Update 7/1/2020 Governments Around The World to Restrict Movement of The People, ” HardLockDown”

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What’s Next In Our New World: Trump Administration Considering Social Credit Score System to Determine Who Can Buy a Gun, the Anti-Christ System Is in Place and ready to be Implemented  THE MARK OF THE BEAST WILL BE AN END-TIMES IDENTIFICATION REQUIRED BY THE ANTICHRIST IN ORDER TO BUY OR SELL…

Australia Places 300k Under Lockdown As Global Cases Near 10.5 Million


  • Goldman says 40% of US has rolled back economic reopening or put them on hold
  • Oxford scientist warns vaccine by end of the year far from guaranteed
  • Pfizer vaccine headline sends futures higher
  • The US reported 48k+ new cases yesterday
  • Australia locks down 300k in Victoria
  • Brazil imposes travel ban as deaths near 60k
  • Tokyo reports most cases since the state of emergency lifted
  • German infection rate below R for 7th day

* * *

Update (0955ET): Cementing a pattern that we’ve seen repeatedly since the great race for a mass-produced COVID-19 vaccine began (with the US government selecting several trials to aid directly via its “operation warp speed” program), every time an extremely preliminary headline prompts a rally in stocks, another headline from a scientist expressing caution arrives a few minutes later to push stocks back down.


And just like that…stocks aren’t happy.

* * *

Update (0900ET): Despite claiming it would wait to publish study results in a journal, the latest results from one of Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine trials been released, and stocks predictably spiked higher, following a report from Stat News, that bastion of ever-reliable trial updates.

Futures are surging…

Like prior vaccine news-inspired leaks, we wouldn’t be surprised to see this rally fade as traders peruse the Stat News report, which was based on a non-peer-reviewed paper published to the website Medix.

An experimental Covid-19 vaccine being developed by the drug giant Pfizer and the biotech firm BioNTech spurred immune responses in healthy patients, but also caused fever and other side effects, especially at higher doses.

The first clinical data on the vaccine were disclosed Wednesday in a paper released on MedRXiv, a preprint server, meaning it has not yet been peer-reviewed or published in a journal.

The Pfizer study randomly assigned 45 patients to get one of three doses of the vaccine or placebo. Twelve receive a 10 microgram dose, 12 a 30 μg dose, 12 a 100 μg dose, and nine a placebo. The 100 μg dose caused fevers in half of the patients; a second dose was not given at that level.

Following a second injection three weeks later of the other doses, 8.3% of the participants in the 10 μg group and 75% of those in the 30 μg group developed fevers. More than 50% of the patients who received one of those doses reported some kind of adverse event, including fever and sleep disturbances. None of these side effects was deemed serious, meaning they did not result in hospitalization or disability and were not life-threatening.

The company is hoping to get permission to start a larger phase 3 trial as early as August. Pfizer’s CEO told CNBC’s Meg Tirrell last week that he had the first batch of trial results in-hand.

* * *

Arizona became one of the first states to lift coronavirus-related restrictions back in May as the number of daily cases was just passing their peaks in the northeast and the other hard-hit states. But its decision earlier this week to reverse course and close bars, gyms, etc. seemed to mark a turning point for the battleground state. Dr. Fauci’s warnings about 100k+ new cases per day have clearly rattled the GOP, leading to VP Mike Pence urging all Americans to wear masks while in public (if local regulations asked them to do so).

The US reported more than 40k new cases yesterday (remember, cases are reported with a 24 hour delay) for the fifth day out of six, as we noted last night.

Confirmed coronavirus infections in the US increased by 48,096 to 2.61 million on Tuesday, a rise of 1.9%, more than the 7-day daily average, per BBG.

According to the latest update from Kevin Systrom’s COVID-19 tracker, the state with the highest “R” rate (a measure of the rapidity of the virus’s spread) is Nevada, with Florida and Texas not far behind.

According to the Washington Post, the states with the worst outbreaks per capita roughly corresponded with “R Live”s calculations.

Source: WaPo

A map of infections and outbreaks shows how badly the southern US has been hit.

Perhaps the biggest news on Wednesday morning is that the total number of COVID-19 cases globally has hit 10,498,090 while deaths have reached 511,686 deaths and more than 5.3 million have recovered.

Though it appears the virus is growing less lethal as infections tilt toward young people.

