Satan Soldiers Have a Plan:”Slash the Tires, Arrest the Drivers,” Says a Harvard Professor and CNN Analyst, Calling for Violence Against the Freedom Convoy

Satan Soldier a.k.a harvard professor, CNN analyst and former Obama admin undersecretary of Homeland Security Juliette Kayyem has called for violence and vandalism against Freedom Convoy protesters who have amassed on the bridge that connects Detroit, Michigan to Windsor, Ontario.

Satan Soldier Ontario Premier Orders GiveSendGo To Freeze Funds For Anti-Mandate Protesters

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Less than a week after GoFundMe abruptly suspended its $10 million fundraising at the request of the Mayor of Ottawa and Justin Trudeau, Ontario's Premier, Doug Ford, has filed an order effectively freezing any monies earned thus far through the alternative crowdsourcing site 'GiveSendGo.'

In a democratic society, money from gofundme and givesendgo is not frozen.

That is a full-fledged communist maneuver.

Canadians are not permitted to spend their own money as they see fit.

If this is allowed to continue with no consequences, it will inevitably get much worse.
February 10, 2022 — Alexander Roberto (@alexrnicholas)

The injunction clearly stipulates that the fundraising site Give Send Go is banned from doing anything with the monies, according to April McAbee of

The Premier's Office of Ontario has issued a statement.

"Today, the Attorney General filed an application in the Superior Court of Justice for an order under section 490.8 of the Criminal Code prohibiting any person from disposing of, or otherwise dealing with, any and all monetary donations made through the GiveSendGo online fundraising platform's Freedom Convoy 2022 and Adopt-a-Trucker campaign pages."

The order was given this afternoon. It binds any and all parties that have control or custody of these gifts."

Executive Director of the Premier of Ontario's Office of Media Relations

"A spokeswoman for the Premier's office says this effectively means the money are frozen for now," says Katie Simpson, a CBC journalist.

And now the Americans are on their way...

The order has yet to be confirmed by Give Send Go.

GiveSendGo, in an apparent reaction to the court decision, issued the following statement on Twitter:

"Be aware of this! Canada has no authority over how we manage our assets at GiveSendGo."

It continues:

"All money for EVERY GiveSendGo campaign, including The Freedom Convoy campaign, pass directly to the recipients of such initiatives."

The Epoch Times spoke with John Carpay, head of the legal organization Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms, which is assisting the Freedom Convoy organizers with legal advice.

"GiveSendGo represents for optimism and freedom," the platform said in a statement released Monday when the firm agreed to host the campaign. We acknowledge that our liberties are God-given, not government-authorized, and that they should be maintained by our governments."

At the time the injunction was issued, the GiveSendGo event had raised about 8.5 million dollars.

Just as Mark Jeftovic predicted last week, this demonstrates bitcoin's use, and it appears that Tallycoin, a crypto-based crowd-funding site, will continue to be used by Canadian truckers to re-route their donations to aid those on the front lines of the protest.

Anyone interested in the new platform can give as low as a single Satoshi (currently, around 2,400 satoshis equal $1), and the fundraising has raised 1.594 billion Satoshis (about $700,000) so far.

The following note is attached to the Tallycoin fundraiser:

"For #FreedomConvoy2022, the Canadian Bitcoin community would prefer a second banking access point." Bitcoin is a truly censorship-resistant way of transmitting value, whereas legacy financial infrastructure may be politicized and clamped down on at times. Allowing your voices to be stifled and your financial sovereignty to be trampled on is not an option.

Let's raise some hard money for hard employees in the sake of love, unity, and freedom!"

Needless to say, Bitcoin solves this, as Jeftovic explained.

It's GoFundMe today. When central banks introduce Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) in the future, they will cover all economic activity that occurs under the jurisdiction of national and supranational governments and bureaucracies.

When such days come, everyone who relies on government economic benefits will be subjected to a form of neo-Fuedalism: true digital slavery.

...supporting the #FreedomConvoy with a donation? Are you a fan of Joe Rogan's show? Those aren't activities that have been approved. You'll be docked some points for it.


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Will of the People in the Long Star State… HNewsWire Will No Longer Use Articles From Twatter or Fake Book as a Source for Our News Articles. In Case You’ve Missed It, We Are In a War, A Spiritual War and Using Demonic News Sources From Unscrupulous News Outlets Will Not Be Tolerated On HNW. Don’t Piss Down My Back and Tell Me It’s Raining!, SRH. St. Louis Imposes Indoor Mask Mandate Regardless of Vaccination Status Officials said Friday that the City of St. Louis and St. Louis County are imposing an indoor mask mandate for anyone over the age of 5 regardless of vaccination status, citing a rise in COVID-19 hospitalizations and the spread of the Delta variant. The new rule, which goes into effect on July 26, requires mask-wearing in indoor public places and on public transportation, according to a statement…


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Right-Wing News Going Forward, Hell on Earth… Not even two months into their reign as the majority party that controls the White House and both houses of Congress, key Democrats have made clear that one of their top priorities is censorship of divergent voices. On Saturday, I detailed how their escalating official campaign to coerce and threaten social media companies into more aggressively censoring views that they dislike — including by summoning social media CEOs to appear before them for the third time in less than five months — is implicating, if not already violating, core First Amendment rights of free speech. Now they are going further — much further. The same Democratic House Committee that is demanding greater online censorship from social media companies now has its sights set on the removal of conservative cable outlets, including Fox News, from the airwaves.…


Satan Soldiers Are Intent on Controlling Your Every Movement Victoria Police

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Confirmed the Arrested Woman Was Further Than Five Kilometers From Her Home and Was Issued With Three Infringement Notices… We’ve previously detailed protests that have sprung up in various major cities across the Australian continent over authorities’ ultra-restrictive coronavirus lockdown measures, which are especially stringent and far-reaching in the southeast state of Victoria. There’s been multiple instances caught on video of police cracking down on elderly people and even pregnant women for merely resting outside on park benches, supposedly in “violation” of coronavirus social distancing measures, even as case numbers have significantly dropped since August. And now here’s the latest incident to go viral as citizens flock to newly reopened beaches, after Victoria slightly relaxed some of its more severe lockdown restrictions:  Video has emerged of police officers clashing with beachgoers in a dramatic arrest of a woman at a Melbourne beach as hordes of residents headed outdoors to enjoy…


Putin: My personal position is that society must keep children safe.


Meet Moses! He's a young man who grew up in the most challenging circumstances. Today, he has larger-than-life goals to achieve something extraordinary.


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