Satan Soldiers Intend to Use ‘Digital Handcuffs’ on a Global Base. We Can Now See the True Intent of Vaccine Passports Right Before Our Eyes, the Anti-Christ B.e.a.s.t Comes Alive


Satan Soldiers aim to use "digital handcuffs" on a global scale, and we can now see the actual objective of vaccination passports right in front of our eyes.The Chinese authorities is utilizing COVID-19 control techniques to prevent depositors from revolting after their money were frozen by rural banks.

On June 14, many depositors informed The Epoch Times that when they scanned venue barcodes in Zhengzhou, the provincial capital of central China's Henan Province, the health code on their COVID-19 app went red. A red health code, which indicates a probable COVID-19 patient, implies that the carrier is forbidden from all public locations, including public restrooms, stores, and railway stations, and is subject to forced quarantine in centralized isolation facilities.

They are among tens of thousands of bank depositors who have been fighting for more than two months to retrieve their cash. The situation began in April, when at least four lenders in Henan stopped accepting cash withdrawals, claiming internal system improvements. Customers, however, claim that neither these banks nor authorities have provided any explanation for why or how long the procedure would take, triggering violent demonstrations outside the banking regulator's headquarters in Zhengzhou in May.

According to reports, an estimated 1 million consumers were impacted, putting many people' life savings at risk and many unable to pay for routine medical treatment. According to Sanlian LifeWeek, a state-run magazine, depositors have been denied access to at least 39.7 billion yuan ($5.91 billion).

Depositors from throughout the country organized another demonstration in Zhengzhou on June 13 to demand an explanation, despite prior meetings being greeted with silence from local officials and brutality from plainclothes police officers.

The Red Code

However, their scheme was foiled once again when their health codes flashed red at city rail stations or highway exits.A red signal represents the greatest degree of risk, indicating that the individual tested positive, was near a COVID-19 patient, or frequented high-COVID-risk locations in the last 14 days. Residents with a red code will be isolated for two weeks.

As part of its COVID-19 control measures, the Chinese authorities implemented three-tiered color-based QR code systems that used big data and mobile technologies to monitor people's movements. Residents must show a green health code on their phones while scanning a venue code at each location they visit.

On January 12, 2021, a lady scans a venue code with her mobile before entering an outdoor ice rink in Beijing. (AFP/WANG ZHAO via Getty Images) )

A depositor from neighboring Hebei Province, Liu Yong (pseudonym), traveled to Zhengzhou intending to receive his money returned on June 12. However, when he scanned the venue code at the exit, his health code flashed red, leaving him trapped on the highway.

When Liu left his hometown, he had a green health code and a negative PCR test result. He was forced to return home after police threatened to take him to a quarantine facility if he did not.

His return route was stopped by the red code. While driving back to Hebei, Liu was unable to take a break or even use the restrooms at the service station. Liu told The Epoch Times on June 14 that he was still stuck at a highway exit going to his village.

It was unknown how many others had the same problem, but one source told The Epoch Times that hundreds of depositors from throughout the nation shared their red code images in a group conversation on WeChat, the country's popular instant messaging program.

An staffer handling Zheng Health Commission questions informed The Epoch Times that they were aware of the health code issues and had reported them to the appropriate agencies.
Photo via Epoch Times
Customers of Henan Province's four banks hold papers with the words "Henan banks refund my savings" in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, China. (Source: The Epoch Times)

Another bank client, Li Yin (pseudonym), said that she and three other depositors discovered their health codes went red after remotely checking Zhengzhou venue codes on June 12. They put the software through its paces at their residences in Inner Mongolia, a northern Chinese region 550 kilometers from Zhengzhou.

However, Li said that her friend's husband, who was not related to the frozen deposits, did not notice the color change after scanning, fueling concerns that they were on the authorities' hit list.

"They [officials] are like bandits," stated a third bank client who was halted by police and forced to leave the Zhengzhou railway station on June 12. "All of us are legitimate depositors." "How come we couldn't even get an explanation?"
'Digital Restraints'

On June 14, Chinese media reports regarding depositors' experiences went viral on the microblogging platform Weibo, causing a public outrage.

The disclosure reinforced fears that the Chinese Communist Party was using COVID-19 restrictions to tighten social controls. Previously, human rights attorneys and campaigners told The Epoch Times that the authorities utilized health code applications to prevent people from traveling.

Hu Xijin, a former editor of the CCP's Global Times, stated in a blog post that tampering with health rules for reasons other than pandemic prevention would damage the system's legitimacy and public support.

"It's very terrifying," one person said. "If the health code is exploited, it might put us in digital shackles." Everyone will be a prisoner from now on, and they might be arrested anywhere, at any moment."



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