Watchman: HNewsWire Won’t Provide Any Coverage for Fauci, the Monster of Lies, Until He Is Imprisoned. The Obituary for That Person Has Been Released

 SRH: Using a Typical Face Mask Is Like Putting a Petri Dish on Your Face.


Anthony Fauci, a former chief medical adviser to the White House, stated on Sunday that it is unlikely that any government mask restrictions will be adopted, but he did say that recommendations might be made.

"I can see that if we get a significant uptick in cases, you may see the recommendation that masks be used under certain circumstances and in crowded indoor settings, but I don't see there'd be certainly no federal mandates," he said on Sunday morning, adding that he would be "extremely surprised."

"There might be local organizations that demand masks, but I believe what we'll largely see is that as the number of cases increases, there might be recommendations rather than regulations. There is a significant difference there, said Dr. Fauci.

Three years after the pandemic began in the United States, the ABC host Jonathan Karl grilled the former longstanding director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases about the effectiveness of wearing masks. He enquired about Dr. Fauci on a number of recent studies that claimed the virus is not contained by masking.

In response, Dr. Fauci asserted that several of the studies, including a current one released by the Cochrane Library, had been misinterpreted. Without going into any detail, the former health official claimed that it has been "quoted a lot and is causing a lot of confusion."

This is so absurd that it defies belief. Let me be clear on this. Masks do not work, according to engineers and scientists who have been trained to analyze physical barriers to contaminants and contagions for decades. Like Groundhog Day, it seems.Fauci will probably force us to adopt his mass formation psychosis if we don't already. terrible "leaders".

I think the majority of Americans are quite tired of it all. This time, spreading fear won't be effective. folks who received the vaccine and are now experiencing pain are folks I personally know. Let the lying end! Stop the anxiety. I hope our 'government' understands that we're done! We are rising up and making a strong effort to respond (peacefully). The conventional face mask is like putting a Petri dish on your face.

He ought to spend the remainder of his sad life behind bars. He broke the law by lying under oath. He continues to try to influence people while hiding his behind.

• Children who wear masks are exposed to six times the safe limit of carbon dioxide, according to a study:

Added 30 Studies:

In the case of COVID-19, masks are worthless.
Abandon compliance.
• 10.11012021.05.18.21257385v1.full-text at
• Pubmed:29395560 (
• 32590322 (
• 15340662 (
• Pubmed:31159777 (
• PMC4420971/
• 10.11012020.04.01.20049528v1 (
• 10.11012020.03.30.20047217v2 (
• 10.1056/NEJMp2006372 (
• https://content.188/8/
• PMC5779801/
• 19216002 (
• PMC4420971/
• Article found at
• 0195-6701(91)90148-2/pdf (
• Annrcse01509-0009.pdf, available at:
• Web Archive 202

There are more than 40 studies that demonstrate masks are not COVID-19 protective.
In actuality, masks are hazardous because they filter healthy oxygen and encourage the breathing of dangerous CO2, which weakens the immune system. 🛑
Promote our channel: (• •747 research (CDC and PubMed) indicate the ineffectiveness of COVIDD and D masks, and 32 further studies support their detrimental impacts on health. • More than 150 comparative research and papers on the hazards and inefficacy of masks are available at
• Masks are Dangerous: 17 Ways They Can Be Dangerous llll •
20 medical reasons why face masks are harmful and ineffective 20 medical reasons why face masks are harmful and ineffective are listed at
•Face masks are not effective, not even in hospitals, according to more than a dozen reliable medical research. • Following an AB test, dozens of harmful bacteria were discovered in non-masks. Here is the list:A group of parents brought their children's face masks to a lab for analysis; here is what they discovered d-n2591047 (

It takes incredible gall for an avaricious glory hound to ever appear in public again! As far as I can tell, he was at least a major contributor to the Corona virus/vax carnage.
He needs to crawl back into a septic tank with all the cash he made from his methodical, well-planned ruse.

Go Back to your Garbage, you useful liar, go away from us and come back to your cellar with P O T U S. This did not work out as you had anticipated. You're still defending your BS at this point. Even the most gullible person may detect your lies. Not the most dense, perhaps. In their cars, some people are still hiding behind masks.


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Watchman: All of Satan’s Solders Are Feeble, Weak Men Infected With the World’s Worst Sin Virus? Gates, Fauci, and Trudeau Are All Completely Devoid of Conscience. Bill Gates, Please Go to Hell. You Are a Demon. The Good News Is That You Will Not Live Indefinitely. The Bad News Is That You Are a Megalomaniac Who Is Still Causing Harm to Humanity

By StevieRay Hansen | September 10, 2023 |

HNewsWire: Gates uses his privileged position at the New York Times to push for the establishment of a Global Health Emergency Corps, which would be housed at the World Health Organization and run by the same individuals who were responsible for the current plandemic response. In other words, it would be the center of the world government pushing for more global lockdowns-lockdowns while the world awaits a new batch of vaccines. If you can believe it, he made the previous mess with no lessons learned. He is, in fact, utterly shameless about it. According to him, the only issue is that we didn’t secure the area quickly enough, distribute kill Shot vaccines quickly enough, and carry out sufficient research beforehand to create the ideal Kill Shots. And yes, gain-of-function research is unavoidably required for this. In other words, according to…

Watchman: Bird Flu H5N1 Has Been Weaponized: Psychopath Anthony Fauci, Director of the National Institutes of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) Has Funded Gain of Function Research With the Intention to Make H5N1 Transmissible to Humans, as Has Global Vaccine Profiteer Satan Soldier Bill Gates, Baden-Mayer and the U.S. Government

By StevieRay Hansen | September 9, 2023 |

HNewsWire: As news of the COVID epidemic fades, we’re now seeing signs of another pandemic emerging – bird flu, sometimes known as avian influenza. Here’s what you should know before you panic. Overview of the story As the COVID epidemic draws to a close, we’re seeing reports of a new pandemic brewing: bird flu, sometimes known as avian influenza (H5N1) Natural bird flu is known to be harmless to people, but for many years, Bill Gates and Dr. Anthony Fauci have supported research to generate a bird flu virus capable of infecting humans. Some of that research has been carried out in biolabs supported by the Pentagon in Ukraine. Dr. Yoshihiro Kawaoka’s research was supported by Gates, who combined the bird flu virus with the 2009 H1N1 (swine flu) virus to create an airborne hybrid capable of entirely bypassing the…

Watchman: Former Director of National Intelligence Admits Fauci Lied About Gain of Function Research: Watchman Knows Government Lied to the People

By StevieRay Hansen | August 28, 2023 |

HNewsWire: Only two years ago numerous alternative media sources including Zero Hedge were accused of spreading “conspiracy theories” and false information relating to the origins of the Covid-19 virus. Specifically, anyone who dared to suggest that the Level 4 virology lab in Wuhan, China (right across town from covid ground zero) might be the source of the outbreak, faced outright censorship on social media. The question many people should have been asking is: “Why?” – Why was the censorship so aggressive over clearly reasonable investigations into Wuhan lab operations? Not only that, but why were the denials and spin from officials like Anthony Fauci so swift?  Why not simply examine the evidence instead of dismissing it out of hand? The real reason for the campaign to silence discussion on the Wuhan lab becomes evident as the connections between Fauci, the…

The losing streak of the misinformant or misinterpreter who is no longer in authority increases. The fact that he disagrees with the findings of a Cochrane Study reveals him to be the pompous, self-serving charlatan that he always was and always will be.


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