Perhaps the biggest news overnight is a report that Australia’s Victoria State will lock down 300,000 people in the suburbs of Melbourne in the 1-month lockdown that was reported earlier this week.

In Japan, Tokyo confirmed 67 new cases on Wednesday, a new high since the emergency order in the prefecture was lifted. In Europe, Spain reopened its border with Portugal (and vice versa) and Greece has reopened its borders to some foreign travelers (while the EU’s list of travel guidelines stakes effect, which calls for member states to bar travelers from the US but allow travelers from China). Germany’s coronavirus infection rate remained below the critical “1” threshold for the 7th straight day on Wednesday following a concerning spike last week that saw a cluster of new cases at a meat processing plant in the country’s most populous state drive that “R” rate to just shy of 3.

The US, meanwhile, has reportedly bought up virtually all the stocks for the next three months of remdesivir, one of the two drugs that have shown some efficacy at treating the virus (though a much cheaper and more widely available steroid has proven effective at lowering mortality in very sick patients), the Guardian reports. The decision leaves none for the UK, Europe, or most of the rest of the world.

In Brazil, President Bolsonaro has imposed a travel ban on foreigners entering the country as the country’s death toll, the second-worst in the world after the US, is nearing 60,000. Brazil suffered 1,280 more deaths it reported yesterday, bringing the country’s confirmed death toll to 59,594, according to health ministry data. The total number of confirmed cases rose by 33,846 to reach 1,402,041, the worst outbreak in the world outside the US, though the US has once again started to expand the gap.

Full Control, The Beast Will Come Alive, The people will come under the yoke “AntiChrist”, I mean they are forced to live in a difficult or unhappy state because of that thing (AntiChrist) or person…

This is not complicated, there will be a hard lockdown, they are grooming the masses as I write this article. Prepare yourself and your family, this is going to be hell on earth adventure until God removes the ungodly and he will at the end tribulation

Control of public information and opinion (Google) It begins with withholding information and leads to putting out false or misleading information. A government can develop ministries of propaganda under many guises. They typically call it “public information” or “marketing”

Vote fraud used to prevent the election of reformers It doesn’t matter which of the two major-party candidates are elected if no real reformer can get nominated, and when news services start knowing the outcomes of elections before it is possible for them to know, then the votes are not being honestly counted.

Undue official influence on trials and juries Nonrandom selection of jury panels, exclusion of those opposed to the law, exclusion of the jury from hearing argument on the law, exclusion of private prosecutors from access to the grand jury, and prevention of parties and their counsels from making effective arguments or challenging the government.

Usurpation of undelegated powers this is usually done with popular support for solving some problem or to redistribute wealth to the advantage of the supporters of the dominant faction, but it soon leads to the deprivation of rights of minorities and individuals

.Seeking a government monopoly on the capability and use of armed force The first signs are efforts to register or restrict the possession and use of firearms, initially under the guise of “protecting” the public, which, when it actually results in increased crime, provides a basis for further disarmament efforts affecting more people and more weapons. The militarization of law enforcement declaring a “war on crime” that becomes a war on civil liberties. Preparation of military forces for internal policing duties. Infill Ration and subversion of citizen groups that could be forces for reform internal spying and surveillance is the beginning. A sign is false prosecutions of their leaders.

Suppression of investigators and whistleblowers when people who try to uncover high-level wrongdoing are threatened, that is a sign the system is not only riddled with corruption but that the corruption has passed the threshold into active tyranny. The use of the law for competition suppression begins with the dominant faction winning support by paying off their supporters and suppressing their supporters’ competitors but leads to public officials themselves engaging in illegal activities and using the law to suppress independent competitors. A good example of this is narcotics trafficking. Subversion of internal checks and balances this involves the appointment to key positions of persons who can be controlled by their sponsors, and who are then induced to do illegal things. The worst way in which this occurs is in the appointment of judges that will go along with unconstitutional acts by the other branches.

Creation of a class of officials who are above the law This is indicated by dismissal of charges for wrongdoing against persons who are “following orders”.

Increasing dependency of the people on government classic approach to the domination of the people is to first take everything they have away from them, then make them compliant with the demands of the rulers to get anything back again.

Increasing public ignorance of their civic duties and reluctance to perform them When the people avoid doing things like voting and serving in militias and juries, tyranny is not far behind.

