Pestilence in Godless China Again: Orderlies, Nurses and Doctors, We’re All Infected,China’s Quarantine Facilities, WSJ Reported That an Unknown Number of Bodies Had Been Removed From the Facility

HNewsWire-Pestilence strikes godless China once more: orderlies, nurses, and physicians are all infected, according to China's quarantine institutions. According to the WSJ, an undetermined number of remains were taken from the facility.

As local authorities in Shanghai prepare to begin the second phase of the Shanghai lockdown, the western press has seized on reports that the death toll from the omicron-driven outbreak in China's most populous city (and its financial capital) has been even higher than authorities have let on - the latest indication that the numbers released by China's public-health authorities have been sanitized, and that the true scope of the outbreak is even greater than believed.

An epidemic at a Shanghai home for the elderly has killed a few people in recent days, fatalities that haven't been reflected in official data, which haven't recorded any deaths among the city's hundreds of institutions for the elderly.

The WSJ stated, citing a group of orderlies who had been taken to one of China's quarantine facilities, that an unknown number of bodies had been evacuated from the facility, which had at least 100 positive cases among its inmates.

Of course, hiding fatalities in the city's nursing homes may ring a bell with Americans, who recall former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo's purposeful under-reporting of the number of deaths in the Empire State's nursing homes during the initial months of the epidemic.

One of the orderlies who talked with WSJ in Shanghai claimed they were charged with dressing the corpse of a deceased patient, an order that made them worry for their safety. "I was terrified to death. 'Look, look, they are for dead corpses,' I remarked "Another orderly recalled seeing a half-dozen hearses parked outside the hospital gate late at night.

However, the orderlies were not the only people who talked with the WSJ (speaking with members of the foreign press is, of course, discouraged by the CCP, and these individuals spoke out at great personal risk). Separately, the son of a patient at the hospital informed a friend that his father had died within the last week, and that others who had visited the facility reported seeing the remains of at least a dozen dead patients.

In recent days, more least a half-dozen individuals on many of China's main social-media sites have also submitted posts claiming unrecorded fatalities at the hospital. According to another orderly, a startling number of clinicians and personnel at the hospital were affected."We're all infected, orderlies, nurses, and physicians," she remarked.

Shanghai Donghai Hospital has been in operation for 20 years and is operated by a state-owned food conglomerate. It has 1,800 beds and an orthopedics section that also handles younger patients. By capacity, it is the city's largest elder-care facility, and it recorded zero COVID infections in 2021. But why would local governments try to conceal the number of illnesses and fatalities if they're already imposing lockdowns?

As Nikkei reported on Thursday, the reputations of senior local officials are under jeopardy, therefore they're doing all they can to conceal the gravity of the problem in order to save their reputations. With the National Party Congress slated for later this year, Shanghai Communist Party secretary Li Qiang hopes to be appointed to China's most powerful policy-making body, the Politburo Standing Committee. He is regarded as one of President Xi's closest friends, and before to the lockdown, he was set to go to Beijing and become vice premier in charge of the economy. Unfortunately for him, it seems that the lockdown has disturbed such preparations.

Those within the party who oppose President Xi's power grab (the party's supreme leader is expected to win a third term as leader during the party Congress this fall, making him the first leader since Chairman Mao to exceed the limit of two five-year terms) are now hoping to use the situation in Shanghai to block Li's promotion, depriving Xi of an important ally in the Politburo.

One local official told ABC News that the city's administration failed to fully prepare, reflecting the outpouring of public fury fueled by the Shanghai lockdown (as supplies of food and medicine have become more stretched).

Ma Chunlei, a top Shanghai official, said that the city's reaction had flaws. Authorities have scrambled to increase food delivery to the city after frantic shopping depleted store stocks. "We didn't prepare well enough," Ma said. "We honestly appreciate the public's comments and are working hard to fix it."

Meanwhile, the city of Shanghai was ready to reopen its eastern half while closing its western half as the staggered 9-day lockdown continued. While Shanghai's lockdown has delayed manufacturing productivity (a result of lockdowns around China), officials in Jilin Province (the location of China's largest epidemic since Wuhan) have opted to remove a lockdown. Locals will be permitted to roam around freely starting tomorrow, albeit they must wear masks and remain 1 meter (3 feet) apart inside. It is illegal to hold public meetings in parks and squares.



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