The National Farmers’ Union Has Warned the UK Is Sleepwalking Into a Food Security Crisis, Up Next Store Closure in America in Play, You Should Thank Google, Fakebook, Biden and All of Satan Soldiers, Plandemic Working !

HNewsWire-According to a Top Biden Economist Who Lives in Lalaland, Farmers Should Increase Crop Production Based on “Price Signals” to Avoid Food Shortages. Only the Very Mentally Sick Would Consider This Concept Worktable.

Humanity will be ruled by a godless man who will preside over an evil political system. In Revelation, the Bible associates this End-Times Ruler with a Terrible Beast, and in Daniel, the Day is Here–Get Ready...

Mr. Trump did not win re-election, giving the American people four years. Now, with Satan Soldiers (Biden), the world will endure around five years of the seven-year tribulation period, with the remaining two years being like none other known to mankind. Know where you stand with the Creator. EARTH'S HEAVEN

God has given them (the wicked) a huge delusion in order for them to believe the lie, and those who have not accepted the truth but have rejoiced in iniquity will be punished" (2 Thessalonians 2:10-12). Simply said, God sends a great deception to those who reject to embrace Christ's message. He will punish those who enjoy offending and rejecting Him.

The National Farmers' Union has warned that the United Kingdom is on the verge of a food security disaster. Soaring energy and fertilizer prices have resulted in an unusual scenario in which farmers' profits have collapsed, forcing many to cease operations.

According to Reuters, this is due to poor weather in the United Kingdom. In enormous greenhouses, farmers cultivate cumbers, peppers, aubergines, and tomatoes. Greenhouses need natural gas to heat themselves, but due to last year's spike in gas costs, which was compounded by Russia's invasion of Ukraine last month, the crops have become unprofitable to grow.

According to British Growers, the average cost of producing a cucumber in Britain before the energy crisis was roughly 25 pence, which has already more than quadrupled and is expected to reach 70 pence when increased energy costs completely kick in.

"With gas costs so high, it's a scary moment," said farmer Tony Montalbano.

"All these years of us working hard to get to where we are, and then it may all be over in a year," Montalbano added.

He said that his 30,000 square meters of glasshouses at Green Acre Salads, which serves major supermarkets such as Tesco, Sainsbury's, and Morrisons, are closed because costs exceed market pricing. In fact, if the farmer grew, he would lose money.

European gas prices have increased by a mind-boggling 500 percent since this time last year.

Fertilizer prices have risen since last year, as have the costs of packing, fuel, freight, personnel, and everything else associated with operating a grow operation.

"We are currently in an unusual scenario where cost hikes have far outstripped a grower's capacity to respond," said Jack Ward, CEO of British Growers.

With many greenhouses shut down, the production of produce for supermarkets would undoubtedly fall, resulting in persistent and, in some cases, increased food inflation at a time when general inflation is at record highs.

To give you a sense of how terrible things are, the Valley Growers Association, whose members produce around 75% of Britain's cucumber and sweet pepper harvest, said that 90% of growers did not plant in January. Others said that they would not expand if gas costs remained high.

"There will surely be a shortage of British products in stores," said association secretary Lee Stiles. "Whether there is a general shortage of food depends on where and how far away merchants are willing to obtain it from."

The UK may boost product imports, but governments throughout the globe are enacting protectionist measures to retain agricultural commodities locally to reduce shortages caused by the Ukraine crisis, which is upsetting the global food supply.

The United Kingdom, like many other nations throughout the globe, is sleepwalking towards a food catastrophe.

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According to a Top Biden Economist Who Lives in Lalaland, Farmers Should Increase Crop Production Based on “Price Signals” to Avoid Food Shortages. Only the Very Mentally Sick Would Consider This Concept Worktable

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As we previously said, the ""Media Isn't Warning You" That the United States Is Heading Towards a Food Crisis," maybe the White House should emphasis its efforts on securing local supplies before selling agricultural commodities overseas. Food riots are the last thing Biden needs before the midterm elections this year. During the future tribulation period, the world will be ruled by a godless man presiding over an evil governmental system. The Bible associates this end-times ruler with a terrible beast in Revelation and in Daniel.


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