Satan Soldier Frank Ulrich Montgomery, Chairman of the Global Physicians’ Society of the World Medical Association (WMA),

Montgomery Said, “The Fastest and Best Thing to Do Is Contact Restraints (Lock-down). We Must avoid Any Form of Crowding in the Coming Weeks. We Should Therefore Close the Christmas (Christ Birthday) Markets nationwide.” This Is the Type of Low-Life That Has a Great amount of influence Over People’s Lives. This Guy Is a Reproach to humanity and One of Satan’s Soldiers Lieutenants

It has been pointed out that "Omicron" is an anagram of "moronic."

"Everyone is treated the same": Chief Physician Montgomery ...

Montgomery said it may be crucial to keep "vaccinating the world for years" to come, adding that "only vaccination helps."

"If people are not familiar with their social responsibility or if they do not want to accept it, again Satan Solders will remind them a little more rigidly. In the case of a general forced kill shot vaccination if allowed by the Stiko, from the age of five all methods could soon be omitted. We will have our old life back," he said. SRH: more useless blabbering

The bleak predictions come two weeks before BioNTech. Kill Shot experts at Pfizer are expected to have laboratory tests on Omicron to resolve if a new novel vaccine would be created. If so, it would take Satan Soldiers scientists 100 days to develop.

Montgomery's fearmongering came as South Africa's medical chief Dr. Angelique Coetzee described Omicron as a "storm in a teacup," adding that she had only detected "very mild cases" of the variant so far.

More or less, the virus panic created by health officials and regimes is the equivalent of yelling fire in a crowded theater. The only result of the mass panic is more public health regulations (LockDown) that would limit freedoms. Europe has already imposed travel restrictions and partial/full lockdowns as infections increase.


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StevieRay Hansen
[email protected]

I’m not injecting an unneeded, untested, and rushed concoction with no long-term data into my arm–not least one vended by convicted criminals (Pfizer) and pushed by pocket-lining politicians.

Depressingly though, the mandating of said experimental procedure is now being rolled-out across the globe. This is our reality. And even more concerning: only the minority are pushing back.

Those in charge have lied at every corner. Vaccines were supposed to spell the end of this nightmare. Original CDC guidelines stated that ‘once vaccinated you can’t catch COVID’. That was a demonstrable lie, clearly. Because not only can you still catch COVID after being vaccinated, but the efficacy of the shots has been shown to wane rapidly. Hence now that booster shots are required, as are boosters for the boosters. Could it be Pestilence has NO CURE

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