Trump Supporters Should Be Terrified About Their Bank Accounts Being Frozen, According to Canada’s Justice Minister

Tribulation In Full Play

David Lametti, Canada's Justice Minister, said Trump supporters who gave to the Canadian Freedom Convoy should be "concerned" about their bank accounts being frozen.

After comparing someone financially supporting the truckers to backing a terrorist movement, Lametti made the filthy remark during an interview with CTV.

"You just made a comparison between folks who might have donated to this and people who might be sponsoring a terrorist," the reporter said.

"Sir, I just want to be clear. Many people say things like, "Look, I really don't like your vaccine mandates and I donated to this; now that it's unlawful, should I be concerned that my bank account will be frozen?" "How do you respond to that?"

"Well, I believe if you're part of a pro-Trump movement and you're donating hundreds of thousands of dollars or millions of dollars to this kind of thing, you should be concerned," Lametti answered.

The Trudeau government warned earlier this week that under an emergency powers statute, anyone who supported or donated to the Freedom Convoy protest might have their bank account frozen.

"It's all about the money," says the narrator. During a press conference on Monday, Trudeau's Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland said, "This is about preventing the financing of these illegal blockades." "Your corporate accounts will be suspended if your truck is utilized in these illegal blockades," says the letter.

Truckers protesting vaccine mandates were also threatened with losing their licenses if they continued to join in the event, according to Lametti.

The GiveSendGo hack was sparked by the Canadian government's portrayal of the trucker protest as an extremist movement, revealing the names of 90,000 people who donated to the Freedom Convoy.

Media sources such as the CBC and the Washington Post took advantage of this, spending the previous several days finding and harassing anyone on the leaked list who had donated.

Even far-left Congresswoman Ilhan Omar spoke out against the practice, calling it "unconscionable.

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Representatives of Health Canada (HC) and the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) were as of late coordinated not to offer viewpoints “basic” of the national government through a division wide email sent from their common chief general of HR, with regards to continuous fights in Ottawa and other Canadian urban communities against COVID-19 limitations. The email order included dis-allowance against articulation of any perspectives “contradictory” with government COVID-19 restrictions. It read: This message is also to remind you that Health Canada (HC) and Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) employees, like all public servants, are expected to maintain impartiality and objectivity of the public service. Regardless of your opinion on these events, as a public servant, you are expected to refrain from expressing opinions on social media or engaging in outside activities that can be seen to impair your ability to…

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Alberta and Saskatchewan’s premiers, along with 16 U.S. governors, have signed a letter requesting both nations’ federal governments to immediately repeal vaccine mandates for cross-border truckers. The letter’s authors urged Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and US President Joe Biden to immediately reinstate previous cross-border truck driver immunization and quarantine exemptions. “We recognize the critical role of vaccines in the fight against COVID-19 and will continue to encourage all who are eligible to get vaccinated.” “However, we are gravely concerned that ending these exemptions has had demonstrably detrimental consequences for the North American supply chain, the cost of living, and people’s access to basic products in both of our nations,” the letter signed on Feb. 16 states. In a tweet on Feb. 16, Alberta Premier Jason Kenney said the vaccine mandate is “poor public health theatre” that “has to go.”…

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Lawmakers in the United States and All Over the Planet Censured the Canadian Government After It Declared It Would Use Anti-terrorism Laws to Subdue a Peaceful Protest of Its Own Citizens, Hitler Play Book

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Politicians in the United States and around the world censured the Canadian government after it announced it would utilize anti-terrorism laws to subdue a peaceful dissent of its own citizens. “We are broadening the extent of Canada’s anti-money laundering and fear monger financing rules, with the goal that they cover crowdfunding platforms and the payment specialist organizations they use,” said Canadian appointee state head Chrystia Freeland at a question and answer session yesterday. Protestors show their help for the Freedom Convoy of transporters who are making their way to Ottawa to challenge COVID-19 kill shots vaccine mandates by the Canadian government on Thursday, Jan. 27, 2022, in Vaughan. “These changes cover all types of transactions including digital assets like cryptographic forms of money.” “The blockades have featured the fact that crowdfunding platforms and a portion of the payment specialist organizations…

Massive Protests Along U.S Canadian Border Against Vaccine Mandates.

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The Freedom Convoy, a protest against government mandates, is being led by a group of over 10,000 Canadian truckers, who will be joined by hundreds or thousands of American truckers. Thousands of truckers have decided to protest and will gather in Ottawa on Jan. 15 to try to stop the mandates after the Public Health Agency of Canada announced that foreign truck drivers can only enter Canada if they are fully vaccinated, and the US Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) announced similar requirements for non-US national truckers crossing into the US on Jan. 22. After the founders of Freedom Fighter Nation, Attorney Leigh Dundas and her paralegal and personal assistant Maureen Steele, received the news and began organizing in the United States, U.S. truckers quickly joined the protesting efforts. On January 23, truckers in western Canada began mobilizing. Long lines…

As Pestilence Continued to Sweep the Globe, Mankind Continues to Poke God in the Eye, a Strong Delusion Has Been Placed on the Ungodly Revelation 2:23 I will kill her children with Death, and all the assemblies will know that I am he who searches the minds and hearts. I will give to each one of you according to your deeds…


Putin: The Kremlin officially tweets: “We advise the Ukrainians to set their alarms so that they do not miss our invasion of Ukraine.”😂😂😂


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