Medical Doctor Is Refusing Vaccinated Patients

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Medical doctor refuses to accept patients at his practice who have had the mRNA gene-altering COVID19 ‘vaccine’. Dr Baker’s video announcement is a warning to all young women who wish to protect their fertility and avoid the risk of being sterilized by Big Pharma’s Malthusian gene therapy.

At Principia Scientific International (PSI) we have been seeing a steady flow of reports from women complaining that their monthly cycle has been interrupted or stopped after coming into contact with anyone who has had a COVID jab. As many as “80 percent” of female patients are reporting “weird changes” in their cycles, says Dr Baker.

As this concerned doctor correctly indicates, these COVID shots are gene therapy; they are experimental and in way are they officially approved vaccines because the official trials will not be concluded until 2023. Anyone taking the jab is, in effect, a guinea pig in the largest medical experiment yet conducted.

Dr Baker’s blunt refusal to take the same risk of ‘sterilizing’ his patients by permitting the ‘contaminated’ and vaxxed who, he says, “are a spike-protein factory” and are a danger when they come into contact with the unvaxxed and healthy is testament to the impact the threat of ‘shedding’ is having on many concerned citizens.

“I’m Asking Vaccinated Patients To Self-Quarantine For 30 Days Before Coming In,” Says Dr Baker. “Why 30 Days? I Have No Clue. Nobody Knows. I’m Just Trying To Be Nice.  I Don’t Know If They Are Shedding These Proteins For 30 Days Or For The Rest Of Their Life. In An Ideal Situation, All Of These Vaccinated Patients Will Never Again Come Into My Office.”

Watch the doctor’s impassioned plea and make up your own mind:

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Anyone Participating in Forced COVID Vaccinations Either Through Supplying the Injections or Actually Doing the Injections, You Are Hereby Put on Notice.

That You Are Participating in Homicide and Mass Murder, and Justice Will Catch up to You at Some Point.

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The Land of the Free doesn’t give a rat’s-arse how they are perceived anymore.

The technocracy leaders need to eliminate the thinkers and intellectuals so the sheeple go along with the planned “emic”

Watchmen does not confuse truth with consensus The Watchmen does not confuse God’s word with the word of those in power…

One of the most striking proofs of the personal existence of Satan, which our times afford us, is found in the fact, that he has so influenced the minds of multitudes in reference to his existence and doings, as to make them believe that he does not exist.

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