Watchman: The Stasi Was Sure on Their Toes This Week. I’m Sure the Central Committee Is Very Proud of Them. We’ll All Sleep Better Knowing They’re Dragging Lawless (Ashli Babbitt’s Mother) Dissident Citizens off to Detention for Parking Violations. Yes Siree. Well Done, Corrupt Reprobates

Antifa and BLM can block roadways AND 8 LANE HIGHWAYS (which they did in my city), in addition to vandalizing and burning buildings and cars and nothing happens to them. Or IF any WERE arrested, they were immediately released

HNewsWire: Is it permissible to protest? What is this, a college campus with "free speech" zones? Do we need more evidence that we are living in a police state?

Wait. Let me get this straight. Antifa and BLM can block roadways AND 8 LANE HIGHWAYS (which they did in my city), in addition to vandalizing and burning buildings and cars and nothing happens to them. Or IF any WERE arrested, they were immediately released. CHARGES DROPPED.

Then we have a mother, who was arrested and charged for peacefully walking in a roadway so she could lay flowers for her daughter and others who died at the very place she was not allowed to enter. This inversion of law enforcement is revolting and disgraceful. Our country is going to hell in a handbasket quickly, as it has been "their" plan all along.

THE CAPITAL GROUNDS ARE OWNED BY THE PEOPLE. J6 was a federal entrapment operation. BLM and Antifa, two Democratic operatives, burned cities and private property and murdered people. This country requires a good populist uprising. Its coming. US or the evil Communists?

Micki Witthoeft, the mother of Ashli Babbitt, was stopped near the U.S. Capitol on Friday afternoon. She was charged with breaking two traffic rules around the Capitol.

The detention took place during a demonstration on the second anniversary of the deaths of Babbitt and three other Americans on Jan. 6, 2021. Witthoeft, 58, told The Epoch Times she was there to honor her daughter, who died two years ago after being shot by U.S. Capitol Police (USCP) Lt. Michael Byrd.

Witthoeft was arrested around 1:45 p.m. local time by officers from the U.S. Capitol Police and charged with having violated two traffic regulations (pdf)—16.3.20 Obey An Order and 16.3.40 Blocking And Obstructing Roadways, the USCP announced in a release.

"As is typical for this charge, Ms. Witthoeft was processed and released this afternoon after being given a citation to appear in court at a later date," the USCP stated.

The USCP stated that the group "did not have a permit to demonstrate on Capitol Grounds."

"Officers established a clear police line to prevent the group from moving further west on Independence Avenue, SW," per the release. "The officers and officials told the group to get out of the road or the group would be arrested." "The sidewalk was open."

The USCP said that Witthoeft was "given multiple warnings to get off the road," but instead of doing so, she "refused to leave, turned around with her hands behind her back, and asked to be arrested."

"I Was There to Honor My Daughter."

Witthoeft told The Epoch Times that she and the group saw that the Capitol grounds had been fenced off.

"They were letting people in, but they would not let us in because we had flags, so I chose to walk down the street that was blocked off with my flags," she recounted.

"When we turned the corner, more of the sidewalk was blocked off, and our option was to walk on the side fence or to cross the street, where we could not lay flowers. So I chose to walk along the road so I could lay flowers for the four people who died that day—my daughter being one of them.

"When I did not move out of the road, I was arrested and cuffed up by a really angry, aggressive Capitol Police officer, who left wounds on my arm from handcuffing me."

A video posted to Twitter by News2Share producer Ford Fischer showed that Capitol Police Lt. Ryan Schauf was the officer who arrested Witthoeft.

The video showed that at the time, Witthoeft was holding a rose and was being told to move to the sidewalk. Another woman was with her and was holding a sign with Ashli Babbitt’s name on it. The woman was trying to talk to one of the officers, but the officer told them: "You’re not obeying traffic laws. You can move to the sidewalk or you’re being placed under arrest." We’re not discussing it. "Sidewalk, now, or you’re under arrest; it’s that simple."

Following the officer’s remarks, Witthoeft was seen handing the rose she was holding to the woman. She then turned her back to the officers and held two hands behind her back, as though ready to be handcuffed.

When asked what she was thinking when she decided to be arrested instead of moving out of the road with the other demonstrators, Witthoeft told The Epoch Times: "I was there to honor my daughter, and they were trying to make that impossible by their barricades and their failure to admit us to the Capitol grounds—and they were admitting everybody around us."

"I just wanted to lay some flowers for my daughter and for Rosanne, Kevin, and Benjamin."

"God bless America," she added. "Free the Jan. 6’ers."

Four Americans died on Jan. 6, 2021, amid the mayhem that took place that day on Capitol grounds: Babbitt, Rosanne Boyland, Kevin Greeson, and Benjamin Phillips.

Babbitt’s death was ruled a homicide. Paul Sperry and RealClearInvestigations, in late 2021, identified Byrd as the person who shot Babbitt prior to her death.

The deaths of Greeson and Phillips were determined to be due to natural causes. Meanwhile, Boyland's death was ruled an accident, but video released in December 2021 revealed that she was hit by a police officer while unconscious near the Capitol Building.

The joint session of Congress on Jan. 6, 2021, was temporarily interrupted when a sizable group of protesters entered the Capitol building and its surrounds. Thousands of other mostly peaceful protesters had gathered in Washington that day to express their concerns about election integrity.

As of late December, more than 900 individuals had been dealt charges by the Department of Justice, accusing them of having committed federal crimes on Jan. 6, 2021. More than 480 of them have pleaded guilty to one or more charges. Dozens of Americans continue to be held in prison without trial. when the government becomes the enemy of the People….



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