More Threats Coming Out of the People House That’s Has Been Hi-Jack by Satan Soldiers! Remember This — All That’s Left For Satan Soldiers — Assassinate Trump

SRH: Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee tweeted, "Is Joe about to announce the roundup of all Trump voters?" "This is pure hate speech if ever there was one."

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) accused Biden of dividing the country.

"Tonight, Joe Biden vilified millions of Americans in a divisive and angry speech divorced from the reality of his political failures." "He isn't interested in restoring the nation's soul; he is only interested in pitting his fellow Americans against one another," Cruz said.

Biden accused conservatives of being fascists, despite the fact that his own administration has acted like fascists. Democrats were the ones who shut down our businesses, schools, and churches. Democrats were the ones who told Jews they couldn't bury their dead. Democrats were the ones who punished Christians for singing hymns.

And it was a Democrat who posed as a modern-day Hitler in front of our great nation's birthplace.

There’s One Option Left, Attempted Assassination of President Trump… Donald Trump is a nearly unstoppable force of nature, having survived over 4 solid years of relentless attacks and character assassination by the radical Democratic Left in America. They can’t stop him, they can’t even stop Amy Coney Barrett from being confirmed as a Supreme Court…

SRH: Isaiah 3: The people will oppress one another, man against man, neighbor against neighbor; the young will rise up against the old, and the base against the honorable.

Former Trump Adviser and Director of Trade Peter Navarro Is Livid After the Biden DOJ Arrested Him at a DC-Area Airport Prior to a Scheduled Flight to Nashville, Tennessee, for Telling the House January 6 Committee to Pound Sand Over a Subpoena...

Navarro revealed in a recent lawsuit challenging the J6 Committee that he had been ordered to appear before a DC grand jury and turn over all documents requested by the J6 Committee, "including but not limited to any communications with formal [sic] President Trump and/or his counsel or representative."

"Who are these individuals? "This is not America," Navarro remarked before his arraignment, adding, "I spent four years with excellent public employees." Nobody ever called my ethics into question."

Outside, the 72-year-old said he'd been dragged in and handcuffed.

"Instead of going to my house, which, by the way, is just next to the FBI. Rather of phoning and saying, "Hey, we need you down at court, we've got a warrant for you," I would have happily arrived. What exactly did they do? They stopped me from boarding on a plane and then placed me in handcuffs, brought me here, put me in leg shackles, and locked me up... that's punitive."

"What they did to me today was a violation of the constitution," he said.

Former White House aide Stephen Miller stood by Navarro.

Rep. Matt Gaetz agreed (R-FL).

Others pointed out that previous Obama Attorney General Eric Holder did the same thing and was found in contempt of Congress with no repercussions.

Hitler’s Play Book This Is Looking More and More Like the 3RD Reich… And That Biden’s “Set” for His “Rant” Tonight Was Pure Hitler-Esque. And Remember… Hitler Disbanded All Opposition Political Parties… Satan Soldier Biden’s Regime Is Laying the Groundwork.



Will Putin Fulfill Biblical Prophecy and Attack Israel?

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