Pestilence “COVID Wave!” Satan Soldiers Wanting to Mask and Isolate People Again, Continuing to Push the Kill Shot Poison Injection


HNewsWire: A bacterial lung infection was the cause of death. Pestilence

So, as Fauci said in a case study paper on the Spanish Flu not long ago, 20 million of the 50 million people who perished died from bacterial lung infections caused by mask misuse.

Covid is a  Pestilence virus, not a bacterium. I don't care if individuals test positive for covid; the tests have previously been shown to produce false positives and are not specific to the covid virus.

These folks are dying from lung diseases caused by excessive mask wearing, and China's insane zero-covid rules have damaged everyone's immune systems. It's also been widely established that the covid injection makes individuals more susceptible to covid and other illnesses, as well as killing people's natural immune systems.

In Canada, health officials are yelling "covid wave!" and threatening to disguise and separate individuals while pushing the poison injection. The insanity must end. Covid is not the issue. Globalists are promoting injections and masks. It is sickening and kills more people than covid ever did.

Deaths Among CCP Elites Rise as Pestilence COVID-19 Wave Hits China

They just keep sticking them with their bioweapon vaccine, thanks to those Commies! ... Huh, it seems like those pesky scientists in Wuhan are up to no good again. Now the honest facts. Even with American assistance, it continues. The Obama administration is able to maintain operations because to the Grant that was drafted by Obama appointee Fuai.

A high fever, a classic symptom of COVID-19, was the first indicator of the disease's presence. Yang Lianghua, a former senior reporter for the People's Daily, the official mouthpiece of the Chinese communist dictatorship, and the head editor of the newspaper's foreign edition, had to wait in the emergency department of Beijing's top hospital, which was already beyond filled, for a bed.

Senior officials from state media and the hospital's director intervened to have Yang admitted to the critical care unit, where he subsequently died. It was a bacterial lung infection that ultimately proved fatal for him.

After years of draconian COVID-19 restrictions that had closed businesses, crippled China's economy, and made it difficult for the Chinese people to sustain their basic lives, the regime in China suddenly loosened these restrictions, and a wave of Omicron swept the country, taking with it a long list of prominent figures tied to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), including Yang.

However, resources and regulations were not put in place to assist the public cope with the rising number of infectious diseases after the sudden change in course.

The health care system in the nation is unprepared. As the epidemic spread from home to home, mayhem ensued in hospitals and crematoriums; not even the privileged Chinese elite were safe from the upheaval.

In addition to Yang, the recent deaths of Zhou Zhichun, a former deputy chief editor and vice president of the state-owned China Youth Daily; Zhu Zhihong, a former chair of the Jiangxi Provincial Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference; Chu Lanlan, a 39-year-old Peking Opera actress; Hu Jun, a Marxist economist; Liu Ji, a former vice director of the National Sports Commission; and the designer of the mas

Approximately a dozen other prominent health professionals have also passed away, including Nan Dengkun, who is widely regarded as the founder of China's medical rehabilitation sector, and renowned pharmaceutical chemist Wei Shuli.

On December 22, 2022, in Beijing, a line of hearses waits to enter a cremation.

The Official Statistics Are Greatly Understated
There was an increase in the number of obituaries for notable figures in state-run media, although little specifics were provided regarding the circumstances of their deaths.

The Chinese government has resorted to a tried-and-true tactic for suppressing news that damages the CCP's image by drastically understating the number of people infected with and killed by COVID. National Health Commission has only recorded nine fatalities from COVID in the last three weeks. This number only accounts for fatalities caused by COVID, such as pneumonia and respiratory failure. Those who already have some kind of health problem are disregarded. However, reports from the scene paint a far more dire image.

There has been a nationwide surge in the number of calls to funeral homes for cremations, and health officials are urging doctors and nurses who have retired in the previous five years to return to work. The COVID epidemic has spread to many of the on-duty medical professionals. A prominent surgeon at a Beijing hospital revealed to Chinese media that over 70% of his fellow healthcare professionals were unwell, including himself.