Use of staged events to produce popular support acts of terrorism, blamed on political opponents, followed immediately with well-prepared proposals for increased powers and budgets for suppressive agencies. Sometimes called a Reichstag plot.

Conversion of rights into privileges requiring licenses and permits for doing things that the government does not have the delegated power to restrict, except by due process in which the burden of proof is on the petitioner.

Political correctness any if, not most people are susceptible to being recruited to engage in repressive actions against disfavored views or behaviors and led to pave the way for the dominance of tyrannical government.

Avoiding tyranny

The key is always to detect tendencies toward tyranny and suppress them before they go too far or become too firmly established. The people must never acquiesce in any violation of the Constitution. Failure to take corrective action early will only mean that more severe measures will have to be taken later, perhaps with the loss of life and the disruption of the society in ways from which recovery may take centuries.

Perhaps one of the things that most distinguishes those with a fascist mentality from most other persons is how they react in situations that engender feelings of insecurity and inadequacy. Both kinds of people will tend to seek to increase their power, that is, their control over the outcome of events, but those with a fascist mindset tend to overestimate the amount of influence over outcomes that it is possible to attain. This leads to behavior that often brings them to positions of leadership or authority, especially if most other persons in their society tend to underestimate the influence over outcomes they can attain and are inclined to yield to those who project confidence in what they can do and promise more than anyone can deliver.

The prophetic words of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn resonate like thunder across the history of man.  “Men have forgotten God; that’s why all this has happened.”  Thus summarized the Nobel laureate, Orthodox Christian author, and Russian dissident the main reason why the communist revolution was able to enslave, terrorize, and murder tens of millions of innocent people.  An atheistic mentality and a long process of secularization gradually alienated the people from God and His moral laws.  This led them away from truth and authentic liberty and facilitated the rise of tyranny.

Godlessness is always the first step to the concentration camp.  Tragically, that same process is now at work in America and many other parts of the world.  Too many refuse to see it or believe it.

America has long been a beacon of freedom for millions of souls who came here seeking liberty and opportunity.  It achieved this unique place in history by recognizing the authority of God and his moral laws and declaring that men have the unalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  Founded by faithful and God-fearing men who despised government tyranny and sought religious freedom and individual liberty, America incorporated these universally true principles in its Declaration of Independence and Constitution.  These ideas eventually became the bedrock upon which all our laws, government, and institutions were originally built.

America’s Founding Fathers understood and proclaimed that all rights come from God alone, not governments.  They insisted that the government must always serve man and that man was created by God to be free.  Their deep faith and reverence of the Almighty inspired and guided their actions and motivated their decisions.  It is this belief and trust in God’s authority and wisdom that ultimately transformed America from a tiny British colony with a handful of refugees to the mighty economic and military superpower and an oasis of freedom, opportunity, and prosperity for tens of millions of immigrants.

The Founding Fathers, like Solzhenitsyn, understood the dependence of freedom on morality.  A virtuous and faithful people who placed God at the center of their lives and the foundations of their institutions helped America become that shining city on a hill “whose beacon light guides freedom-loving people everywhere,” said President Ronald Reagan.  “We’ve staked the whole future of American civilization not on the power of government,” wrote James Madison, “far from it.  We have staked the future of all our political institutions upon the capacity of each and all of us…to govern ourselves according to commandments of God.  The future and success of America are not in this Constitution, but in the laws of God upon which the Constitution is founded.”

This same theme is found throughout the writings of the Founders.  John Adams clearly understood that our “Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”  “He who is void of virtuous attachments in private life is, or very soon will be, void of all regard for his country,” observed Samuel Adams.  Patrick Henry wrote that “virtue, morality, and religion … is the armor that renders us invincible[.] … [I]f we lose these, we are conquered, fallen indeed[.] … [S]o long as our manners and principles remain sound, there is no danger.”

Solzhenitsyn warned that by forgetting God, America and the West faced a “calamity of a despiritualized and irreligious humanistic consciousness” that would weaken their foundations and make them vulnerable to moral decay and internal collapse.  Only by turning back to God from the self-centered and atheistic humanism where “man is the touchstone [measure] in judging and evaluating everything on earth” would the West have any hope of escaping the destruction toward which it inevitably moves.

