Self-Appointed Betters, Bill Gates & Co. Anybody Paying Attention to the Talking Points Coming Out of This Past Davos Meeting Knows What They Have Planned for Us: Everything From Individualized Carbon Footprint Tracking, the Requirement for “Passports” to Navigate the Web, to “Recalibrating Certain Human Rights… Like Free Speech.”


Even if the whole globe comprised of just three inanimate objects, the International Economic Round table could not properly come up with a way for absolute world dominance.

I'm being too basic. However, the premise demonstrates how ineffective central planning is. Whether it's Soviet-era Five-Year Plans or FOMC models for transitory inflation, the globe has just too many moving pieces, many of which have their own thoughts, to predict where they'll all be in 5 milliseconds. Never mind attempting to influence the result of the whole global economy (or the planet's climate) beyond 2050.

What may happen, and usually does, is that central planning can create a lot of damage. You have the ability to derail everyone else's plans, even those that might have otherwise been successful. So, for a while, central planning may seem to be omnipotent, but if you examine carefully, none of those plans accomplished anything other than derailing everyone else's life (COVID, lockdowns, vaccines, etc).

When central planning or technocratic tendencies seem to be in charge of anything, it is almost often not what was intended. Unintended outcomes are more often than not a train crash. We wouldn't have had runaway inflation, a gentle landing in rate rises, 100 percent vaccination compliance, Russia wouldn't be Ukraine, the supply chain would be buzzing along, oil wouldn't be above $100/barrel, and Bitcoin would be a zero.

Malthusians and Marxists are at the heart of the Davos Club. By Primitivist, I mean that they believe there are too many wasteful foodies in the world destroying space and resources. You belong to them. They are really not.

By Communist, I mean the ultimate result of totalitarianism: a 2 different society. Marxism purports to be about class struggle and equality for everyone, but in fact it is about removing the middle class and reducing the class structure to just two:

These are a thin bandage of oligarchs that sit atop the world's cap table, control everything and write all the regulations, while everyone else owns nothing and has no human or human liberties.

Either now or in the future, social stratification

Everything that comes out of Davos, no matter how lovely it seems, is actually simply a ruse to convince enough useful idiots to persuade enough useless eaters that what is being done to them is for their own benefit. Individual carbon footprints were the focus this year.

UK Fire is a British think tank on a five-year objective to chart a course to Absolute Zero by 2050. Their objective is to eradicate all carbon emissions by 2050, including funding from the UK government's UK Research and Innovation and "an active and expanding industry coalition."

This includes the following:

Air travel will be phased out by 2050.

Shipping is being phased out (there are no electrically powered ships)

Beef and lamb are being phased out as food sources (replaced by vegetarian food)

Industrial output and all blast furnaces are being drastically reduced.

Elimination of cement (increased usage of clay, literally "dream up something different") 60 percent fewer automobiles, or cars that are 60 percent smaller in size

It's a massive 60-page paper that has everything thought out, even how everyone else will live.

The Royal Family, members of the government, billionaires, and industrialists will all be flying about in private jets or sailing someplace on super-yachts in 2050, eating grass fed beef, lamb, and bison, and being ferried around in 25-foot limousines between their various 10,000 to 25,000 square foot properties.

Some folks are provoked by our self-appointed superiors' schemes. The thought that those who devise these plans would get to keep all of the trappings of a contemporary, opulent existence while denying them to the rest of us in the name of "global justice" or "equity" sounds... unjust.

When you fall into the trap of being activated by these plans, these lofty "roadmaps," and all-encompassing objectives, you're really slipping into a mental trap that will jeopardize your capacity to counteract these schemes.




The WHO, WEF, and people like Bill Gates,Klaus Schwab, Dr Fauci, and Professor Neil Ferguson’s real agenda is “population reduction and population control, which is going to be achieved through these kill shot vaccinations, which already have extremely serious adverse effects. Another part of the agenda is the destruction of the middle class”.

The World Economic Forum - a forum that no one asked for, yet seems to have an incredible amount of influence over popular coordinated political policy around the world.

The Man Behind WEF Klaus Schwab: This is what their New World Order looks like...

This dreary picture is echoed in the New Testament. Jesus said it will be a time of tribulation “such as has not occurred since the beginning of the world until now, nor ever shall” (Matthew 24:21). In fact, Jesus said it will be so terrible that if it were not stopped at the end of seven years, it would result in the destruction of all life (Matthew 24:22). The Apostle John states that the chaos will be so great that the leaders of the world will crawl into caves and cry out for the rocks of the mountains to fall upon them (Revelation 6:15-16).

Will Putin Fulfill Biblical Prophecy and Attack Israel?

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