Satan-Soldier Censors Appalled to Hand Twitter Over to Free-Speech Advocates. Will Elon Musk Champion the First Amendment or Disappoint? Part 1


Dark Clouds Arising!

If we were to tell you that there's a very well-orchestrated plot occurring all around the world to hijack your mind, take away your freedoms, and prepare billions of people to receive the antichrist upon his arrival, would you believe us? Undoubtedly, there are many stages that will ultimately lead up to this event, but it will happen someday… perhaps very soon. Let's state it this way. Either what we've just asserted is true, or Biblical prophecy is not. Our convictions at HNewsWire are firmly aligned with God's revealed Word.

If you haven’t noticed, things are not going very well on planet earth. We’ve experienced pestilence, escalating food shortages around the world, rising inflation, war mongering, fundamental freedoms curtailed, lawlessness, rioting, and the list goes on. People have become lethargic and numb. Sheepeople—blindly following their leaders down a dark path to the slaughter. And what’s even more sobering, all the trends suggest that things will get much worse.

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The New World Order

We suspect that as things fall apart, the New World Order (NWO) of global elitists will step in to seize control of the world. The one tool they need to pull this off is their most secret weapon. In fact, it’s already in use… right under our noses. This weapon is more wicked than you can imagine, and yet, a growing number of people believe it makes sense to unleash it on humanity as soon as possible. “What is it?” you may ask. In order for the NWO’s lies to succeed, they must first destroy the truth.

Yes, we’re talking about your freedom of speech. But this is far more serious than simply taking away the right to express yourself. The dismantling of this freedom will arrive with epic violence and bloodshed. The chaos will be more evil and grim than any human can imagine, satanic and fierce. Like the Old Testament Egyptians who endured the ninth plague, it will be a “darkness that can be felt,” Exodus 10:21.


Free Speech Haters

There’s a common saying among attorneys, “I may disagree with what you said, but I will defend your right to say it until death.” What an amazing statement! Fundamentally, this belief is built on a respect for healthy dialogue, vigorous debate, and the decency to listen to people who don’t see eye-to-eye with us personally. Free speech is the glue that holds civilized societies together. Messy at times, yes, but necessary to prevent an authoritarian’s rise to power.

Free speech haters exist in many forms, but the high-tech crowd is the most disgusting of them all. They make products and platforms that people love to use. They suck the masses in, get them hooked, gain influence, monetize their platform, rake in the cash, then exercise their power. They are narcissists, masquerading as the high-tech saviors of the universe. Their social media platforms promise to be the ultimate utopia that will improve everyone’s quality of life, but really, they’re just another cash cow. Cha-ching!

Twit Definition: n. Persons Employed by Twitter

It comes as no surprise that Twitter has a long history of attacking free speech. Whether they understand it or not, they are part of the plan. This social media company has been run by Silicon Valley hellions for over a decade now. Most tech companies in Silicon Valley think alike. Like Twitter, they believe that their speech, their beliefs, and their self-importance are vastly superior to everyone else’s. If you disagree with their point of view… well, it’s because you’re stupid and don’t know your butt from a hole in the ground. They mock and poke fun at those they believe are “the deplorables”—inferior by virtue of where you live, what schools you did or didn’t attend, your religion, vocation, political party, and interpretation of the U.S. Constitution. Basically, they are narrow-minded elitists who feel nothing but contempt for such ideas as: conservative political thought, Biblical Christianity, or an unborn child’s right to life… just to name a few.

Disagree with them and they begin hyperventilating. You’ll hear every chicken-little… “the sky is falling” argument as to why you should be silenced. They have weaponized their AI algorithms (something akin to the mythological hounds of hell) to hunt down your content on Twitter. They will lay siege to your account, make sure no one views your content, and suck your words into the darkest oblivion… all in the name of protecting society. They are sick and have no self-awareness as to why!

Don’t Stop the Press!


Here’s a novel idea, sarcasm intended. Free speech is the first line of defense in protecting any society. The Founding Fathers of America knew this to be true… liberties purchased in blood to build the dream of a democratic nation. In practice, free speech gives every individual the choice to hear all sides of an argument. All the facts are on the table, as well as the lies. Liberals and conservatives, the religious and irreligious, academics and the self-educated—all have a level playing field in the arena of ideas. This can only happen when free speech is valued and defended by the citizens of a true democracy.

Any person or government who fights against this principle is the real enemy, whether they happen to agree with your point of view or not. Call them dictators or autocrats, authoritarian or despotic—one thing is for certain—they always turn against their own, or anyone viewed as a potential threat to their ambitions. In countries where the right to free speech does not exist, there’s always a risk of imprisonment, or even worse, assassination.

Remember this. People with vast political power should not be in control of powerful communication platforms that silence dissenting points of view! So, who in the hell (literally not figuratively) do these haters of liberty think they are? Stick around. We have an answer to that question.

Introducing Vijaya Gadde


Gadde was born in Hyderabad, India in 1974. Her family moved to Beaumont, Texas when she was three. A graduate of Cornell University and New York University School of Law, she joined Twitter in 2011. As one of the top executives, her annual salary is $17 million annually.

At Twitter, Gadde oversees content moderation and the social media’s safety policies. According to Bloomberg, she has the last word on removing tweets, comments, and membership accounts. Here’s a shortlist of her high-profile decisions:

  1. Prohibiting political ads on the platform in the run-up to the 2020 US presidential election
  2. The suspension of Donald Trump’s account while he was still acting president of the United States
  3. Limiting far-right influence on Twitter
  4. Temporarily suspending a respected news agency, the New York Post, for 14 days.
  5. Curbing the distribution of a New York Post article based on files recovered from Hunter Biden's abandoned laptop just before the 2020 presidential election.

Some people have made the argument that since Twitter is not a government, but merely a company, it is not bound by the First Amendment. Herein lies the problem. Corporate America owns the courts, the Congress, the Senate, and the White House. Simply follow the money. When one company controls the platform where a large portion of the world gets its news, this becomes a huge conflict of interest.

Take Hunter Biden’s laptop for instance, (Our Report). News that he had abandoned a laptop in a computer repair shop broke in October 2020. Yes, another infamous “October Surprise” arrived just before the presidential election. Emails discovered on that computer painted a grim picture of Joe Biden’s son and possible corruption by both in Ukraine. The suppression of that story may have changed the outcome of the election. When people like Bill Maher, a well-known atheist and political comedian, cry foul over left-wing coverups, you know there’s a problem.

Vijaya Gadde had the power to make that decision at Twitter. No one elected her. Hardly anyone even knew her. What were her reasons for making such a bold move that restricted information to the public? Did she have an agenda?

We're just scratching the surface here. Come back for part 2 soon. Bookmark this post, and we’ll post the link here.

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