Biden Obama’s Band of Satan Soldiers Are Very Successful,Plandemic Working: Inflation Storm Devastates U.S. Households as Fuel, Power, and Food “Become Unaffordable”


Gasoline has jumped to $5 a gallon on the national average, groceries have risen in price, and utility bills have skyrocketed. Some people in the United States are experiencing what it's like to live in a developing nation.

More and more families are struggling to make ends meet as the cost of living rises. In late April and early May, a Census Bureau study indicated that 31 percent of families found it either very or extremely difficult to pay for their typical household costs, compared to 25 percent at the same time previous year. The poll indicated that nine percent of families occasionally or often did not have enough food, up to seven percent a year earlier.

Low-income Americans have the greatest obstacles, since they spend a larger percentage of their income on basics. Low-income families' monthly budgets now account for 34% of their total spending, up from 31% a year ago, according to the National Energy Assistance Directors Association (NEADA).

Mark Wolfe, executive director of NEADA, stated, "The cost of electricity is becoming untenable." Overdue power bills already total $22 billion in the United States, which is about twice the $12 billion that is typically owed in a year. All this is happening at a time when home prices are rising at their fastest pace since the early 1990s. It's possible that housing expenses may continue to rise because of the government's sluggishness in tracking this area of the CPI. Wolfe warned that the United States might face "serious suffering." "Budgets for families are being slashed. It's as if they're being taxed inexorably." —Bloomberg

Consumers' discretionary spending on big-ticket purchases is being squeezed by rising food, electricity, and gasoline costs. In the previous several weeks, Target has issued a warning regarding customer behavior changes.

The poll numbers for Satan Soldier Biden are also falling to new lows as the government fails to rein in soaring gas costs despite all the pledges made by legislators to address the energy problem. As the midterm elections approach, this is bad news for Democrats.

Households are crushed by an inflation storm as economic growth declines and stagflation dangers materialize. The Federal Reserve is causing a slump by aggressively tightening monetary policy at the same time as consumers have maxed out their credit cards and spent their savings.

Concerns regarding inflation were raised by Nancy Pelosi at a conference last week to discuss Joe Biden's "Build Back Better" program. After referring to rising gas prices as the "Putin Tax," she proceeded to make one of the most illogical (or deceitful) denials I've ever heard on inflation's causes. She said, ""

"While we're having this debate, it's critical to dissuade some of those who say, well, it's government spending." I'm sorry, but no. Instead of increasing the national debt, government spending is doing quite the opposite. Inflation is not caused by it."

If you know anything about economics and how central banks function, you're probably as shocked as I was when you said it. I'll tell you ahead of time that it's easy to believe Pelosi and even Biden are making these arguments because they don't grasp the principles of debt creation, money velocity, and fiat, but I'll spare you those details for now. As a result, you should never mistake wickedness for ignorance.

All White House spokesmen are prepared by economic experts (spin doctors) before responding any questions about inflation, and their comments are painstakingly rehearsed. Even if Pelosi may have muddled her lies a little, the establishment's tale is well planned. While it's not sensible to claim that money generation is a counterbalance to inflation, it's not meant to convince many people, only to confuse them.

Inflation was originally described as "transitory" by these very same people, who assured the public that there was no cause for alarm. Attempts are being made to hide their relationship with the Federal Reserve and the Federal Reserve's role in the scheme. I believe the goal here is just to gain time till the stagflationary collapse occurs.. These actions, which will have far-reaching repercussions for the United States and Europe (as well as China, given recent trends), have the perfect scapegoat in Russia.

Here are two essential points to consider in light of Pelosi's bizarre remark:

First and foremost, reducing inflation has NO relation to reducing the national debt. If you could accumulate enough assets to pay off the national debt without creating new money, current inflationary worries would remain. " No one can ignore the reality that many millions of dollars have already been printed and are already floating about the world's economy. There is a direct correlation between inflation and the amount of money in circulation. The issue is not the national debt.
It's evident that government spending "reduces the national debt" by paying it down, yet why hasn't the national debt decreased?

The Federal Reserve and the United States government issued about $6 trillion in fiat money in 2020 alone, as the country's debt grew. A direct correlation exists between the quantity of money created by the Federal Reserve to support various stimulus programs and bailouts, and the growth of the national debt. The national debt was at almost $10 trillion at the beginning of the financial crisis in 2008. The time it takes to get to that position is in the hundreds of years. In only 14 years of Fed money creation, the national debt has tripled to more over $30 trillion..

In fewer than 14 years, our national debt has more than doubled because of government expenditures and Fed stimulation. As a result of the massive influx of dollars into the global economy, the purchase power of the dollar has plummeted, leading to an increase in inflation. The more money you have, the less you can buy. That's the way it is.

