NWO Plandemic: Killing of the Lambs and a Widespread Baby Formula Scarcity Has Promoted Into a Food Debacle for Parents Seeking to Feed Their Babies, Consult With Google,Twitter, YouTube,Parler Just to Name a Few, They Lied To You About This Horror, Obama/Biden


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The Plandenic and The Silence of the Lambs, A baby formula shortage has triggered a statewide food crisis for parents throughout the country who are frantic to feed their babies.

Baby formula is becoming more difficult to find in stores throughout the United States, owing to a statewide scarcity of one of the most vital supplies for new parents.

The scarcity is so severe that Republican Sen. Tom Cotton of Arkansas dubbed it a "national disaster" on Twitter on Monday.

"The FDA must act quickly, be honest, explain how manufacturing will be restored, and provide parents with a schedule. And the Biden Administration must treat this issue seriously "He tweeted about it.

Parents throughout the United States are trying to locate infant formula after supply shortages and a large safety recall left many shop shelves bare of the main brands.

The recall at Abbott Nutrition, which was forced to close its biggest U.S. formula production unit in February owing to contamination fears, has exacerbated months of spot shortages at pharmacies and supermarkets.

On Monday, White House Press Secretary Jenn Psaki stated the FDA was "working around the clock to resolve any potential shortages."

The FDA said on Tuesday that it is collaborating with US businesses to enhance production and reduce paperwork in order to accept more imports.

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Social media has also picked up on the infant formula scarcity. According to one user, "The lack of formula is a tragedy. No, mothers cannot produce extra milk. Some children are unable to latch. There are several difficulties at work. This is a starvation-level event affecting the United States. Nobody appears to care."

For the time being, physicians and health professionals are advising parents who are unable to get formula to contact food banks or doctor's offices.

A baby formula shortage has triggered a statewide food crisis for parents throughout the country who are frantic to feed their babies. Due to supply chain challenges, labor shortages, inflation, and safety concerns, retail outlets have experienced a 30% decline in the availability of certain popular brands.

Abbott Nutrition canceled and closed its Michigan factory in February after two children died and numerous others were hospitalized after drinking its product. The FDA has not approved the factory's reopening, and it is unclear when manufacturing will begin.

The infant formula scarcity in America continues to grip retail establishments throughout the nation.

According to the most recent statistics from Datasembly, a retail monitoring firm, 40 percent of retailers in the United States are out of infant formula, up from 29 percent in March.

"Unfortunately, we don't anticipate this slowing down anytime soon," Datasembly CEO Ben Reich said Monday. "Inflation, supply chain constraints, and product recalls have continued to bring instability to the category, and it remains one of the market's most impacted items."

The recent closure of a large manufacturing site in Michigan may have contributed to the logistical deficit.

Abbott Nutrition, which owns the business, has been the target of an FDA and CDC inquiry after claims of tainted formula possibly being related to the deaths of two newborns.

According to sources, the states with the most infant formula shortages include Iowa, Missouri, North Dakota, South Dakota, Tennessee, and Texas, with out-of-stock rates surpassing 50%.

San Antonio's out-of-stock percentage has risen to 57 percent among the metro regions in the aforementioned states. It is 52% in Memphis and Nashville, and 50% in Houston and Des Moines, Iowa.

In all, 26 states have reported out-of-stock rates of 40% or greater.

Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark., demanded action from the FDA and the Biden administration on Mother's Day.

Cotton said on Twitter: "The formula scarcity is a national disaster that disproportionately affects low-income mothers and children.

"The FDA must act quickly, be honest, explain how manufacturing will be restored, and provide parents with a schedule.

"And the Biden Administration should take this very seriously."

According to Brian Dittmeier, senior director of public policy at the National WIC Association, an advocacy organization for women, babies, and children, formula shortages are very harmful.

"Unlike other food recalls, baby formula shortages threaten a key — or even exclusive — source of nourishment for newborns," Dittmeier added. "Inadequate diet may have long-term health consequences for newborns."

Abbott hasn't released any public updates on the probes since April 15, according to CNBC.

To make up for the scarcity, CVS and Walgreens locations throughout the country are allegedly restricting consumers to three infant formula items per transaction.


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