Unfortunately, America did not heed Solzhenitsyn’s warnings.  In the last several decades, America has been rapidly transformed from a God-fearing and worshiping nation into a secularist and atheistic society, where communist and atheistic ideals are glorified and promoted, while Judeo-Christian values and morality are attacked, ridiculed, and increasingly eradicated from the public and social consciousness of our nation.  Under the decades-long assault and militant radicalism of many so-called “liberal” and “progressive” elites, God and His moral laws have been progressively erased from our public and educational institutions, to be replaced with all manner of delusion, perversion, corruption, violence, decadence, and insanity.

“Those people who will not be governed by God will be ruled by tyrants,” warned William Penn.  Throughout history, the most serious threats to man’s freedom always arise when men refuse to acknowledge that God is ultimately the source and protector of real and lasting liberty and freedom.  When that timeless truth is erased from men’s consciousness, when God’s wisdom and laws are forgotten, when morality is no longer a virtue to be treasured and emulated, when human life is no longer sacred, and man becomes the only standard of all that is true, then genuine freedom will begin to vanish from any group, institution, community, or society.  Carnality, greed, selfishness, and worldly pleasure and power become the main goals of human existence.  The moral and ethical clarity, conviction, and courage required to defend freedom and protect genuine liberty ultimately disappear, to be replaced by the cruelest, unethical, tyrannical, and godless ideologies.

It is no coincidence that advocates and followers of Fascism, Nazism, and Communism — all secular, immoral, atheistic, and godless ideologies — enslaved and murdered the greatest number of people in the history of mankind.  All produced some of the cruelest, violent, and evil tyrants this world has ever known — despots who persecuted their own citizens, slaughtered the innocent, destroyed their own people, and brought calamities to other nations.  All subjugated the liberty and property of men to the absolute power and control of the state.  All were enemies of God and blasphemers of His Holy Scriptures.  All viciously persecuted the most devout and religious members of their societies, primarily the religious Christians and Jews who righteously and faithfully followed the Lord.

This is the lesson of the 20th century expended so much blood to teach us.  It appears that without a marked change in course, the Western world is going to have to learn it again. Source


Brazil Now Home To World’s Third-Largest Death Toll After Another Record Daily Jump: Virus Updates


  • Brazil passes Italy to claim world’s third-worst death toll
  • Architect of Sweden’s no-lockdown strategy says he has no regrets, and doesn’t plan to change approach
  • NY to allow drive-in, drive thru graduations
  • Italy sees more good numbers
  • Pakistan reports record jump
  • NYC won’t allow outdoor dining until next month
  • Florida reports most new cases since April for 2nd straight day
  • Global cases top 6.5 mil
  • Deaths top 485k
  • Hong Kong sees another alarming cluster
  • China allows foreign airlines to apply to return to service
  • Russia, Mexico, Brazil all see alarming jump in cases, deaths
  • Experts say Russia likely underestimating deaths in St. Petersburg by considerable margin
  • Backlash to the hydroxychloroquine backlash intensifies

* * *

Update (2115ET): As the bodies pile up and the prospect of a military takeover that would make Tom Cotton’s call to send in the army look like pacifism looms large over Brazilian civil society, the country’s public health officials have just confirmed that Brazil’s death toll has surpassed Italy’s.

Brazil’s indigenous population has been particularly hard hit, as the outbreak strains health care resources in remote areas in Amazon region.

To get a sense of how quickly the situation is deteriorating, deaths caused by the virus have climbed five-fold in the past month, according to Yahoo News.

Many epidemiologists had hoped remote locations might protect the tribes, but the virus, which first took hold in Brazil’s cosmopolitan state capitals of Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, is increasingly devastating remote areas of the country. Brazil’s coronavirus death toll climbed by 1,437 fatalities on Thursday, a new daily record, bringing Brazil’s total to 34,021. Confirmed cases surged another 30,925 to 614,941, as Brazil remains the country with the second-most confirmed cases behind the US. Source ZeroHedge

* * *

Yesterday, the architect of Sweden’s lockdown strategy, state epidemiologist Anders Tegnell,  inadvertently set off a rush by proponents of the lockdown approach to declare victory in the public debate by claiming Tegnell had admitted his approach was flawed and that he would be backing away from the strategy. But in a press briefing on Thursday, the state scientist stood by the country’s approach, and admitted that while he would have made certain adjustments if he knew at the beginning what he now knows, he has no plans to change tack, Politico reports.

