Students & Parents Protest Against LA High School’s Banning Unvaccinated Students From Graduation.


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A group of parents and kids gathered outside Granada Hills Charter High School to protest the school’s intention to exclude pupils who have not been vaccinated against COVID-19 from future graduation festivities.

At a May 31 demonstration organized by Granada Hills Charter parents’ group GHC Parents United and Moms on the Ground, a parent choice advocacy group, protesters held posters reading “Our Kids, Our Choice” and “Don’t Discriminate, Let Our Kids Graduate.”

In a statement, Moms on the Ground cofounder Parisa Fishback stated, “What Granada Hills Charter High School has done to its graduating seniors is atrocious and unlawful by both state and federal standards.” “We’ll hold them accountable in whatever manner we can.” For the time being, we march for the children who will not be allowed to walk.”

Although the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) decided earlier this month to follow the state’s lead and postpone the COVID-19 vaccine mandate until July 2023, Granada Hills High School, an independent charter school in the San Fernando Valley with its own governing board separate from LAUSD’s, chose to keep the mandate for students.

Around 1,100 graduates will get their diplomas onstage, but 70 unvaccinated seniors, including eight special needs kids, will have to watch the broadcast from afar.

The school said in a statement that it stands by its decision and that 99 percent of kids over the age of 12 had been vaccinated.

“Our board believes that vaccination is the most effective and best method available to reduce COVID-19 transmission and guarantee the safest learning environment possible,” the school stated in a statement. “Our commitment to safety is even more vital now that COVID-19 cases are on the rise again, with the risk of outbreaks and new variations looming large.”

The senior awards ceremony will be held on May 31 at 6 p.m., and graduation will be held on June 2 at 7 p.m. According to the school’s website, all participants must provide evidence of vaccination, and both events will be livestreamed.

Meanwhile, GHC Parents United launched a fundraising effort to organize a graduation celebration for unvaccinated pupils.

“Regardless of what happens on June 2—whether or not our children are permitted to join their peers and walk across the stage—we will provide these kids the finest graduation celebration we can,” the parents’ organization said on the website. “The Highlander is the mascot of [Granada Hills Charter].” ‘It’s all for naught if you don’t have freedom,’ says William Wallace, the most famous Highlander from the film Braveheart.

As of Tuesday afternoon, a petition on requesting Granada Hills Charter to allow unvaccinated pupils to walk in their graduation ceremony had gathered over 5,000 signatures.

The students who want to graduate highschool should have the right to do so. Vaccine mandates should not be the ultimatum for students to take the next step forward in their lives. This is an egregious and divisive way to show your support for a failed vaccine. These people on the left are getting word of Klaus Schwab and this whole globalist agenda. Either they’re in denial that they’ve been tricked into persecution, or they’re in just part of the club. Regardless, the youth in the community have to pay the price for these sloppy legislators.

The pressure against unvaccinated children in these blue communities is egregious and should come to a stop immediately. We’re talking about secular democrats discriminating against Christian families for choosing to not participate in this globalist experimental “vaccination” program. We can go on and on all day about how these vaccines are harmful and biologically manipulative. But at the end of the day it’s the people behind the policy that are concerning. Are these public figures exploiting the fear instilled into society by urging citizens to get their children vaccinated? Even budging the children to become vaccinated without parental consent?

Those in favor of these tyrannical measures in places like America are only troubled by our position because they never knew the freedom they’ve given up. They haven’t observed the privileges given to them bought and paid for with blood sweat and tears. They seem to think humanity can operate without the people they loathe. Such shortsightedness is sure to progress into something much more problematic in the coming years. These are actions planned and executed, with the intention of dividing the public. These people enacting laws with the sole purpose of moving toward inoculating children with an experimental MRNA vaccination is egregious, and won’t be tolerated by freedom loving citizens. Children belong to their parents, not the community. Because the “community” has proven to be unfit to aid the upbringing of a child. Children brought up in the early 90’s and prior experienced life as it were. Organic and not digitized. Think of how far we’ve come, and how sinister this agenda feels when you see the legislation coming down the pipe.

These vaccines will be pushed onto America heavily by the UN and other globalist organizations once the two tier system is set in place. Nothing that these tyrants can say or do will convince self aware Christians to relinquish their faith in Christ. 1 Peter 4:12-14 says: “Beloved, do not be surprised at the fiery trial when it comes upon you to test you, as though something strange were happening to you. But rejoice insofar as you share Christ’s sufferings, that you may also rejoice and be glad when his glory is revealed. If you are insulted for the name of Christ, you are blessed, because the Spirit of glory and of God rests upon you.” Please stay inquisitive the word of God, and the world around you.

On April 23, Miao Xiaohui, a well-known infectious disease expert in Shanghai, reiterated his call for the CCP to end the Zero-COVID policy, which he describes as “completely inconsistent with the basic law of infectious disease pandemics,” as soon as possible in order to reduce secondary disasters and deaths caused by excessive pandemic prevention.

Miao was the vice president and director of the Department of Infectious Diseases at Changzheng Hospital, which is linked with China’s Second Military Medical University, and he was involved in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of the SARS outbreak that erupted in the country in 2003.

