Hospitals Have Refused to Release Patient, Arguing Their Dangerous Health, Love Ones Indicating It Can Become Impossible to Get A Patient Off the COVID Express, “Hell on Earth”

MONTANA — HELENA is a small town in the state of Montana. After a lady threatened violence because her relative's request for ivermectin medicine was rejected, a Montana hospital went into lockdown and contacted the police.

Officials at another Montana hospital said that governmental officials threatened and harassed their health-care staff when they refused to treat a politically connected COVID-19 patient with that antiparasitic medicine or hydroxychloroquine, another drug prohibited by the FDA to treat COVID.

In nearby Idaho, authorities were summoned to a hospital when a COVID patient's family verbally harassed her and threatened physical violence because she refused to administer ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine, which she described as "drugs that are not effective in the treatment of COVID-19."

Some claim to have spoken with family members who were jailed while attempting to see a loved one or communicate with a doctor after the hospital's contacts were shut off.

Hospitals restricting family visits, neglecting to deliver sustenance and hydration, and coercing patients to consent to procedures they'd already denied numerous times—such as being placed on a ventilator—are all examples of what attorneys label abuse, according to The Epoch Times.

Attorney Jeff Childers of Gainesville, Florida, was so disturbed by the situations he saw that he created an online lesson with suggestions on how to negotiate the laws around COVID-19 hospitalization.

Childers expresses his disclaimer that he is not a doctor and does not provide medical advice.

When his office receives calls from worried family members, the patient is already on a ventilator, and the family is worried about treatment options.

"In many cases, hospitals have refused to release the patient, citing their unstable condition," Childers wrote on his blog, "implying that getting off the COVID express may become impossible at some point."

"The most common complaints we receive are that patients are being pressured to accept Remdesivir, that they have been given Remdesivir despite their objections, or that the hospital will not administer alternative widely-used treatments despite the fact that the patient is in a critical condition where side effects are less dangerous than death."

I've seen hospitals spend tens of thousands of dollars on attorneys in order to keep people in their care."
Attorneys for Daniel Pisano's family (seen here with his 51-year-old wife, Claudia) filed a lawsuit requesting a court to force Mayo Clinic to allow ivermectin and other vitamins and drugs to be used. (Photo by Chris Pisano)

Childers was one of the lawyers that went to court against Mayo Clinic Florida in order to let Daniel Pisano's family explore drugs they thought would benefit him. Attorneys for the Mayo Clinic pushed back hard.

The Pisano family had also attempted to arrange for the 70-year-old grandpa and businessman to be transferred to a hospital where he might get the meds that an independent doctor believed could save his life.

Pisano went away while his family was still trying to find him other treatments.

Childers coined the term "medical kidnapping." "This isn't finished by a long shot," he continued, implying that the dispute with Mayo Clinic will continue.

Mayo Clinic Florida has not replied to many requests for comment on the lawsuit, and hospital lawyers have urged judges to conceal records that would expose their reasoning on multiple occasions.

According to Jim Boatman, an attorney, two sisters were detained at another hospital in Naples, Florida, when they arrived to the institution requesting a visit with their father or a chat with his doctor. When the family began asking about alternate therapies, the hospital stopped responding to their requests for information on their loved one, according to Boatman.

Ultimately, the women, who spent time in jail for the offense, decided that filing a lawsuit would jeopardize their father's care, according to Boatman of The Epoch Times.

Attorney Esther Bodek in Aurora, Colorado, is also aware of a patient's family members who were jailed when a hospital's communication turned sour. Since November, she adds, pleas from COVID-19 sufferers' relatives have rushed in.

"It's terrible," Bodek added, "because it's a degree of civil rights violations I've never seen in my life."

She's noticed a pattern of isolating COVID-19 patients from their families and restricting visitation in case after case. "And it's generally around those time that the remdesivir is administered."
A file photograph showing a vial of Gilead Sciences' remdesivir in Belgium. (Photo courtesy of Getty Images/Dirk Vaem/Belga)

Some of the families that come to her for aid are vehemently opposed to remdesivir therapy. They badly want to try things the hospital won't let them attempt, like ivermectin and vitamins, after previous therapies have failed.

These are part of a widely utilized regimen used by independent doctors around the country as well as those who self-treat at home.

As a last-ditch effort to rescue a patient, Bodek has struggled several times to secure those meds. She described the opposition she encounters while working with hospitals as "infuriating."

"From what I've observed in the pattern of our cases, any concern regarding therapy prompts quick combativeness [by medical staff]," she added.

Clients have been refused drinks and sustenance to the point of near-starvation, according to her. She has been working seven days a week since taking those cases.

"I'll be on the phone and talking to someone in tears this weekend," she added. "They've been told by the hospital that they want to turn off the power, and they're trying to make a choice." 'We're going to take him off life support immediately,' adds the doctor. I've had to tell them, 'No! That's not their option!'"

According to Bodek, one of her clients works in billing at a hospital and told her that the federal government pays hospitals a bonus of $17,000 for every patient proved to have COVID-19. According to Bodek, each patient who is placed on a ventilator receives a bonus payment of $37,000.

Bodek continued, "And she works in hospital billing, so she would know."
On April 7, 2020, Seema Verma, administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, speaks on the CCP virus at the White House's James Brady Press Briefing Room in Washington. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has yet to reply to requests for information on payments given to hospitals for COVID-19 patient treatment.

"Stay out of the hospital, no matter what," Bodek advises. And if you are admitted, have a medical power of attorney prepared right away to say no to remdesivir."

If accusations of medical malpractice fail, she plans to file civil rights violations litigation.

"I'm dead set on finding a means to put an end to this mistreatment," Bodek stated. "This is a struggle we're not going to give up."

Attorney Gerard Forgét of Omaha, Nebraska, specializing in trusts and estates, contacted The Epoch Times in the hopes of providing similar guidance to readers.

Patients are frequently asked to sign a health-care directive or a living will before being brought to the hospital, stating whether or not they want to be put on life support.

"This is something I counsel customers against," Forgét remarked. By signing one of these forms, you are granting your physician control over your spouse or other family members. This has the potential to be devastating!"

He claims that giving a physician the authority means that he or she can stop life support without consulting relatives. "By signing this, you're giving your doctor permission to murder you!"

Childers believes that fixing the problems in American health care will take a long time.

He said, "The good is COVID has revealed the flaws" in health care. "COVID did not create them." COVID led us to their location."

Meet Moses! He's a young man who grew up in the most challenging circumstances. Today, he has larger-than-life goals to achieve something extraordinary.


Source: HNewsWire    ZeroHedge


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