Satan Soldier Biden Predicts ‘Real’ Food Shortages in America, but Offers No Plan to Feed America’s People

HNewsWire-Surprisingly, the president of the United States appeared in front of the globe this week, anticipating "serious food shortages" while failing to present a strategy to keep us nourished.

"With respect to food shortages—yes, we did discuss food shortages, and, um, and it's going to be real," His Fraudulence Joe Biden remarked during a press conference on Thursday. "The price of these sanctions is placed not just on Russia, but on a slew of other nations as well." Including European nations as well as our own."

Naturally, Biden made this statement only a few days after Press Secretary Lyin' Ginger said that Americans are unlikely to experience food shortages.

"While we do not foresee a food crisis in the United States, we do predict that increased energy, fertilizer, wheat, and grain prices may effect the cost of producing and buying key fuel supplies, food supplies for nations throughout the globe," she added.

However, according to Biden, America will soon experience "genuine" food shortages. So, what's the game plan??

Food supply. There are genuine food shortages. That seems like a significant issue to me. That seems like something an American president should start planning for. We're still America, you know. We are still a vibrant nation with millions of square kilometers of empty farmland that could easily compensate for Ukraine's loss as the "breadbasket of the world."

But what is Slow Joe's strategy?

Take a look at this nonsense:

"Russia and Ukraine have been the breadbasket of Europe in terms of wheat," Biden said, adding that he and other G7 leaders had a "long talk" about the need to "expand and disperse" food production.

"In addition, we discussed pressing all European nations, and everyone else, to abolish trade... restrictions on exporting food overseas," Biden stated. "As a result, we are in the process of determining with our European allies what it would take to assuage the fears about food shortages."

That is not a strategy. That's nonsense. That's a strategy for devising a strategy.

Imperial Japan has just struck Pearl Harbor, and Nazi Germany's left-wing socialists have just declared war on us. What is your strategy, President Roosevelt?

So, we're going to beef up and disperse our war machines and soldiers.

If Biden really thinks that "actual" food shortages would occur — food shortages, y'all: food. Shortages. — Every government alert, every government priority, and every feasible effort should be made to feed the American people. The first goal must be to mobilize efforts to guarantee that America can produce enough food to sustain itself and its neighbors. Once that is done, we must do all in our power to feed the globe.

There's no reason why America can't become the world's breadbasket by the end of the summer.

Our abundance of food is one of America's gifts. Everyone has enough to eat, a nice place to live, medical treatment, and a variety of other necessities. That is certainly a lovely thing. But since this richness is so common in American life, it blinds us to the possibility that life may be different. We are lucky, yet this fortune allows us to forget that throughout much of human history and for most of the globe now, things like food, shelter, housing, medical care, and other necessities were not the norm.

Full shelves, full bellies, things, things, things... It all comes to us so naturally, almost as if by magic. Store shelves are stocked because, well, they should be!

But behind this enchantment is a web of delicate strands that allow us to have full shelves and stomachs, and if even one of those threads breaks, we would confront terrible pain. And most of us, including me, have been so spoilt by this cornucopia that we have no clue what to do if one of those fine threads snaps. We aren't ready to hunt, cultivate, or collect.

So here we are, living in a nation where the president of the United States is expecting "actual" food shortages, something this country hasn't seen in a hundred years, and he's doing nothing about it... This is particularly galling given that we live in a prosperous nation with all the resources (and then some) to guarantee that we never have to rely on a foreign country to feed our own.

This, together with the record high gas costs that are already wreaking havoc on the poor and working-class, are ideal occasions for a leader, a true leader, a caring leader, to say, "Enough of this outsourcing of the American way of life." America has tremendous resources, and we will never rely on a thin thread again.

But Biden would never do so because he is a monster who considers the impacts of industrial farming and oil drilling on Mother Earth to be insignificant in comparison to the advantages such activities provide to humans, particularly Americans.

That's the bottom line of it all.

That's why Satan Soldier Biden acknowledges he thinks America will experience "serious" food shortages and will do nothing to address them.

Biden, like the rest of the Democrats and the organized left, would rather see Americans suffer and hunger than allow our own lands to be used for energy and food production.

Do you wish to rely on China to provide for your family's needs? You don't have to if you stop voting for these sociopaths masquerading as Democrats.

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