Russia's use as a scapegoat fails the logic test, as well. It's been stated by Pelosi, Biden, and other left-wing establishment figures that restricting Russian oil shipments to the US causes inflation in a variety of economic sectors, but that stopping Putin's invasion of Ukraine is "vital. It's reasonable to assume that we're significantly reliant on Russian crude. Absolutely not.

The United States imports just 3% of its crude oil from Russia. Thus, restrictions on Russian oil have no effect on the Kremlin and are not responsible for the rise in oil prices. Inflation hit a 40-year high in December of last year, months before the Ukraine conflict erupted. A rise in US interest rates has a much greater impact on oil prices than a conflict in Ukraine.

Finally, I have a message for Nancy Pelosi: Please stop talking, you blood sucking crone, for the sake of all of us. Your propaganda is rife with errors, and the American people are more astute than you think.

Here are some more important topics....

More than simply protecting the Biden administration is at stake in this narrative; the Federal Reserve is also under attack. Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan said unequivocally that the central bank reports to no one, including government agencies. It is widely held that central banks and multinational banks have a major role in determining the policies of governments. If you look at every presidential cabinet, including Trump and Biden, there seems to be a large number of financial elites and members of the Council on Foreign Relations.

In the absence of Joe Biden, who do you think is in charge of the United States of America?

Stagflation crises benefit the establishment elites and globalists tremendously if they can shift the blame elsewhere and avoid being punished by the public. In addition to these benefits, the World Economic Forum's "Great Reset" event serves as a cover for the "New World Order" agenda.

To think that only a few months ago there was a media and government cyclone of covid terror porn raining down on Americans has evaporated without explanation. What exactly happened? The establishment was thwarted, and that's what really occurred. Despite the efforts of conservatives and moderates in red states throughout the United States and across the world, globalists must have decided that they had lost the long-term war. Passports and medical dictatorship are suddenly absent from the discussion.

I realize that some people still feel that the covid program was a success because of the globalists' overestimation of their own abilities. Those people are erroneous. Go to China, where hundreds of millions of people are still subject to lockdowns and no one can do anything without a current vaccination passport or QR code. Vax passports are also utilized in China to monitor the people and as part of their social credit ratings. Despite their best efforts, globalists were unable to accomplish this goal for any country, including the United States of America. As a consequence, we're ready to move on to the next challenge.

Among the many reasons why I'm concerned about stagflation is the likelihood of widespread, devastating poverty. When a target population is so desperate for order and regularity that they are willing to give up their freedoms in exchange, the "order out of chaos" strategy is used. However, what type of limitations may the institution be looking for?

Because of its propensity to raise prices while simultaneously decreasing GDP, wages, employment, manufacturing and so on; stagflation has the potential to be very dangerous. Government price controls, on the other hand, are a very real possibility and would severely curtail production and hence, supply. The danger is growing closer, but we aren't quite there yet.

WFP's Jakob Kern, an emergency coordinator, said Friday that Ukraine's food supply lines were faltering as Russia targeted vital infrastructure like highways, bridges and railroads.

"The food distribution system in the nation is in shambles. Insecurity and driver reluctance have both contributed to a slowdown in the flow of goods." Kern spoke to a Geneva audience via video conference from Krakow, Poland.

Continuing, he said, "Inside Ukraine, our responsibility is mainly to rehabilitate the shattered commercial food supply infrastructure."

Ukraine's primary agricultural exports are corn and wheat. A significant grain exporter to Asia and Africa, Ukraine was also an important source of food for the EU until it was invaded by Russia. Ukraine produced 49.6 percent of the world's sunflower oil, 10 percent of wheat, 12.6 percent of barley, and 15.3 percent of maize.

In 2022, SovEcon projects that Ukraine's grain harvest might plummet by as much as 35 percent, from 41.9 million tons last year to only 27.7 million tons this year, owing to all of the disruptions. According to farmers, supplies of diesel and fertilizer are already at a premium. Additionally, wheat yields are expected to decline in the near future. Some have even speculated that the country's agricultural output may be reduced by half as a result.

According to him, the Ukraine crisis poses a danger of "collateral famine" to nations like Egypt, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Turkey that significantly depend on Ukraine imports since food prices are at an all-time high.

It has been predicted that global food prices might rise an additional 8-20 percent as a result of the deteriorating situation in Ukraine.

Russia's invasion of Ukraine, says the UN's Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food, Michael Fakhri, would likely lead to an increase in hunger and famine throughout the globe.

"Three years ago, global hunger and famine rates began to rise. As a result of the Russian invasion, further sections of the world are now at risk of food shortages and starvation "In a statement, Fakhri announced the news.

There's also the possibility that the United States might be affected.



The Plandemic First Phase Is Now Complete; The Second Phase Will Begin in the Next Days. Politicians All Around the World Will Wage a War of Terror on Their Own People, There Will Be No Mercy Food Crisis Imminent!


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