Ontario MPP Faces 9 Charges For Supporting Freedom Convoy Demonstrations.


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Randy Hillier, an independent Ontario MPP, is facing nine charges related to last month’s Freedom Convoy rallies in the nation’s capital.

Hillier informed reporters when he arrived at the Ottawa police headquarters this morning that he was summoned by police on March 27 to present himself in on charges relating to the truckers’ protests in downtown Ottawa.

“We know [the allegations] are all related to my opposing opinions, which I frequently articulated at the Freedom convoy and at the truckers’ demonstration, and disagreeing and dissident beliefs are now seemingly unlawful,” he said. “So that’s a concerning pattern.”

The massive convoy of trucks, known as the Freedom Convoy, landed in Ottawa on Jan. 29 to protest government COVID-19 vaccine mandates for truckers traveling between Canada and the United States. After many Canadians from across the country joined in or voiced their support for abolishing numerous COVID-19 mandates and restrictions, it grew into a bigger movement.

The allegations against Hillier were revealed by Ottawa police in a press statement on March 28.

Hillier is charged with nine counts, including two counts of obstructing a public official, two counts of counselling mischief, and two counts of mischief/obstructing property exceeding $5,000. He’s also accused with impeding a peace officer, assaulting a peace or public officer, and counseling an uncommitted indictable offense.

“As part of the ongoing illegal protests, Ottawa Police received many complaints concerning [Hillier’s] social media posts and other activities in February,” the police said.

“A police task force was formed to examine illegal behavior during the protest, and information was acquired by the task force.” The task force is still at work.”

Hillier, who is due in court on March 28, said he was “very startled” to be labeled a “threat to society” because he was only using his right to free speech in a democratic country.

Hillier cited recent statements from European MPs (MEPs) criticizing the Canadian government’s conduct of Freedom Convoy protestors after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau invoked the Emergencies Act in response to the demonstrations on February 14.

“We’ve heard it from European members of Parliament, and they’ve voiced it a lot over the previous period of time, that our democracy isn’t working, that our democracy isn’t protecting civil and human rights,” he said. “I also hope that more Canadians, particularly parliamentarians, speak out against the catastrophe that is unfolding in our country.”

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau spoke to the European Parliament on March 23, warning that a growing populist movement embracing “extreme political beliefs” is endangering democracy. Several MEPs chastised him for what they called human rights breaches against Freedom Convoy participants.

“A prime minister who publicly admires China’s ‘basic dictatorship,’ who tramples on fundamental rights by prosecuting and criminalizing his own citizens as terrorists simply because they dared to challenge his twisted vision of democracy,” said German MEP Christine Anderson.

Trudeau has been “trampling on democratic rights” and “cracking down on people who objected against disproportionate [COVID-19] measures,” according to fellow German MEP Bernhard Zimniok.

“Clearly, this man despises democratic values—let us not allow someone like this any speaking time in this democratic house,” he remarked.

Hillier rejected charges that he assaulted a police officer when questioned by a reporter, saying he has “no idea” how the complaint came about.

“I dealt with tens of thousands of people. “I always welcomed people in with love and affection, embraces, and handshakes,” he explained. “I have no idea unless handshakes or loving embraces are suddenly deemed assault.”

On March 27, Chelsea Hillier, the MPP’s daughter, took to Twitter to argue that the charges against her father point to a troubling trend in Canadian democracy.

“What gives me the most pause is that we are now celebrating the persecution of politicians who do not support the narrative,” she explained.

According to the MPP, the country is now separated into “two solitudes.”

“There is one solitude that believes in freedom and freedom of expression, and another solitary that rejects any expression other than the mainstream narrative as acceptable,” he explained.

“I wish I could have presented stronger evidence to highlight the bad route our country took in March 2020,” he added.

“I attempted to warn people about the danger and tyranny that would come if we gave up our liberties, and that the darkness is growing darker.”

The internet has proved to be a place in which you can tune into various frequencies in search of a perspective that best fits your narrative. I could make up an argument on the fly and back it up with facts pertaining to my argument. With that being said, the news about COVID-19 is terrifyingly polarizing. There is a spectrum, by which all narratives of the COVID-19 agenda are carefully presented to anyone conducting research. The opposing sides of the spectrum are those who are sold on the COVID-19 pandemic, and those who aren’t sold at all.

But it becomes extremely important that we listen to our gut, when we notice that someone is eyeballing something that rightfully belongs to you. Our civil liberties are merely gods gift to man interpreted by men of power. No man, woman, government, organization, forum, or anything will prosper as a weapon against God. With that being said, when our God given rights are at stake, it is probably best to question the integrity of those who propose the removal of such rights. In summary, if you’re not a “conspiracy theorist” you probably aren’t asking very many questions about the world around you.

My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children.

Hosea 4:6

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