Un Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon Told Europe That the Migrant Crisis Would Be “Hell on Earth” if It Went On. in the Midst of a Global Food Shortage

It Should Be Noted That the U.N. is Becoming More Vocal in Their Efforts to Become the Top Government Agency That Controls All Disputes Around the World, the NWO is Taking Shape, and Real Hell on Earth is Coming to Life

HNewsWire-To Redistribute ‘Power and Wealth’, There Is One Small Detail Guterres Has Left Out, the U.N. Will be a Big Part of the Antichrist Appearance on the World Stage, the Correct Description Would Be to Enslave the Masses Into a Life of Hell on Earth, Full Throttle Tribulations…

As You Read This Article Keep In Mind The AntiChirst Has ALL The Answers, The day that the Antichrist is revealed will be the most fearful and confusing day imaginable.  Even to Christians who know what is happening and look forward to the coming of Christ, it will still be a shock to experience the Antichrist’s rise.

This is what a senior UN official says: If Europe doesn't pay for more food aid, it will be "Hell on Earth."

If Europe doesn't pay for the food of the poor, they will have to deal with another migrant crisis. This is the ultimatum from the head of the UN's World Food Program.

The warning comes as the global organization struggles to pay for the food it gives to famine-stricken parts of the world because of the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine, which is causing food prices to rise around the world.

In a report by POLITICO, a top official from the food program says that the project is in danger, and Europe needs to pay more money for the UN group or face a huge migration crisis. This is what the report says:

People who work for the World Food Bank say they're "billions short." You're going to have famine, instability, and mass migration if you don't give extra money this year.

Ex-governor: "If you think we have Hell on Earth now, just get ready," he said. If we don't pay attention to northern Africa, northern Africa will come to Europe. If we don't pay attention to the Middle East, the Middle East is going to come to Europe.

That doesn't mean Europe is only at risk of a migration crisis because of the ongoing food crisis. It's also at risk of a lot of other things. He painted a picture of mass unrest in Africa, Europe, and the United States because of the ongoing crisis.

The man asked, "What do you think will happen in Paris, Chicago, and Brussels when there isn't enough food?" Putting on your high horse in your ivory tower is easy if you aren't the one who is hungry.

In Beasley's dire ultimatum, he says that if you don't do what he says, you'll die. This is in line with the predictions of other experts.

Ukraine, which is also known as the breadbasket of Europe, produces a lot of wheat. Both Ukraine and Russia have about 30% of the world's wheat market share.

Also, both countries play a big role in the production of fertilizer and exporting it. Without it, the yields of crops could be cut by up to 50% in Sweden, for example,

However, because of the ongoing conflict, most exports have stopped. Russian ships are said to have blocked Ukrainian ships from entering the Black Sea and supplying the world.

Experts say that a global food crisis is very likely, and that famine could happen in parts of the world that are most at risk.

The UN's special rapporteur on the right to food says that for the last three years, global rates of hunger and famine have been going up all over the world. It's possible that famine and starvation could happen soon in more places around the world now that Russia has taken over.

Things aren't looking good for the World Food Program, though. Ukraine used to be the program's single biggest source of food in 2021, and the overall rise in food prices has left the program with big budget shortfalls that Beasley is now desperate to get Europe to help fill.

Ex-governor: Even though it will be another expense for the continent at a time when money is tight, he says that the bloc doesn't have much else to do.

"You'll pay for it a hundred times over if you don't," he said.

We are hard-pressed on every side, yet not crushed; we are perplexed, but not in despair; 9. persecuted, but not forsaken; struck down, but not destroyed— 10. always carrying about in the body the dying of the Lord Jesus, that the life of Jesus also may be manifested in our body. 11. For we who live are always delivered to death for Jesus’ sake, that the life of Jesus also may be manifested in our mortal flesh.

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SRH:The Truth Is Being Kept From the American People, There’s Going to Be a Hard Landing, Google Is a Statistic Tyrant Hand-Picked by the New World Order…

By Shadow Banning, our social media platforms continue to hide the truth from the American people. They Have People's Blood on Their Hands, So Enjoy Reprobates

The farther a society deviates from the truth, the more powerful the illusion that replaces it will become. "It is preferable to be divided by truth than than unified by error." It is preferable to express the truth, which hurts but then heals, rather than the lie, which soothes but then kills.

Today's watchman is tasked with speaking the Lord's message from inside the court and launching an internal criticism. Listen up, Twitter, Facebook, and Google, as well as you judges who break God's rules, you so-called Supreme Court justices who violate the people's religious conscience: the time is short: They twisted justice amongst themselves (v. 7): "You make your administrations of justice bitter and nauseating, and very displeasing to both God and man." That fruit has become a weed in the garden; just as nothing is more venerable, more priceless, than properly administered justice, nothing is more harmful, nothing more odious, than purposefully committing evil under the color and pretext of doing good. Corruptio optimi est pessima —When the best is corrupted, the worst emerges. Power corrupts, and it has always done so......

Where in the Bible do we locate Watchman, and especially, where in the Bible do we find them? Where do they live, both physically and socially?

Watchman is simple to distinguish based on common American notions. Check the wilderness and woodlands, since Watchman is continually challenging the system from the outside. Look for the shaggy, frantic, wild-eyed dude in a hair shirt rather than an Armani suit. Pay attention to the guy who screams and whose personal habits disgrace polite society. The Watchman's signature emotion is rage, and the jeremiad is his signature genre. The Watchman belongs in Flannery O'Connor's jagged universe rather than John Updike's elegant one. From the Romantic era on, radicals have dressed in the mantle of the Watchman, inspired by this idea of the prophetic outsider.

"Man will eventually be controlled by God or by tyrants," stated Benjamin Franklin, a founding father of the United States. The effect of a civilization abusing its democratic authority is chaos and devastation.

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