HNewsWire Exclusive: Apparently Hospitals Now Have the Ability to Kidnap Those They Believe Are COVID Positive, Hell on Earth, It’s Getting Real!

HNewsWire Exclusive: Jan 11 - I started feeling weak from Covid symptoms

Jan 12 - I called out of work as teacher and did not return until Feb 23

Jan 17 - I met with Dr. Padilla and was put on ivermectin among many other medications and supplements as Front-line Doctors protocol.

Jan 18 - I received Ivermectin sent to me from a pharmacy.

Jan 21 - My wife was concerned that I was dehydrated and called ambulance. I was put on a saline solution and brought to Bristol Hospital.

From the beginning, I said I did not want to be admitted. However, I was.

After a night in emergency room, I was brought to a room in the hospital.

From then on, I was not really aware of how long I was there because I never saw the outside for day and night.

I spent some time in the hospital room wearing a canola and receiving oxygen. I often said I did not want to stay. However my requests and those of my wife were not heeded. In fact, the medical reports that I received after my stay explicitly report negative charting - patient did NOT ask to go home. I guess I spoke to the wrong person when saying I did not want to stay.

After a while in the room, a group of about 6 or 7 hospital employees (presumably) burst into the room making noise prior to entering (like a mob coming to attack a person). My phone was taken by a tall fat male Bristol Hospital employee (nurse or aide I am not sure). He hung up on my wife and pocketed my phone. I was told I was moving to ICU and was promptly whisked away down hallways.

Once there, I was rather hastily and unkindly moved from one bed to the next and dumped on my right side. Keep in mind, I was never in medical distress and was totally coherent. There was no need to manhandle me the way they did. A group of those present stood behind me and, like a cheerleading squad, they began yelling at me “you want to live don’t you?” and many other intimidating questions. It seemed making noise was their intention in order to confuse me. They were making a big push for Remdesivir because I had refused it earlier in my forced stay. After responding of course I want to live, the people left and the dust settled down. I did not receive my phone until my wife intervened with calls to political powers-that-be to request my phone be returned to me. Each day I was in the hospital, I was told I was going to die. APRN, Gretchen Holloway, got in my face and told me twice that I was going to die. She was rude and seemed possessed frankly.

As much as I did not feel great, I was aware of everything but what day it was as I still was turned away from windows. Artificial light was the only form of light that I could perceive.

I tried to leave at the prompting of my wife but my bed was alarmed. I continued to request leaving but it still must have been the wrong people. It was not until Jan 24, when a letter from my lawyer (requested by my wife) was received at the CEO level that I was finally able to leave Jan 25 around 10:30 AM. Even at that, I was harassed with “You’re going to die.” But this time the male APRN Consultant saying it to me added “and your children are going to watch you die.”

My experience at Bristol hospital was one of fear mongering on the part of the vast majority of those who were supposed to take care of me. One nurse was the only kind face I saw from January 21 to January 25.

In those days, two doctors entered my room for a combine 10 minutes. Each of them charged my insurance company and me over $300. Each individual that saw me and harassed me and intimidated me and tried to coerce me also charged my insurance company and me. I refuse to pay for the torture that I was put through. I should have been released from the emergency room at my request. Those extra days in the hospital were unnecessary and coerced. Bristol Hospital has opened my eyes to the corruption that is out there surrounding Covid and the evil tactics they will use to intimidate and coerce. I was assaulted by some hospital employee and continually intimidated to the point where I couldn’t hear my wife and only heard what the employees of Bristol Hospital were telling me. I was on a protocol with a doctor before my torturous experience and Bristol hospital made me lose four days of the protocol I was on. It was when I left Bristol Hospital at 10:30 AM on January 25 that I started to get better with the care of my doctor, my wife who is a nurse and the protocol of Ivermectin, zinc and many other supplements.

The CEO of Bristol Hospital should be ashamed that his hospital treats patients like this. It is disgusting and he should do something about it if he has any integrity.

From my wife’s perspective - my wife was upset because BH would not release me. She was in the emergency department pleading to have me released. Her pleading only got her threatened with arrest in front of my 13 year old son. As if that wasn’t bad enough, the hospital staff shared my medical information with the police who told my wife what my symptoms and treatment were. What happened to HIPAA laws? It seems to me that’s a rather major violation of my protected medical information. How unprofessional of the Bristol hospital staff to have done something like that. Both my wife and my daughter were hung up on when requesting information about me over the phone. At another time, although my wife was on a public sidewalk, the hospital sent Police to her to intimidate her and my family. How rude and uncalled for. None of this would’ve happened had they just simply let me go at my request - whether or not it meant my imminent death as per state law.

Follow up… after being released from the hospital, I was returned to my Ivermectin protocol and promptly started getting better. Dr. Arnoldo Padilla and my wife nursed me back to health. In searching for a lawyer to see what my options were, no one would take the case in Bristol or outside of the sphere of influence of the hospital. A lawyer more than 50 miles away would not touch it. I did not die as the hospital suggested I would. My children were saved from having to watch me die as they suggested would happen. Bills remain unpaid and I refuse to be drawn in by the tentacles a Bristol Hospital ever again. I’m trying to let everybody know what happened so they can avoid Bristol Hospital, it’s parent company in Texas or any hospital that would do such a thing to their patients.

Lawyer For Family

MONTANA — HELENA is a small town in the state of Montana. After a lady threatened violence because her relative's request for ivermectin medicine was rejected, a Montana hospital went into lockdown and contacted the police.

Officials at another Montana hospital said that governmental officials threatened and harassed their health-care staff when they refused to treat a politically connected COVID-19 patient with that antiparasitic medicine or hydroxychloroquine, another drug prohibited by the FDA to treat COVID.

In nearby Idaho, authorities were summoned to a hospital when a COVID patient's family verbally harassed her and threatened physical violence because she refused to administer ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine, which she described as "drugs that are not effective in the treatment of COVID-19." Story

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