Miao argued in his essay that the Zero-COVID policy is ineffectual and lacks scientific support. He added that all neighborhoods in Shanghai have been shut for 23 to 27 days, which is “totally contradictory with the basic rules and intervention outcomes of infectious disease pandemics” and “exceeds the three longest incubation durations of the Omicron virus.”

Zero-COVID caused a slew of secondary tragedies, including fatalities that should not have happened. “Stop continuing, okay?” he pleaded.

Miao Xiaohui wrote a lengthy post on April 8 in which he claimed that under stringent regulations, the Zero-COVID policy would cause a rush on medical resources, and he demanded that the problem of increased fatalities during the pandemic be addressed and resolved quickly.

Based on a research on the increased mortality of some chronic noncommunicable disease patients (such as diabetics) during the lockdown of Wuhan, China in early 2020, Miao calculated that the one-month lockdown of Shanghai caused almost 1,000 additional diabetes fatalities.

He believes that, in addition to diabetes, various chronic non-communicable diseases, various acute and chronic infectious diseases, various acute diseases, and a 66 percent increase in suicide rates caused by psychological problems during the lockdown period, the additional death toll will not be insignificant.

According to Miao, during the current lockdown in Shanghai, at least 20 big hospitals were sealed for three days or more, with wards empty and operating rooms locked at the same time, artificially increasing the number of deaths.

He feels that the necessity for and expense of the authorities’ lockdown and clearing effort should be carefully addressed, particularly because a shortage of medical services during the lockdown might result in a high number of non-COVID-19 patients dying.

He advised that asymptomatic infected persons isolate at home, and that the government consider if it is essential to do nucleic acid testing on the whole community, as well as not allowing hospitals to close totally.

Finally, he brought up the possibility that nucleic acid testing, one of the three pillars of the CCP’s Zero-COVID policy, will lead to an increase in cross-infection. He explained, “Don’t ask me where the virus comes from; its hometown is in two cotton swabs.”

“Repeated nucleic acid testing, overburdened staff runs, and major cross-infection” are among the faults of the authorities’ Zero-COVID policy, according to Ding Xian, the former secretary of the Party Committee of Shanghai Huashan Hospital’s Jing’an Branch. “The most hazardous of them all is cross-contamination, and that science has been discarded.”

The statistical data had come out, and the number of positive cases would climb by 3 to 4% for each nucleic acid (test) of all workers, according to Yin Youkuan, the former deputy head of the Department of Infectious Diseases at Huashan Hospital in Shanghai, who posted on April 22.

He gave the example of a village in Shanghai. There were no positive cases at first, but the number grew to 83 after a few days of nucleic acid testing. “It was brought in by the personnel,” he explained.

Shanghai is now implementing “hard isolation” in the sealing and control regions, converting an entire residential building or neighborhood into an isolation site and attempting to increase the isolation area in order to achieve “social clearance.”

Ms. Xu, a resident of a community on Yangjing Street in Shanghai’s Pudong District, confirmed to The Epoch Times on April 25 that her community had been informed that beginning April 23, all of the buildings would be placed in “hard isolation,” which meant that residents’ only movement would be within their own apartments.

She informed reporters that the 25-story building where she lived had more than 200 homes, and that the lockdown began on March 21 when an elderly couple in their 90s tested positive via a nucleic acid test.

When it comes to secondary catastrophes during the lockdown, Ms. Xu says she is most concerned about being ill. Her granddaughter, who is in preschool, resides with her, while her son and daughter-in-law live in another residential complex that is also under lockdown.

Many hospitals have closed since Shanghai’s lockdown began, leaving inhabitants without access to essential medical services. Many people have died as a result of their inability to obtain prompt medical treatment. Some individuals in Shanghai have spontaneously calculated the number of persons who “did not die from COVID-19 but died as a result of COVID-19.” 

For example, on March 19, Yu Hongsan, a senior notary at the Shanghai Oriental Notary Public Office, died of an asthma attack when an ambulance was not sent quickly enough.

As the situation unfolds over time in China, we can begin to see whats happening a bit more clearly. The ‘Zero COVID’ policy is being used as an excuse to impose tyrannical human rights violations on Chinese citizens. The real risk of death among healthy individuals renders the coveted ‘Zero COVID’ policy useless in terms of moving forward and moving past this “pandemic”. The free press has been under attack in China, particularly Hong Kong since COVID first showed itself in Wuhan. Alongside citizens having their posts and associated comments removed from social media platforms because they don’t fit the narrative.

There is a correlation that can be made between the Chinese Communist Party and the Centers For Disease Control. And that is the CCP underreports its numbers to hide the fact that there is obvious falsification of statistics used solely as an excuse to exercise the incomprehensible power that they hold over their people. Not long ago there was civil unrest running rampant through China, conveniently enough ‘Zero COVID’ policy seems to have quieted down all dissidents. 

As far as the CDC goes, they have to play at a different game; By over-reporting COVID-19 contraction and death statistics, they’re able to coerce citizens into believing that the situation is much more dire than it actually is. Why you might ask? Because we live in a free democratic society that doesn’t require us to cater to our governments every whim. We’re being lied to, it’s as simple as that. Once you come to terms with it, you may have a shot at seeing the next steps being taken by Klaus Schwab and his many neo-communist constituents. Stay inquisitive in the word of God, and the world around you.


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