Ukraine Has Been Instructed by the W.H.O to Destroy ‘High-Threat Pathogens’ in Labs to Prevent Disease Spread, Someone’s Lying “The US Does Not Have Chemical or Biological Weapons Laboratories in Ukraine,” Truly!

HNewsWire- According to Reuters, the World Health Organization recommended Ukraine to eliminate 'high-threat viruses' in the country's public health labs to avoid "any possible spillage" that may infect the populace during the Russian invasion.

"As part of this effort, WHO has strongly advised Ukraine's Ministry of Health and other relevant organizations to eliminate high-threat pathogens in order to avoid any possible leaks," the UN agency said.

The claim follows a contentious back-and-forth between US and Russian officials about Ukraine's "hazardous" biolabs – with Russia, and then China, accusing the US military of participation in the country's biolabs.

On Wednesday, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova reiterated a long-standing assertion that the US maintains a biowarfare laboratory in Ukraine, an allegation that Washington and Kyiv have frequently rejected.

Zakharova said that papers discovered in Ukraine by Russian soldiers revealed a "emergency effort to eliminate proof of military biological programs" via the destruction of lab materials. -Reuters

The US has disputed the charges, stating on Thursday that "the United States does not have chemical or biological weapons laboratories in Ukraine" and that the country "does not produce or possess chemical or biological weapons anywhere."

Victoria Nuland, the US Undersecretary of State, said Tuesday that Ukraine "had biological research facilities, which we are increasingly worried that Russian soldiers, Russian forces, may be attempting to seize control of. As a result, we are collaborating with the Ukrainians to determine how they might keep any of those scientific materials out of the hands of Russian troops should they approach."

Nuland's response made it clear that whatever is inside Ukraine's biolaboratories is a serious concern; however, there is no public evidence of bioweapons, and the WHO statement made no mention of biowarfare - which is a separate issue from whether the laboratories contained or contain dangerous pathogens that could be used in a bioweapon.

In response to Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova's Wednesday assertion that the US operates a biowarfare laboratory in Ukraine, a Ukrainian presidential official stated: "Ukraine categorically rejects any such claims."

On Friday, the United Nations Security Council will assemble at Russia's request to consider the charges.

Putin:On Wednesday, my foreign ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova repeated a longstanding claim that the United States operates a biowarfare lab in Ukraine, an accusation that has been repeatedly denied by Washington and Kyiv.

Zakharova told me that documents unearthed by Russian forces in Ukraine showed "an emergency attempt to erase evidence of military biological program mes" by destroying lab samples. -Reuters News



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