* * *

Update (1240ET): After pulling back curfews and taking other steps to accommodate and encouraging both peaceful demonstrations (that widely violated the city’s social distancing rules) and violence and looting, Mayor de Blasio said Thursday that he likely wouldn’t allow restaurants to reopen for outdoor dining until next month, virtually guaranteeing that even more small businesses will change.

The mayor is preparing for the June 8 start of “Phase One” reopening and said he anticipates reaching the second phase in July.

For the restaurants that survive, at least the city’s Transportation and Planning Departments will help create “curbside restaurants” to allow eateries to convert adjacent parking spots into more seating for the first time. No permits will be needed to certify the street-side restaurants, de Blasio said.

“The restaurant industry is the wellspring for hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers,” de Blasio said. More then 184,000 of the city’s 274,000 food and beverage industry workers have lost their jobs due to the forced shutdown of the city. While de Blasio’s plan sounds nice on paper, in our experience, most NYC restaurants don’t have much – if any – space for patron parking.

By comparison, both neighboring Connecticut and New Jersey have already OK’d restaurants to reopen for limited outdoor dining. 

* * *

Update (1120ET): As deaths and new cases reported in Florida over the last few days have increased, we warned that the market would eventually wake up to the uptick in new deaths and cases in certain states. The state reported its largest daily gain in six weeks yesterday as the number of cases neared 60k. Now, on Thursday, public health officials in the state have reported another multiweek high. Florida reported 1,317 new COVID-19 cases over the last day, the highest level since April 17.

New numbers released by the Florida Department of Health officials Thursday show the state has a total of 60,183 cases, and a death toll that on Thursday climbed to 2,607. Hospitalizations across the state increased to 10,652.

US stocks sold off a little on the news, suggesting investors are starting to worry again about a recurrence of the virus.

More than half of the state’s cases are concentrated in Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach and Monroe counties in the southern part of the state.

‘Stay Indoors Or Risk A Year In Prison’: Jordan Blows Sirens At Start Of Virus Lockdown

Jordan has imposed an unprecedented nation-wide curfew on Saturday to combat the spread of coronavirus at a moment its official confirmed a number of cases approach 100. As of Friday health officials said Jordan has 85 confirmed infections while emphasizing they expect numbers to rise rapidly. 

“Jordan blew sirens at the start of a nationwide curfew on Saturday, limiting the mobility of its 10 million citizens indefinitely to combat the spread of coronavirus, witnesses and officials said,” Reuters reports.

The round-the-clock ban on residents going outside started at 7 am with warning sirens literally sounding across Amman. The new curfew is being widely described as the most severe measure any country has imposed on a nation-wide level thus far in the crisis.

Jordanian soldiers in the capital Amman on March 18, 2020. Image source: AFP

As nations across the globe move to a militarized response, and with even the United States witnessing the rare deployment of National Guard units to city streets, such as in New York and Georgia, the government of Jordan is poised to impose perhaps the most draconian penalties for violating the newly announced measures.

The Jordanian Army announced Saturday curfew violators for all but authorized emergency personnel and vital services will face up to a year in jail. Thousands of soldiers have already been deployed to city streets and highways, especially in the sprawling capital of Amman.

“Anyone going outside will be subjecting themselves to punishment,” Justice Minister Bassam Talhouni said in an Arabic broadcast. Already at least 400 were arrested Saturday. “Nearly 400 people have been arrested in Jordan for violating an indefinite curfew introduced on Saturday that bans people from leaving their homes even to purchase food,” The Guardian reports.

The stringent measures immediately resulted in the following scene, as Reuters describes

Armored police vehicles roamed the streets of main cities, calling on people to heed warnings not to leave their homes, witnesses said.

Streets across the capital and main cities were deserted, with shops shuttered as police patrolled neighborhoods and the army manned checkpoints, witnesses said.

Amman officials say they had to take drastic measures due to the “recklessness” of some elements among the population who refuse to take the pandemic threat seriously.

“Unfortunately we have seen recklessness in scenes of shopping and moving around in the streets. These pose a grave danger to our efforts to contain the epidemic,” Amjad Adailah, a cabinet minister and government spokesman said.

Similar but arguably less draconian measures have been deployed in some communities and cities in neighboring Israel and the West Bank.

