Watchman’s Daily Devotional: At Times, God Employs the Most Unlikely Individuals to Ensure That People Acknowledge His Divine Intervention.


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Judges 6:24

24 Then Gideon constructed an altar in that place dedicated to the LORD, naming it The LORD Is Peace. Even now, it remains in Ophrah, a place that is owned by the Abiezrites.

A divine presence manifested itself to Gideon, entrusting him with the responsibility of guiding his people in a battle against the Midianites. Gideon wondered, “Why me?” He mentioned that his clan was considered the most vulnerable within the tribe, and he considered himself to be the least significant member of his family. Perhaps there was a mistake made by a higher power.

He was assured of divine presence, as the LORD promised, “I will be by your side!” That truly changes everything. There is a prevailing belief that the presence of God and the support of even one person can greatly influence any situation. Occasionally, it is through the most unexpected individuals that the divine presence becomes evident, revealing that a higher power is at work.

Gideon kindly requested the angel’s presence, offering him a meal. He was instructed by a celestial being to place the meat and bread upon a sturdy rock and gently pour the savory broth over them. Then, the angel gently touched it with the tip of his staff, and a mesmerizing flame emerged from the rock, swiftly engulfing the meal. The angel disappeared.

Gideon came to the realization that he had been engaged in a profound conversation. He felt a deep sense of trepidation as he contemplated the fact that no mortal could lay eyes upon the divine presence and survive, as stated in Exodus 33:20. Gideon received a comforting message from the LORD, assuring him of his safety and urging him to remain calm and courageous. Gideon had a profound encounter with the pre-incarnate Son of God, Jesus (Colossians 1:15). Gideon named the altar he constructed YHWH Shalom, which means “The LORD is Peace.” Heeding the divine call, he found solace in his own heart, despite the impending war.

Tranquility resides not in external circumstances, but rather in the innermost depths of the soul, entwined with a higher power. Uncertainty is the absence of tranquility. Are you familiar with the Lord Jesus as a source of peace? This sacred name of God is one that we should turn to when fear overwhelms our hearts. In times of great difficulty, hold on to your firm faith in a higher power.

Take this into account: Instead of waiting for the circumstances to shift, seek peace even when everything seems overwhelming. Find solace in “The Lord is Peace.” Having unwavering trust in his presence is the ultimate source of fulfillment.



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