Based on modeling of regional Chinese data, the London-based health research company Airfinity calculated that more than five thousand individuals are likely dying each day from COVID-19.

On December 22, 2022, a man stands outside a crematorium in Beijing with a garland of flowers. China's official count has proven to be such a poor indicator that even the World Health Organization, which has refrained from explicitly criticizing the state for its lack of openness throughout the epidemic, has expressed its skepticism.

On December 21st, WHO's Health Emergencies Programme Director Mike Ryan told reporters, "In China, what has been recorded is relatively low numbers of patients in ICUs, but anecdotally ICUs are filling up."

I don't think it's fair to accuse China of deliberately keeping us in the dark. They're totally out of date, in my opinion.

China affairs expert Heng He attributes the recent COVID outbreak in part to supernatural causes. He noted that many members of China's ruling class had fallen victim to the pandemic, while the exact number was unclear.

Many of them have been integral members of the regime's ruling elite and have dedicated their lives to propagandizing in order to improve the CCP's public image.

He told The Epoch Times, "Maybe you believe it isn't a huge thing, but the CCP is a criminal organization," and that the current spike in cases should make individuals reevaluate their allegiance to the government. Putting one's own happiness in the hands of the Party's leaders would lead nowhere but disaster, the speaker warned.

He said that the Chinese have held the belief that "you get what you sow" from ancient times.

According to Heng, "a common concept in China is that good acts will meet with good returns and vice versa," and that karma may be served out within one's own lifetime.

That's why the Chinese are so adamant that no one should help another person commit a crime, particularly if it involves the persecution of a religion.

Heng was referring to the regime's violent crackdown on the Falun Gong and other religious groups. It's possible that this is karmic vengeance," he remarked. Falun Gong's creator, Mr. Li Hongzhi, wrote an essay in March 2020 that exemplified this idea.

The present Chinese Communist Virus (or 'Wuhan Virus') epidemic, on the other hand, is not random and has specific objectives and victims in mind. According to Mr. Li's writing, its purpose in society is to "filter out members of the Party and those who have aligned with it."

If there is any question, one need only look at how severely the virus has affected those nations or individuals who have developed strong ties to the CCP. So, what is it that individuals should do? Separation from the CCP and abandonment of Party support is necessary.

On December 22, 2022, at a crematorium in Beijing, China, family members will walk behind an urn carrying the ashes of a deceased family member. No Defense for the Upper Class While CCP elites have been relatively safe from previous lockdowns, the last wave has exposed them.

Spouse of foreign ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian, known for hawkish rhetoric and spreading virus disinformation (including the falsehood that the virus was brought into Wuhan by the U.S. Army), posts on China's microblogging site Weibo that she can't get her hands on any antiviral drugs, anti-inflammatory drugs, or cold medicine.

"How long till you get over this fever?"  of a now-deleted post shows what she said, but it doesn't say who she was talking about. To what end were all these medications put?

Popsicles, she said later, were used to reduce core body temperature.

A COVID-19 patient is being transferred by medical staff on a stretcher on December 22, 2022, at the emergency room of the First Affiliated Hospital of Chongqing Medical University in Chongqing, China. Nationalist economist and communist advisory board member Hu Angang's father-in-law recently passed away from pneumonia brought on by the COVID-19 virus. According to a post by Mei Xinyu, a senior analyst at the International Trade and Economic Cooperation Institute at China's Ministry of Commerce, the family was unable to call the medical hotline for an hour and then had to wait hours for the ambulance.

Mei wrote on December 21 that his body was a senior Party member who had been awarded medals from the country but would have to wait for cremation in the hospital morgue. His body would then be sent to the Beijing Babaoshan Funeral House, which cremates between two hundred and three hundred people every day. In other words, "Today, there is no available parking space."

People are dying in droves that the Kill Shots poison jabs are more to blame than some "virus".


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Sources: ET  HNewsWire  HNewsWire  HNewsWire


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