Also, Syria to the north is presenting an increasingly worrisome situation: the Assad government has ordered the closure of all schools, restaurants, theaters and public places, and has even sent many government workers home as of Saturday. Yet authorities in Damascus are still officially reporting zero cases. However, it could also be the case they acted quickly enough, with WHO officials looking on and administering tests, amid all but the Lebanese border being for years shutdown due to war.

The potential for an outbreak inside squalid and overcrowded refugee camps in the region is also alarming international health officials. The WHO is reportedly attempting to set up urgent testing inside camps along the Syrian-Turkish border, after a handful of cases appeared in an internally displaced persons (IDP) camp in Iraq.

The Kansas Supreme Court has voted to uphold an executive order by the governor limiting the size of church gatherings on Easter Sunday, ending a legal clash over public health and religious liberty.

AntiChrist Laws

Kansas Supreme Court Upholds Governor’s Order Limiting The Size Of Easter ServicesThe coronavirus has killed at least 55 people in Kansas and infected 1,275. Three of the state’s 12 clusters of cases have stemmed from church gatherings, according to health officials.npr.org

Source: HNewsWire CensoredNews ZeroHedge

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I Believe The CoronaVirus Is a False Flag, The Virus Is REAL Man-Made Bioweapon. The Tribulation Has To Begin–China Plunge US Into Mighty Sea Of MAN-MADE Coronavirus For One Reason, The New World Order and The Battle Between Satan and GOD have Beguin…

I Am suggested that the coronavirus is not a naturally occurring disease and that it is a manmade bioweapon cultivated and released to yoke, control the masses, Biblical Prophecy coming to life for all to see. The consequences of the virus in terms of tolls or the extent of the epidemic and the type of media propaganda over this issue that is aimed at increasing fear and panic among people strengthens the speculations that a biological attack has been launched against the world peoplewith one goal in mind, The New World Order Platform.

All the official reassurances won’t be worth a bucket of warm spit. The Globals are behind the CoronaVirus, It Is a Man-Made Bioweapon.

Usually, officials at the CDC choose their words very carefully so that they do not needlessly alarm the public. With that in mind, I would like for you to consider three statements that the CDC’s Dr. Nancy Messonnier made about a potential outbreak inside the United States during a press conference on Tuesday…

#1 “It’s not so much of a question of if this will happen in this country anymore but a question of when this will happen.”

#2 “Disruption to everyday life may be severe.”

#3 “We are asking the American public to prepare for the expectation that this might be bad.”

Can you ever recall a top CDC official ever making statements this ominous? I certainly can’t.

In an article entitled You’re Likely to Get the Coronavirus, the Atlantic explains how the coronavirus is particularly dangerous because it may cause no symptoms at all in many carriers of the infection.

Many experts claim that the fear of Coronavirus is overblown.  And that mortality might actually be decreasing

On the other hand, the World Health Organization (WHO) announced yesterday that the mortality rate from the Wuhan Coronavirus (formally known as 2019 nCoV) is 3.4% globally.

The Spanish Flu of 1918 – which killed between tens of millions of people – had a lower mortality rate, estimated by the WHO as between 2 and 3%.

But surely, you say, the Coronavirus is not as contagious as the Spanish Flu …

Unfortunately, it’s more contagious.  The Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy notes:

Based on calculations, the authors of the larger study estimate the novel coronavirus has an R0 of 2.2, meaning each case patient could infect more than 2 other people. If accurate, this makes the 2019 nCoV more infectious than the 1918 influenza pandemic virus, which had an R0 of 1.80 (interquartile range: 1.47 to 2.27).

WHO says that the R0 of Coronavirus in China was initially between 2 and 2.5.< But scientists from the Los Alamos National Laboratory said that the R0 for the Coronavirus is actually between 4.7 to 6.6 (although that number drops to between 2.3 and 3 after quarantines and social distancing are implemented).

According to the Director of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and others, Coronavirus can be spread even when people have no symptoms. On the one hand, this is bad news, as it is very hard to screen and locate carriers when they are symptom-free or have only mild, cold or flu-like symptoms.

On the other hand, this means that the real R0 might be much higher than WHO estimates … which would make the mortality rate lower.

If the number of people with Coronavirus is a lot higher than is being reported, that means the mortality is a lot lower … i.e. a smaller percentage of the larger population of people infected have died.  

