Those who try to attain heaven by works, by someone's works, by anyone's works, are unrighteous every bit as much as those whose behavior contradicts God's love. Believing that righteousness of works is the righteousness that God requires for them to be accepted in His kingdom.

The unrighteous appeal to God for something that can not save them. They ask, "Please make me good enough to be accepted into your kingdom".

Men like Ray Comfort and other so called street preachers that preach this way of salvation every time they tell people about their Jesus have completely missed the mark.

This is the false gospel in a nutshell that Paul said in Gal.1 those who believe and teach it are "accursed". Because being good or bad has nothing to do with why men need Jesus for salvation. Or how Jesus is able to save them.

This request is made by these unrighteous because they have been deceived to believe that men are saved, and or are not saved, because of either theirs or someone else's good, or bad, works. That believe this is because men "fall short" of what they refer to as "God's righteous standard of the law". And that this is why they have not the glory of God. As if His glory, which is God's presence in us by the indwelling Holy Spirit, could ever be attained by someone's works. By anyone's works.

Of course I am referring to the very popular misuse by these unrighteous of Rom.3:23. A misuse that turns Paul's teaching to all men that they must choose to believe God to receive His presence, into a message of salvation and righteousness of works. Someone's works. Anyone's works.

This happens because these unrighteous make the "fall short" of Rom.3:23 into an explanation of all men's inability to measure up to the righteousness that comes through the works of the law.

But, don't they realize that Paul taught that "no flesh shall be justified by the works of the law"? And that any righteousness that comes through the works of the law are both "dung" and "loss" compared to knowing Jesus?


So justification for eternal life can not be had even by those who have kept the law blameless as we see Zachariah and Elizabeth did in Luke1:5,6. And as Paul did in Phil.3:6. Through blameless law keeping. But, only by the faith of Christ. Gal.2:16

If they know this they sure don't show it in their doctrine. Otherwise they could never interpret Rom.3:23 to mean men fall short of the perfect standard of the law. Instead they would see the double mindedness and total contradiction they make of Paul's doctrine by interpreting "fall short" in Rom.3:23 to mean that.

Because they are unrighteous they do not see that Rom.3:23 gives testimony to the fact that sin causes the need or lack of the presence of God. Because the sin here is not believing in Jesus. Only when we believe in Jesus are we born again and have the Holy Spirit indwelling us. Which is God's glory and presence in us.

In John3:1-8 Jesus said the presence they lack can only be acquired by the new birth. And does not refer to law keeping or behavior at all. But, only to the fact that when men are born they are "not spiritual, but only natural" just as Paul says Adam was when God made him in 1Cor.15:45,46. And that this is why Paul said that sin, that is not believing in Jesus, causes men to fall short, or be in need of or lack, God's presence. Which is His glory.

We must understand that these who Paul says have sinned are those who have rejected the gospel when they heard it. And that it is because they have rejected it, and the gift of immortality offered in it, that they are in need of God's presence. Because God's presence, His glory in them, is the Holy Spirit who indwells all those who have trusted in Jesus.

But, isn't everyone in need of God's presence from conception, you ask. The short answer is yes. But, because the scripture tells us that God does not hold men accountable who can not make an informed decision, like infants and the mentally challenged, it is only those who can hear and understand the gospel that are held accountable for not believing it.

We see this in passages like Deut.1:39 and Mt.19:14 where children are not held accountable by God because they have no knowledge of good and evil. But, are considered as Jesus said in Mt.19:14 to be "of the kingdom of God".

This is not a reference to any righteousness that comes by the works of the law. It is not a reference to behavior at all. It is a reference to an innocence that is there from conception because they have no knowledge of good and evil. And remains until they are taught who Jesus is and why He came. Only then are men held to account for their own choice to believe or not believe in Jesus.

The unrighteous that ask God to make them "good enough" to be accepted into God's kingdom are asking God to do something that has no bearing on how men get to heaven. Because they believe that what they need to go to heaven is attained by works. When in truth works righteousness is just another of the many ways on the wide road that leads to destruction.

Jesus did not come to make bad people good. He did not come to make this world a better place. That is the social gospel. A gospel of works that is contrary to God's gospel of grace.

Jesus came so that mortal men could have eternal life. Heb.2:14,15 tells us plainly that "Inasmuch then as the children are partakers of flesh and blood, he also himself likewise took part of the same; that through death he might destroy him that had the power of death, that is, the devil;And deliver them who through fear of death were all their lifetime subject to bondage."

This is why Gal.3:19 says God gave Israel the law "till the seed(Jesus) should come to whom the promise was made" so that they should not mingle themselves with the people of the pagan nations around them.


Because for Jesus to live and die as a man He had to have a purely human bloodline through which to come. So that when He raised from the dead He conquered mortality and death for all mankind.

By coming as a man He joined with man in our mortality. By dying on the cross He joined with us in our death. And by raising from the dead He conquered mortality and death. So that when we hear and believe this gospel and confess that Jesus is Lord and believe in His resurrection we are saved. Jesus is the "way" as John14:6 says for us to become immortal children of God so we will inherit His kingdom.

This is why Jesus said "I am the way, the truth, and the life. No man comes to the Father except through me". This is why Jesus is the only way to heaven. Because only Jesus has conquered mortality and death.

So naughty and nice, good works or bad works, have nothing to do with why Jesus came.


He came "that you might have life and that life more abundantly". And if you want this "abundant life" all you need to do is believe in Jesus. Confess that He is your Lord. And believe He raised from the dead for you.

Do this and you will have this abundant life. Do this and you will have immortality. Do this and you will inherit the kingdom of God. Do this.... and I will see you there or in the air!

This message can also be heard at:  Rumble

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