Both the United States and the United Kingdom Have Officially Said That There Would Be No “Boots on the Ground” in Ukraine, Although This Is Not the Case. More Untruths From Our So-Called Leader

HNewsWire-A French journalist who returned from Ukraine with volunteer fighters told CNews the Americans are directly "in control" of the ground fighting.

Georges Malbrunot, Le Figaro's senior foreign reporter, made the claim.

Malbrunot said that he had previously fought with two French volunteers against ISIS.

"I was surprised, as were others, to learn that to be allowed to join the Ukrainian army, well, it's the Americans who are in control," Malbrunot said.

The journalist went on to say that he and the volunteers were "nearly detained" by the Americans, who claimed to be in command. They were then compelled to sign a contract "till the conclusion of the conflict," according to the journalist.

"And who is in command?"

It's the Americans' fault. "I witnessed it with my own eyes," Malbrunot said, adding, "I believed I was with the international brigades, and then I found myself facing the Pentagon."

Malbrunot also claimed that the US was supplying Ukraine with switchblade suicide drones, which Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin confirmed on Twitter. Ukrainian troops were using the drones near Biloxi, Mississippi, where they were being trained.

Malbrunot also tweeted, citing a French intelligence source, that British SAS forces "have been present in Ukraine from the beginning of the conflict, as have the American Deltas."

Other nations' commandos, who have been in the region since February, are engaged in a "secret battle" in Ukraine.

Both the US and the UK have officially said that there would be no "boots on the ground" in Ukraine, although there seems to have been a US-UK military presence from the beginning of the conflict.

"Polls revealed that the vast majority of Americans wanted our government to remain out of it in the run-up to the conflict, but our leaders know better and are more than willing to risk World War III in support of Ukraine's puppet state," says Chris Menahan.



SRH: Nothing lasts as long as a government program that is only in place for a limited time.

Sources: ZeroHedge   HNewsWire   HNewsWire   HNewsWire

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