Indeed, China only tests a portion of those who are really sick, and the United States has tested less than 500 people total for Coronavirus (American doctors have to beg to get their sick patients tested).

So far, WHO has rejected the theory that there are more people who have Coronavirus than reported

We must all be ready for stock market CLOSURE and BANK HOLIDAYS.
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Spain Declares National Lockdown


  • Spain declares national lockdown
  • NYC confirms 1st coronavirus death
  • US death toll hits 50
  • White House virus task force delivers update
  • Airlines cancel flights to Spain
  • Apple closes stores outside Greater China
  • Washington State re-takes lead in US case total
  • Gaming Commission shuts down Mass. casinos

*  *  *

Update (1205ET): As we await the latest update from the White House coronavirus task force, here’s a breakdown of the confirmed coronavirus cases in Spain.

Norbert Elekes@NorbertElekes

Most coronavirus cases in Spain:

– Madrid: 2,940
– Basque Country: 521
– Catalonia: 509
– Andalusia: 304
– Castile-La Mancha: 289
– La Rioja: 278
– Castile-León: 223
– Valencian: 188
– Navarre: 146
– Galicia: 135
– Aragon: 121
– Asturias: 101
– Canary Islands: 9016910:57 AM – Mar 14, 2020Twitter Ads info and privacy155 people are talking about this

In Massachusetts, the state Gaming Commission voted to shut down the state’s casinos, following in the footsteps of Macau, even as Las Vegas remains open for business. The committee voted unanimously in favor of an “expeditious and orderly” shutdown process, which is currently underway at Encore Boston Harbor in Everett, MGM Springfield and Plainridge Park Casino in Plainville, according to WCVB.

While EU bureaucrats in Brussels slammed President Trump over the European travel ban, claiming that he left them in the dark with his “unilateral” action, Spain – one of Europe’s largest countries, and the fourth-largest economy in the eurozone – on Sunday said it would adopt a draconian national travel ban on par with the national lockdown taking place in Italy.

Yes, even as Brussels bureaucrats insist that closing borders aren’t necessary, more European leaders are deciding to ignore Brussels and follow in the footsteps of Italy, which has declared a two-week national lockdown, and Austria, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia, which have all closed their borders to foreigners.

On Friday, Spain declared a two-week state of emergency that Spain’s Socialist Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez was necessary to help contain the outbreak that has spun out of control since thousands of marchers packed into the streets of Madrid for last weekend’s International Women’s Day march.

On Friday, Sanchez declared the emergency for 15 days, saying that Spain would “mobilize all resources,” including the military, to contain the virus and help reverse the sharp rise in new infections over the past week. Part of the powers invoked by Sanchez allows the federal government to restrict the movement of the Spanish people, to legally confiscate items and to seize control of Spanish industrial output – presumably a relic of Spain’s authoritarian past that makes this lockdown more similar to the Chinese Communist Party’s lockdown than anything happening in Italy. Even private hospitals can be commandeered for the government effort. The government can even impose ‘special measures’ to guarantee the food supply for the country. Even April elections in two northern regions could be delayed, the government said.

The decision came after Spain’s case total surpassed 4,000, and deaths climbed above 100. More cases and deaths were reported Saturday morning, along with the latest details about the Spanish emergency measures, which appear to be even more thorough than initially believed. On Saturday, total cases passed 5,000, and the number of confirmed deaths neared 200.

Then on Saturday, the Spanish government decided to kick things up a notch, perhaps having realized that the outbreak is now out of control and more restrictive controls on movement would be needed to contain it.

Spain’s Interior Ministry said Saturday that it would assu,e direct control of all police forces in the country, allowing them to direct police to enforce quarantines, with deadly force if necessary. In Madrid, the epicenter of the Spanish outbreak, a state of emergency will be imposed, including a curfew and lockdown measures intended to restrict movement and ensure social distancing.

El Pais, Spain’s newspaper of record, reported Saturday that the government had prepared a draft decree similar to Italy’s declaring a ‘nationwide lockdown’. According to reports, the lockdown will be rolled out nationwide on Monday, and people would only be able to go out to either work or buy essential items.

As the eurozone’s fourth-largest country, Spain has a population of 47 million, roughly 13 million fewer people than Italy.

So far, no news of the lockdown has appeared on official government accounts. Earlier, PM Sanchez tweeted a PSA about ‘social distancing’ and hygiene practices.

