Watchman: The Biden/Obamanation/Nazi Soros/Anti-Christ Google Admin is a Reign of Terror Unlike Anything the United States Has Ever Known, and It Will Get Worse. Arrested Recently J 6. Defendant Passes Away Three Additional Defendants From the Jan. 6 Case Have Passed Away—These Killers Are Professional Satan Soldiers—Judgement Day for Satan Soldiers is Very Close

HNewsWire: So far, four people have died because of this over zealous, unfair, cruel, and pointless witch hunt of mostly innocent people who did small crimes. Disgrace and shame. They (Satan Soldiers DC are guilty of murder. Whoever controls the Democrats will finally kill a lot of people if they get enough power, because that’s what communists always do. They will kill anyone who doesn’t agree with their ideology. This includes the Democrats, who at the time meant well but didn’t know they were being used as “useful idiots” to set up a dictatorship. History doesn’t repeat itself, but it does rhyme, and it is doing that right now. The only way to fix the country is for people to turn back to God, but most people, even Republicans, don’t want to hear that. Before the cops use rubber bullets…

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Watchman: Google Destroys Everything It Touches. Look Around: America Has No History Or Foundation And They Are Ungodly Liars

HNewsWire: by Tyler Durden The complete and total destruction of San Francisco and the surrounding area, consisting of streets overrun by drug addicts and corporations and retail establishments simply giving up on the city, is almost finished. Thanks, liberals! The latest chapter in the once great city’s demise came this week when Google pulled out of a $15 billion investment in Santa Clara County that would have built 15,000 homes, according to Gizmodo. The report notes that Google and Lendlease have jointly terminated their $15 billion deal, originally struck in 2019, to develop housing and commercial spaces in Sunnyvale, San Jose, and Mountain View, the latter being the home base for the tech giant. The ‘Downtown West’ project in San Jose was set to feature 4,000 affordable housing units, sufficient office space for 20,000 workers, a 300-room hotel, and 10 parks. Instead,…

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Watchman: Google Poses a Serious Threat to Our Democracy–Google Is Either Evil and the Most Incompetent Search Engine on the Planet, or It Is Intentional

HNewsWire: What High-Tech Do-Gooders Have Ignored There Are No Laws or Rules in the World They Have Created, Artificial Intelligence Will Eventually Eat Their Own, and Anyone Who Has Contributed to Humanity’s Undoing, Mad-Mix During the Troubles, Enjoy… The high-tech conglomerates (HYPER-REPROBATES) decided to target God’s children (Christians). You wreaked havoc on yourself and your high-tech enterprises. It’s astonishing how wrong you can be when biblical truth dumbs you down. For thousands of years, God’s word has survived tyrants, but you CEOs have missed the most important part of life: God’s plan for humanity. Google altered the regulations that it had established for itself. Google’s reputation and multibillion-dollar business were based on the promise of its “don’t be evil” credo. According to a new accusation from the right-wing Media Research Center, Google is hiding search results for 2024 presidential hopefuls,…

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Watchman: If You Really Want to Know What Is Going On, Read MSM News and Google Articles Upside Down

HNewsWire: People Die From Lack of Truth, Google, YouTube, and the Social Media Platforms Are Guilty of Misleading the American People, Hell-On Earth These ungodly behemoths are guilty bias towards Christian and Conservative people… Recently, Chad Robichaux, a Force Reconnaissance Marine and founder of the Mighty Oaks Foundation, which helps military veterans dealing with PTSD, explained on social media that ads posted through Google Ads with the keyword “Christian” included were not allowed. Robichaux tested whether this applied to all religious language and references but found that the term “Muslim” was accepted by Google Ads with no issues. Robichaux’s initial tweet showing the “Christian” term being refused can be seen below: Robichaux then attempted to use the term “Muslim” which was accepted by Google Ads: Robichaux appeared on Breitbart News Tonight on Tuesday to discuss the incident and the other forms of censorship……...

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