Watchman: In America 17 Million Households Starving You Can Thank Google and All of Satan Soldiers

HNewsWire: by Tyler Durden President Biden called the latest jobs numbers as “Bidenomics in action.” The elderly president, who sometimes appears to exhibit strong signs of ‘cognitive fog,’ said he “continues to fight to build an economy from the middle out and bottom up.” But working-class Americans know better than to trust the statical magicians at the Bureau of Labor Statistics and, in a recent poll, do not trust the government’s rosy economic news. The distrust is warranted because not even the United States Department of Agriculture can pretend Bidenomics is working anymore. A new report from the agency shows household food insecurity in 2022 soared to levels not seen since Biden was vice president during the Obama administration. USDA found that 87.2% of households were food secure last year. The remaining 12.8% (about 17 million households) were food insecure. This is the…

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Watchman Reports There Are Serious Food Shortages. They Lied to Us, Google, Government, Etc., Satan Soldiers Hate Us, but What the Enemy Intended for Evil, God Would Use for Good

The scarcity of food, the real-time tribulation… All of us would want to think that things will improve and that the US economy is headed toward recovery. Everyone likes to believe that new merchandise is just a few cargo ships away from being placed on the store shelves. NOT… HNewsWire:  People want to believe that once 2020 is over, life will return to “normal” and that we’re just having a really bad year. But someone pointed out an article I published four and a half years ago and when you look at the things which happened there and compare them to our situation, you may notice some uncanny similarities. Here’s how Venezuela ran out of food. In February of 2016, I wrote about what an economic collapse really looks like, using Venezuela as an illustration. Venezuela: The article begins when…

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Watchman Take Note of Food Lines in America: This Level of Idiocy Is Real! Without a Doubt, the Government Will Handle This Issue With Its Typical Flair—That Is, by Making It Worse

HNewsWire: In an effort to address what they see as the region’s rising food insecurity problem, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors overwhelmingly adopted a proposal on November 7 to establish a new Office of Food Equity. Supervisors Lindsey Horvath and Janice Hahn wrote the plan, which aims to strengthen the county’s Food Equity Roundtable—which was founded in 2021 to link food producers with public and private nonprofits. The coalition was financially supported by the Annenberg, California Community, and Weingart foundations. According to Ms. Hahn, the creation of the new organization would allow the county to improve its food system. This is the real deal in foolishness! The government will undoubtedly handle this situation with its signature flair, which is to exacerbate it.   Beautiful automobiles to load up with free food. How many of the people getting free…

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Watchman: Americans Must Leave the Food Industrial Complex and Build Their Own Farms or Buy From Small Mom-And-Pop Ranches

HNewsWire: by Tyler Durden A devastating wildfire ravages parts of the Texas Panhandle, home to more than 85% of the state’s cattle herd. This comes when the nation’s cattle herd has collapsed to a seven-decade low, pushing up retail beef prices at the supermarket to record high levels. Texas A&M Forest Service said the wildfire, called Smokehouse Creek fire, has scorched more than 850,000 acres (344,000 hectares) of grasslands as of Wednesday. Source: Bloomberg  Reuters spoke with state Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller, who warned the wildfire has likely killed tens of thousands of livestock and destroyed grain in storage bins. “It’s almost like gasoline when it goes up,” Miller said, adding, “We have now lost over a million acres. Miller said the wildfire rages in the Panhandle area, where 85% of the state’s herd is located. It’s important to note that…

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Watchman: Imagine a Scenario Where You’ve Diligently Gathered Supplies, Foreseeing a Potential Crisis. However, It’s Important to Note That There Are Regulations in Place Regarding Food Stockpiling, and Authorities Will Intervene to Collect Such Provisions–Our Elected Working For The People

HNewsWire The government forbids food stockpiling, and FEMA will seize your food stockpile if you have been storing food in anticipation of an unexpected crisis. You need to view this if you’ve been hoarding supplies in case of an emergency. The government just quietly approved a rule that gives FEMA the right to seize your food supply. Even worse, they stated that the government could distribute your stockpile to residents who haven’t made preparations. You’ll agree that there’s a lot wrong with that. When did America become a communist nation? And why should being prepared be punished? SRH: Have you ever pondered upon the curious notion of America transforming into a communist state? And who should bear the burden of retribution for their foresight? Fortunately, a courageous individual has revealed this disturbing scheme. Revelation: A Blueprint for the Great Tribulation……...

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Biden Obama’s Band of Satan Soldiers Are Very Successful,Plandemic Working: Inflation Storm Devastates U.S. Households as Fuel, Power, and Food “Become Unaffordable”

HNewsWire: Gasoline has jumped to $5 a gallon on the national average, groceries have risen in price, and utility bills have skyrocketed. Some people in the United States are experiencing what it’s like to live in a developing nation. More and more families are struggling to make ends meet as the cost of living rises. In late April and early May, a Census Bureau study indicated that 31 percent of families found it either very or extremely difficult to pay for their typical household costs, compared to 25 percent at the same time previous year. The poll indicated that nine percent of families occasionally or often did not have enough food, up to seven percent a year earlier. Low-income Americans have the greatest obstacles, since they spend a larger percentage of their income on basics. Low-income families’ monthly budgets now…

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