Already, airlines are canceling flights over Spain’s new measure. British travel company Jet2 has canceled all flights to mainland Spain, the Balearic Islands, and the Canary Islands. The cancellations were a result of Spain’s new measures, per CNN.

In the Netherlands, which has also seen an alarming spike in cases over the last week, confirmed on Saturday that infections had climbed by 155 TO 959, with two more deaths, while many cases and deaths likely remain unconfirmed.

On the corporate side of things, Apple announced Saturday morning that it would shutter all of its stores outside Greater China. The decision is notably ironic seeing as Apple just finished opening the last of its stores on the mainland late this week. The stores will be closed until March 27.

According to CNN, the company also pledged to commit $15 million to help with the worldwide recovery from the outbreak, “both to help treat those who are sick and to help lessen the economic and community impacts of the pandemic.”

In the US, while Walmarts, Targets, and groceries across the country remain oddly barren of toilet paper, the Pentagon on Saturday suspended all domestic travel for personnel and their families during the outbreak. The new restrictions apply to “all DoD military and civilian personnel and their families assigned to DoD installations, facilities and surrounding areas within the US and its territories,” the department said in the statement, according to BBG.

Overnight, the death toll in the states climbed to 49 as Washington re-took the lead in total confirmed cases from New York, which held it briefly for a few hours Friday afternoon.

Across the US, 46,000 schools have closed, are scheduled to close, or were closed and later reopened, because of the virus outbreak, as 12 states declare two or three-week closures.  At least 21 million students in the United States have been or will be affected by the closures. The acting ambassador from Brazil, who attended the dinner with Trump and Pence and Bolsonaro and his infected comms director, has tested positive for Covid-19 after reporting symptoms. But though some said that Trump sounded a little hoarse at yesterday’s press conference, he and his doctors insist he isn’t showing any symptoms.

A Rhode Island elementary school student who got an autograph from one of the Utah Jazz players who tested positive for the virus has also tested positive, shining another uncomfortable light on one player (Rudy Gomert’s) nonchalant and mocking behavior toward the virus, which clearly has a twisted sense of humor.

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NYC Confirms First Death From Covid-19, White House Begins Mandatory Temperature Checks: Live Updates

New York City has confirmed its first coronavirus-related death, WSJ reports.

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The world is now waiting to hear whether Gov. Cuomo will shut down the city’s schools and the subway system.

Per WSJ, the deceased was an 82-year-old woman with emphysema. Her death brings the US death toll to an even 50. As of Saturday, the state has 524 cases of coronavirus, with more than 100 people hospitalized. Gov. Cuomo warned in a morning press conference that there are roughly 50,000 hospital beds statewide, with 3,000 intensive care rooms. Since those rooms will be needed to care for the most severely ill patients, hospitals are beginning to suspend elective surgeries, beginning with NewYork-Presbyterian, one of the largest hospital systems in the NYC area, which said that it would be stopping all elective surgeries and procedures.

The decision will free up more space for coronavirus patients.

In other news, following yesterday’s press conference where reporters hammered Trump and Pence for their allegedly ‘selfish’ unwillingness to get tested and to wear a mask, the White House has implemented temperature checks for reporters entering the briefing room and other individuals coming into close contact with the president.

Monica Alba@albamonica

New procedure from the White House, @HansNichols reports: “Out of an abundance of caution, temperature checks are now being performed on any individuals who are in close contact with the President and Vice President.” Reporters are having their temps taken ahead of noon briefing.4610:41 AM – Mar 14, 2020Twitter Ads info and privacy53 people are talking about this

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Now a global pestilence has erupted, and in Luke 21 we were specifically warned to watch for “pestilences” in the last days.

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Source: HNewsWire CensoredNews ZeroHedge

StevieRay Hansen
Editor, HNewsWire.com

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Have NOT Got The Memo Yet, “Pestilences” Has No Cure

“America has become China on Steroids” Set Down and SHUT-UP, Our Social Media Platforms (Reprobates) Continue to Hide the Truth From the American People, by Shadow Banning Alt News Sources. The Blood of the People Is on Their Hands…

Demon Virus
Asked about the virus while traveling abroad last week, Trump said: “We have it totally under control”. In a separate Twitter posting, he offered reassurance but scant detail for his confidence. By Associated Press Updated On: 05:53 PST, Jan 31, 2020

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