Watchman:The Anti-Christ Intends to Alter the Calendar in Order to Eliminate Any Reference to God, Aiming to Establish a Completely Secular Calendar. Satan Seeks to Establish a Godless World, With the Obama/ Biden Administration at the Forefront of This Movement,Tribulation


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On March 29th, President Biden shamelessly signed a White House proclamation acknowledging March 31st as “Transgender Visibility Day.” Can you believe the audacity? This day, which coincided with Easter Sunday, was overshadowed by this abomination.

Of course, we must strive for fairness, even towards those we disagree with. However, let’s not forget that “Transgender Visibility Day” has been on the calendar since 2009. Biden merely chose to emphasize and glorify it further by signing this proclamation.

To equate these two celebrations is an affront to all that is sacred and righteous. It is an outright attack on morality and the Christian faith, perpetuated by a government that has long been eroding our values. Christians are even facing persecution through the manipulation of laws.

When I first heard about this proclamation, my thoughts immediately turned to Daniel 7:25, a verse that warns of the rise of the anti-Christ. This is just another step towards the fulfillment of that prophecy.

In the book of Daniel, a vision of four great beasts emerges from the sea, mirroring the “great image” composed of four different metals seen by Nebuchadnezzar in chapter two. The first beast, a lion, symbolizes Babylon. The second beast, a bear, represents middle Persia. The third beast, a leopard, signifies the Greek Empire. The fourth beast, resembling Imperial Rome, is depicted with ten horns, foreshadowing a future form of the Roman Empire. Among these horns emerges an eleventh, the “little horn,” marking the arrival of the Antichrist. This figure will rise to power, opposing the Most High, oppressing the holy people, and seeking to alter religious festivals and laws. The holy people will face persecution for a specific period of time before his ultimate reign.

He will create a world devoid of any divine presence. He will eliminate all traces of Christian beliefs from the world. There is a vision of a future where a new world order emerges, a global system encompassing economics, politics, and religion that does not include God and His perspective on life.

In 2nd Thessalonians 2, there is a reference to an individual known as “the man of lawlessness” who is said to come in the future. That accurately captures his actions. There will be a disregard for religious holidays, laws, and times that honor God, with the intention of either eliminating or substituting them.

Now, there are fascinating historical examples of this. In Daniel chapter six, Darius declared that for a span of 30 days, it was prohibited to pray to or worship any deity other than himself. He altered the regulations and the schedules.

Another fascinating historical example of this occurred during the French Revolution in the late 1700s:

According to one writer, during the French Revolution, the traditional seven day week was replaced with a ten-day work week, which unfortunately meant that Sunday, a day of rest and Christian worship, was no longer observed. The French Revolution had a significant impact on various aspects of society, including the restructuring of the work week. As part of its efforts, the traditional seven-day work week, which has historical roots, underwent a transformation into a ten-day work week.

The writer continues by mentioning that the French calendar underwent modifications to align with the revolutionary ideals that opposed Christianity. On October 5, 1793, the convention made the decision to do away with the Christian calendar and instead implement what they referred to as a republican calendar. The establishment of the Republic on September 23, 1792 marked the commencement of a significant chapter in history and a fresh start. Instead of the birth of Jesus Christ being the central event in history, the establishment of the new French Republic would determine how time would be measured.

They abolished Annō Dominī, which translates to the year of our Lord, and designated 1792 as their year 1, marking the beginning of the republic, a godless republic.

One fascinating aspect of our calendar is the pivotal role Jesus plays in shaping history, despite attempts to undermine this belief.

What is the conclusion? And before long, a nation that experienced disorder and lawlessness, ultimately leading to oppressive rule. This experiment had a less than favorable outcome without divine intervention.

The fate of the Antichrist is far from favorable. The return of the Lord Jesus is imminent, and He will emerge victorious against those who speak against Him. What we witness in our society today is a noticeable shift in established norms and regulations.

In America, there are three months and 28 individual days dedicated to LGBT causes and commemorations, which include:

  • March 31 marks the Transgender Day of Visibility.
  • Did you know that April 6th is International Asexuality Day?
  • International Day Of Pink (April 10th)
  • Day Of Silence (second Friday of April)
  • April 26th is Lesbian Visibility Day
  • May 17th is the International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia, and Biphobia.
  • May 24th is Pansexual Awareness & Visibility Day
  • May 22nd is celebrated as Harvey Milk Day.
  • The month of June is dedicated to celebrating Pride Month.
  • International Drag Day (July 16th)
  • October is dedicated to celebrating LGBT History Month.
  • National Coming Out Day (October 11th)
  • Spirit Day (typically observed in mid-October)
  • October 26th is a significant day known as Intersex Awareness Day.
  • November is dedicated to raising awareness about transgender issues.
  • Observance of Transgender Day of Remembrance (November 20)

I want to make it clear that I am not suggesting or implying that what we are witnessing is the realization of any specific biblical prophecy. We have not yet entered the tribulation period. I want to make it clear that I do not believe President Biden is the Antichrist. In fact, I am confident that he is not. However, what we are currently observing is merely a glimpse of what lies ahead.

There has been a noticeable increase in the number of days and times that are being designated as non-religious, while religious holidays on our calendar are being decreased or even removed. All of this suggests the imminent arrival of the Antichrist. This phenomenon is observed both within our nation and on a global scale. It is evident that there is a force present in our world that aligns with the negative principles described in certain religious texts. And it’s yet another sign that the arrival of Jesus Christ is approaching.



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