is not one.  I want to raise a young lady that turns out like my Sunday school teacher who used to love on all her kids like a mother hen.  I want to raise her like her mother who is a full-time worker, student, mother, and wife.  I want to raise her in the faith that caused the writer of Proverbs 31:10 to tell every man that once he found it, he would know: A wife of noble character who can find?   ***She is worth far more than rubies.  ***I want her to mimic female heroes of my faith like Deborah, Ruth, Hannah, Abigail, Esther and Sarah.

A friend of mine in response to the marchers said it better than I could:

A real woman doesn’t parade around in the streets yelling vulgar words, holding disgraceful signs, and wearing embarrassing under clothes. A real woman honors her husband, raises her children with dignity, works with pride, respects authority, and loves the Lord with all her heart. The women that marched in DC were NOT real women. They were a group of ill-educated fools. We need to model ourselves after Ruth, Sarah, Esther and the many other honorable TRUE women of the Bible.

That’s the kind woman I hope to raise.

#### Jim Shempert

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